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New Blog Design

Not quite all singing, all dancing but a cleaner, fresher look. To be quite honest, I was bored silly with the green so it's been banished. For now. I'm still tinkering but I hope you find it easy on the eye.

The blog is quite organic, I mean nothing is really planned as such (unlike the rest of my life, my goodness, I have lists of lists of lists). I just get up one day and think, I know, I'll do a post on X or Y. I think it could do with a little structure so each month, I shall aim for the following topics:

2 x style guides (colour, style, slimming effects etc)
2 x what I've been wearing
1 x admire her style
1 x brand/shop focus
2 x item focus (jeans, jumpers, shoes etc)

That's assuming I can manage eight a month. Hopefully, it will help me with the momentum, shake up the blog a little and provide (_______ choose a word from below to insert) content.

fantastic / good / readable / passable / down right boring

See it's an interactive blog too!

New Hair

Many moons ago and for reasons I'm still trying to fathom, I decided to grow out my fringe to show all you nice people my wrinkly forehead in full-on-frontal-glory and, as if that wasn't enough, lose the blonde. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Ok, I can be forgiven for trying a new style but seriously, lose the blonde??? As mousey/donkey coloured hair goes, the last thing I need is to banish the hi-lights. I'm a Soft colour palette which means I have a very blended (read boring) look. I need to add interest to my hair, not get rid of it. Us Softs don't have stand out, piercing blue eyes or glossy raven coloured hair. Nope, we have muted, soft eyes often a mixture of colours and dark blonde (aka mousey) hair. Those hi-lights are needed to add interest. I really should know better.

To be fair, I was sick of the hi-lights dulling to a dirty yellow after a couple of weeks and no matter what my hairdresser did, it kept happening. I thought it was me or at least the colour not compatible with my hair. I finally came to my senses over Christmas and knew I had to do something about it. 

It's taken until now to pluck up the courage to find a hairdresser that uses a different brand. And actually, it turns out that it's nothing to do with the colour at all. Doh! It was explained that I just need to use this once or twice a week....

Looks scary huh? To be honest, I've come across something similar in the form of crystals at an Egyptian market to keep your whites sparkling bright (hmmmm bodes well). Maybe it's the same stuff, maybe not. The purple counteracts the warm tones preventing the 'brassiness' that develops after a few washes. I shall report back.

I wanted to go for a choppy bob but chickened out on having layers put through. And the final verdict...I really like it. Next time, I shall go slightly shorter. Anyone with fine, flyaway hair, I would highly recommend a blunt cut, it's made all the difference.

The colour

I should probably have taken the next shot before cleaning three steaming showers, dog walking and the likes but as I said, the blog isn't really planned.

New Shoes

I fear another explanation is required. We're not half way through the month and yet another parcel has been delivered when I'm on a self-imposed spending ban.

Well, you know when you're coming back on Ryan Scare Air and they allow you to pay for a rancid sandwich and a cup of just-about-drinkable coffee in euros and/or sterling. Well, here lies the basis of my explanation. I  have vouchers, ok not technically speaking vouchers for Dune but vouchers are vouchers aren't they? I also have Christmas money, albeit earmarked for something gorgeous for the house and, I have a sizeable balance on my PayPal account. Plus lots of stuff to go on ebay...ok, ok as balance sheets go, that's not technically liquid cash so we'll discount that source. But I do have funds in varying currencies (actually far, far more than the shoes cost) which means I don't actually need to spend any NEW money. And that's what counts right? I can use my John Lewis vouchers in Waitrose to liquidise the cash for the shoes. Or use my M&S vouchers in the food hall or draw from my PayPal or even forfeit something special with my Crimbo money. There are options. Several actually.

Onto the shoes. I've been searching and searching for a pair of shoes similar to the ones on WIT blog but without the price tag.

Aquazzura Belgravia Black Suede Flats £425

I ordered the New Look ones but wasn't so keen when I saw them in the flesh. And, they were tiny. This is their new version

New Look Black Lace Up Pointed Pumps £22.99

Looking last week, I cam upon these little gorgeous numbers.

Dune Ladies Hobra Reptile Print Lace Up Ballerina £85

Also in natural here

 I was positively salivating when I saw Kerri-Lou over at Chronicles of Dollie Day Dream on Instagram here wearing hers at the weekend. There's nothing quite like receiving new shoes in the post is there.

A slightly simpler design than the New Look ones, closer to the original Aquazzura which suits me just fine given my stance for basic dressing this year. Black, natural, both or none. Hmmmmmm.

And adhering to the rules, they have to fit....perfectly. Or at least where shoes are concerned, I have to be confident that they will 'bed in' after a couple of wears.

Here's where the problem lies. They're a tad tight and I'm not sure that they'll stretch given the material. It states that they're 'reptile'. I'm assuming plastic reptile (as in Toys-R-Us plastic) for how much they are (well they smell plastic anyway). So reptile or plastic reptile - how much stretch-age will I get. Don't suggest sizing up, my feet are already verging on barges in these. I have to sleep on it.

