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What Does Party Season Mean To You?

For me, there isn't a glitzy, glamorous party-party this year. Lots going on but more of an informal variety. I'm not sure whether to feel envious of all you people going to fancy balls or slightly relieved that I don't actually have to spend hours searching for the perfect outfit. But whether it's a full on glamour thing or a more dressed down event, we still need something new to wear don't we!

Whilst doing my research over at Wallis for my previous post, I had a sneaky look at their party wear as they set me a little challenge and I think they've probably got most events covered.

The Glitzy Glamorous Party
All Wallis
Dress £41.25 Shoes £60  Choker £8.75 Purse £10.50

Ok, so now I want to go to a ball. Navy, probably my most favourite colour in the entire world. As a Soft palette, navy is my black. It's my comfort zone but I'll let you in to a secret, in a colour consultant's world, navy suits everyone. That's you and you and you. This dress is a conversation stopper. It covers top to toe even the arms too but oh boy it oozes sex appeal. I'm thinking control pants, waist sucker-inner, bottom lifter and thigh tucker may be needed. I'd do them all for this dress. By the way, it's currently reduced to £41.25! Why pay mega bucks for something that is only going to be worn on a handful of occasions.

The Cocktail Party
All Wallis
Dress £31.50 Shoes £26.25 Bag £21 Necklace £7

The cocktail dress is one occasion I would pay a little bit more for as there are so many more opportunities to wear it - weddings, christenings, dinner date.... I'm always drawn to ruching across the tummy - it's unbelievably flattering. The lace necklace is too cute and would bring a little texture without taking away from the simplicity of the dress which is on offer at the moment - £31.50. Bargain! In fact this whole outfit costs just £85.75.

The Dinner Party
All Wallis
Top £19 Skirt £22.50 Shoes £60 Purse £10.50

So chances are, you'll be sat down all night. Comfort is key and as people mainly see your top half, a little detail is nice. Mind you I think I'd keep popping to the loo so that fellow diners could see the shoes!

The Girls Night Out Party
All Wallis
Jeans £23.10 Jacket £45 Top £26.25 Shoes £26.25 Bracelets £7 each

If you're like me, this type of evening consists of copious amounts to drink in a trendy bar full of 'young' beautiful people. HELP! On such occasions, I do try to appear as if I know what's currently in fashion!! So, berry and gold is the order of the day with lots of stacked bracelets. I reckon it would just about pass a trend test.

The House Party
All Wallis
Jeans £26.25 Top £22.50 Boots £29.62 Bag £31.50

Ok, so this is an anything goes type of an evening. I've been to house parties where jeans and formal dresses mix very well - no one judges, it's whatever tickles your fancy really. So, here we have a pair of snakeskin jeans teamed with a fairly smart top. I'm a middle of the road type of girl.

That's my take on party wear. Have I missed any events? I now feel as if I know the Wallis collection better than they do - thanks Wallis for the challenge. It's made me really think about the party season.


Since writing this yesterday, the husband has put a 'formal' occasion in the diary - aaarrrgh! I have a dress which I shared over on Avenue 57. It took me 10 minutes to get in to it. Let's just say I have put a few pounds on recently and leave it there. I'm quite fancying the cocktail number above. Decisions decisions. If you want to have a laugh at the rather tight dress, go on over and have a look. It's a closed group where women share their outfits - great fun if you love clothes (me).

By the way, if you fancy anything above, you'd better get a move on as things are selling fast. As I was writing this post, stuff kept disappearing from the website. Not surprising really with 25%, free p&p and if you're buying as a gift, up to 31 January to return it.

No outfit photo today. Joggers and gilet (I know, I know). We still have a house full of builders. The door is wide open, it's freezing and my mood isn't the best.

Donna x

8 comments on "What Does Party Season Mean To You?"
  1. What a great post. Adore the navy dress - but alas! I've no idea where I would wear it! Love the fact that the dinner party top is slightly bubble-hemmed, which makes it that much more forgiving. And off I go to immediately look up that white tux jacket. That's right up my street :)
    I think the cockail ensemble would look stunning on you ... go for it xx

  2. Wallis have every event covered don't they?! Some great dresses and separates for the festive 'do's'! I love the dinner party look! Look forward to see what you end up wearing to your occasion! xx

  3. ooooh the girls night out party outfit is amazing, I love that!
    PS thanks for the mention :-)

  4. WOW those gold peep toes are lush!!! It's YEARS since I considered Wallis - will need to take a peek in February!

  5. Love your cocktail and girls night out ensembles Donna! I have one party to attend - think I've found something from H&M to wear today but will need a good old trying on session! xx

  6. I don't know why I have no luck with Wallis, all this stuff is gorgeous! I must go and spend some time in our local branch and have a good root around!

    Becky x

  7. Love the girls night out outfit, Sonna fright up my street! Wallis have some fantastic pieces atm. Lynne xx

  8. Mine are girls night out do's and I have to say I love all of these outfits you have put together Donna x