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Amendments To The Rules (Already) And A Few Bits From Atterley Road

Now listen up before you shout me down. I forgot to mention that my shopping challenge here needed a slight rule adjustment. You know I said no patterns, well in the blogging world, these days the Breton stripe and animal print are classed as neutrals, basics whatever...just that really. Well, that and something else further down this post (you dig that hole Donna).

So, my Atterley Road order arrived and for those who have forgotten, this was placed before the 1st January so counts as December spend. That I get to enjoy opening a parcel and wearing new clothes in January is a mere timing issue.

Why does the delivery man ALWAYS come when the husband is at home and why does he ALWAYS answer the door when it's a parcel for me (he never answers the door). This particular one was a little too large to explain away.

So, I took it from his arms, mumbled something about not keeping any of it and put it in the bottom of the wardrobe to enjoy at my leisure.

I've split the contents into three categories: Keeps, Send Backs and Not Sures

We'll look at the Send Backs first of all of which there were only 2 items in this pile.

Blue Evolve Blouse (now £18)

This is gorgeous actually and it fits like a dream but the colour is a little out there for my new wardrobe rules of neutrals. Strictly speaking I shouldn't have even got it out of the packet!

French connection Imperial Silk Top (now £39)

Another one I shouldn't have ordered but I did. A really lovely summer floaty number. But, the pattern is a no-no so back in the box it went.

On to the Keeps then

Villa Black Croca Top (now £19)

A few months ago, I wouldn't have bought black as it's not in my colour palette but I've learned to like it all over again and by adjusting my make up slightly (stronger lips), maybe wearing my hair tied up, it kind of works. Anyway, this is a gorgeous top with a faux croc front and jersey back. It's a staple for any capsule wardrobe and I can see this working equally well with black cigarette pants and  heels and dressed down with jeans and a jacket. Fit for purpose, it ticks all the boxes. Also comes in white here at a mere £15.

Maison Scotch Burnout Tee (now £16) 

Remember, stripes are neutrals (because I said so!). I plan to wear this under my blazers with jeans when the weather warms up so for the moment, it's tucked in the closet but a useful purchase I think. There's a really good reduction on this too as originally it was £49, not that, that should sway you.

Second Female Thick & Thin Knit Top (now sold out)

I didn't even need to try this on to know that I'd love it. Described as grey but it's actually more of a creamy-beige with a subtle burnout pattern.

It's one of those tops that I know I'll reach for over and over again. Expect to see it lots! Sadly now sold out but do go and take a look here at the other Second Female bits that are in the sale. One or two bits have caught my eye.

Villa Cream Mine Knit Tunic (now sold out)

Apologies for the shocking picture, the light isn't good up north in January. I've been hunting for an oversized cream jumper for ooooh ages and this popped up. You will have already seen me wearing it in the previous post but here it is again. Much nicer on than off me thinks.

Ok, I need to explain the next one...

French Connection White Anastasia Top (Now £33)

I know it's a print but it's only made up of two colours and the black is quite subtle yes? I mean had it been a Breton in black and white that would have been ok under my rule amendment. So I figure that a little black on a white background is ok-ish. I've not really broken the rule of no pattern, just bent it a little bit. Anyway, if we sit back and think about it, this little top is a really versatile piece. It would take me out to dinner dressed up with a blazer and heels and I can also easily wear it in the summer with jeans and sandals. Even now with a cardi. So, it could be classed as a staple couldn't it? Oh and did I mention, it fits like a dream.

You may remember way back that I featured the long sleeved shirt version on the blog which I love but don't think it's anywhere near as versatile.

French Connection White Anastasia White Shirt (now £41 - I didn't buy nor order this)

So that's the definite keeps! Now onto the not sures...

Ok, so I'm not going to go through everything because both you and I will loose the will to live. I'll just pull out a few bits as to why I'm not sure.

Villa Navy Harbour Top (now sold out)

I'm a bit of a sucker for the all-American girl look (notwithstanding I'm old enough to be her mother/granny). I was kind of thinking white skinnies and converse or even the dreaded skater shoe for summer and doubted it would be the height of fashion. But then I saw similar in H&M so maybe we're seeing this trend in 2015.

H&M V-Neck Sweatshirt (currently on offer £6.99)

The Villa one is a heavy cotton and I really do like it but need to try it on again with skinnies to check I can do the off-centre tuck thingy. I'm worried that the fabric may be too stiff. I also ordered it in white but I'm not loving that one.

People Tree Grey Hallie Stripe T-shirt (now £15)

I have a similar Breton from Gap but the quality is shocking. The bottom really does bag during the day. In fact, I find that with the majority of Gap tees. I ordered this as a replacement and the quality is much, much better. Alas, I hate the rounded bottom, it's too pronounced. What a shame because other than that, it would have been a keeper.

Other items ordered were...an oxblood cross the body bag (a bit cheap looking), a ditsy top (really cute but a print), a pink jumper (worried it wouldn't wash well) and an over sized red and navy breton (which I loved but it was too strong for my colouring).

Overall, I think I've been fairly good and the rules have certainly made me think twice about each item. And if you look at what I did buy, they're all neutral, easy wearing pieces.

 (Plus the oversized jumper which would ruin this little montage as it's a home photo!!). C'mon you've got to give me a little credit, it's not a bad start.

Off to the post office tomorrow once I've made a decision about the navy harbour top.

So, are you still with me or do you think I've twisted the rules a little too much? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Donna x

10 comments on "Amendments To The Rules (Already) And A Few Bits From Atterley Road"
  1. LOL!!! Yes, I'm still with you ... but I think you should keep the first blue top also. It's gorgeous, I can imagine would be fab on you and just think how lovely it would be with white jeans in the summer?

  2. You've not twisted the rules at all, Donna. Enjoy the bonus parcel from December! I love the think knit top best of all - just gorgeous! Lynne xx

  3. Love these justifications, they all make complete sense! I adore the cream jumper just so luxurious looking and the French Connection white top with black, all gorgeous and very reasonable buys..go Donna!! xx

  4. Twisting is good! I do think you should keep the Navy Harbour Top. It would look great with a white or dark navy jean pencil skirt. It is casual, but I think it can be dressed up too.

  5. Go Donna. I, too, love the cream oversized jumper. xx

  6. Some fabulous items here. I adore the cream jumper, what a shame it's sold out

  7. Perfect pieces Donna! I bet it was super exciting opening that parcel! I think you've got some cracking bits there & after all.....rules are meant to be broken! x

  8. I'm with Andrea - sod the rules (when it suits!). Love your keeps - especially the black croca top and the stripey t shirt! xx

  9. Some great pieces you've got there. I love the white Anastasia top. Want it. need it. x

  10. The Maison tee is so good at that price and the cream knit is just gorgeous on you. I think you should also keep the blue top, stunning colour, and yes to the black and white one too! Also I am so with you on parcels arriving when husband is at home - I've taken to ordering john lewis stuff to go to waitrose rather than home so he doesn't see!
    A x