I'll let you know what I decide next time. The fact that the boxes are thrown in the bottom of my closet and I'm not in a hurry to try them on seems to be telling me something. Just wondering if it's the thrill of the chase and all that!

See you soon.

Donna x
26 comments on "All New"
  1. Love, love, love your hair. The colour is fab and the cut is gorgeous. The shoes? I'm sorry ... I have never understood the popularity of those shoes. I think they look cheap ... even the original Aquazzura ones. They look flat, hard, uncomfortable and ugly. Sorrreeeee :( I'll go hide now x

    1. I'd stay there if I were you Helen, I love them! But probably only with jeans. Thanks, I'm really happy with the colour of my hair (at the moment!) x

  2. Helen - you're hilarious! Don't ever change will you?

    But Donna, I do like the shoes but I think I prefer the Boden offerings which should be coming out soon. They are a bit "calmer" and easier on the eye I think. The New Look ones have been in my basket a few times actually but never got there - I have my Office witchypoo shoes so I shall content myself with those.

    And the new blog design - it's a lot calmer and ... a lot more monochromatic. I thought you were a colour consultant? But I love it - it appeals to me!

    1. Hee hee. Don't worry, I will fill the pages with colour Sue. Oh yes, I'd forgotten about your witchypoo shoes x

  3. I like the new design and I love this post. I am with Helen, re the shoes, not convinced and you have the legs and the look for heels!! Loving the hair too. x

    1. Sometimes a girl just has to climb down from those heels Helen and put on a pair of flats x

  4. LOVE the new design - so fresh. Your hair looks amazing too! I had a pair of the Office tributes that I recently gave away - I really didn't get on with them they made my feet look flat and wide and my ankles look chunky. I'm sticking with heels and trainers from now on x

  5. Love the new blog design, the hair and colour. I have a pair of the New Look shoes and love them, I agree with Sue the Boden offerings look stunning
    Sue x

    1. Thanks Sue. And a fellow lace up pump addict x

  6. Your hair looks great. Loving your blog...although I don't get those shoes :-)

    1. Thanks so much Michelle. I didn't realise there was such diverse opinion to the shoes. I thought everyone loved them lol x

    2. See??!!!!! *runs away & hides again*

  7. The blog looks great! There must be something in the air as I revamped mine last week too! Your hair looks lovely, I wish I could carry off blonde but it's soooo not me :( x

  8. It is so good, the blog! Beautifully neat.
    I want to love those shoes but I don't think they will suit me - I'm finding flat shoes so tricky to wear right now!

  9. I read on my mobile so it looks the same! I'll click view web version in a min ;-)

    I agree with Sue re: preferring the Boden ones. They're on my list to consider with a decent discount.

  10. Love, love, love the hair, love the new look blog too...Now that's some BIG loving going on! Its good to have a plan, even if it doesn't come off, it feels like you are heading in the right direction! Helen xx

  11. ahhh i think that is completely justifiable! Paypal./ vouchers are fair game;) plus those shoes!! love them.. was so tempted by the new look ones at the end of the summer, but they sold out of my size. Happy to see they're back as they are such a great designer copy! I went for the mango twin strap ones at the time, but prefer these..
    Love the new hair, i mean love love love it! Modern, chic and funky. really really suits you donna!xx

  12. You are looking gorgeous Donna! I love your new do & the colour is perfect! That shampoo does look pretty scary though! The blog looks great & is much more you! Structure Smucture! I'm just going with the flow atm & removing the pressure has made me enjoy blogging more! I love the shoes & they are the perfect shoe for Spring! I don't think I can decide on a colour though! Soz not helping am I?! x

  13. Love your new blog design but more importantly your hair, you look stunning, very stylish cut, really flattering. I have used shampoo like that before, definitely keeps highlights looking pale as opposed to orangey. I've got the New Look shoes, but love the reptile ones you've found. Xx

  14. Thanks so much for the mention Donna. Ahh no I was cheering you on to keep both! I think mine are going to hurt the back of my legs but on this occasion I will suffer for fashion ;-( The blog is looking lovely, as is your hair. Funnily enough I've just been sucked into buying the Redken Blonde Idol. I've been gradually going back to blonde from red and went back to my pixie crop on Monday. I hope we don't end up looking blinking Phyllis from Corrie with the purple though!! ;-) xxx

  15. Hi, thank you for your blog. I'm interested that you say you are a "soft " colour? What does that mean? Thanks. Ps love your hair xxx Bea

    1. Hi Bea have a look at this post http://iwontwearsludgebrown.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/colour-rules-break-or-follow-you-decide.html this may help you work out your own colour palette. Stay with me as I'm going to readdress this in the next few weeks x

  16. Love the new design, Donna, and I'm looking forward to your posts! Your hair looks fabulous. Lynne xx

  17. New design looks great Donna! Loving the hair - I'm trying to grow mine a little but I'm bored already and will end up having it chopped off again soon! I need some structure to my blog at the moment - I seem to have lost it over the last couple of months and it's all gone to pot! xx