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How To Look Slimmer And Forget The Diet

This made me howl the other day...

Oh yes I seem to have these little blighters in my wardrobe. I try to be good, I really do and then it all goes badly wrong. Take yesterday for example, I was doing well, toast (no butter) and marmalade for breakfast with a cup of coffee, avocado and a Club biscuit for lunch (every day this week) with a glass of water, afternoon cuppa and then the son brings this home from school that he made in Food Nutrition.

Take a closer look. See all that jam oozing out.

I can report that it went downhill from there - a great big black ski run type of downhill (there were 8 pieces, now there are 4 - I'm saying nothing).

So, let's forget the diet and learn how to dress slimmer instead. Here are my 5 top tips.

1. Wear A Column Of Colour

What exactly does this mean? Well, wearing top and bottoms in the same colour eg. black trousers and a black top. Heck that's boring, let's shake it up a bit. Why not wear a column of charcoal grey or brown or navy. Pretty safe colours and yes they're all fairly dark shades. The reasoning being that darker colours are slimming. Just choose the ones that suit you the best. With careful cuts, you can do a column in a lighter colour too. White looks stunning in the summer and one of my favourites, nude pink. The idea is to wear the same colour top and bottom which creates a column (read slimming) effect.

Practicing what I preach...

Now for the fun bit. Add a pop of colour by way of a jacket or scarf - it doesn't have to be boring

Here's a look from Massimo Dutti, a perfect illustration on how to wear a column of denim.  More details of the outfit can be found here

2. Work Those Verticals

Eh? Plain edge to edge jackets, coats with a straight cut, a scarf draped around your neck. It's all about tricking the eye - a straight edge doesn't allow the eye to settle anywhere, it disguises the bad bits and it elongates our torso.

Take this coat for instance, The eye won't settle on the straight edges - it will subconsciously focus on something more interesting such as the the neckline of the top. So we take away the focus of our bad bits i.e. tummy and thighs. My blue coat above has the same effect (which incidentally is now so reduced Damart are practically giving it away, see here)

Baukjen Marino Car Coat What the heck is a car coat? Well whatever it's a perfect transitional piece.

3. Get The Right Fit

Don't settle for second best. If it doesn't fit, don't buy it. So that means forgetting a dress if it's too tight around the middle or, the top that pulls at the top of the arm. Try sizing up, sometimes a looser fit Breton top can look much better if it's slightly baggy at the hem. A pair of jeans that aren't as tight at the waist are so much more forgiving on the old muffin top. And underwear - there's nothing worse than seeing the outline of your briefs. Again size up.

If you're a pear shape, make sure your jackets fit at the shoulder line. Ok, they might not button up but honestly you'll look a million times better...and slimmer. Yes I know you might be cold, buy a scarf!!

4. Watch The Fabric

Stiff fabric will add pounds as it strains against the body shape. So voluptuous ladies should ensure the fabric has Lycra and the garment skims the body shape as oppose to clinging. Skirts with suck-it-all in linings are great providing the actual skirt has some stretch. Tops that drape are much better than stiff cotton ones. Even belts, choose a softer fabric such as suede or buttery leather.

Your enemies:
  • stiff cotton
  • thick structured wool
  • taffeta
  • linen

Your friends
  • relaxed wool crepe
  • jersey
  • polyester
  • fine knits
  • silk/chiffon
  • linen cut on the bias (it has stretch in it)

This Mint Velvet knit is perfect. The soft fabric drapes across and around the body. 

I would however avoid the navy as the band at the bottom can draw attention to larger thighs. See how it breaks up the column of colour too. What a shame because these make great wardrobe staples. 

5. And Not Forgetting Those Patterns

Patterns can actually disguise your bad bits. The eye isn't good at settling on busy fabric so will automatically look up at your face. Bingo, they didn't clock the bulging tummy. Just make sure you've got fab lipstick on.

A word of warning though, a small ditsy pattern on a larger lady can actually have the opposite effect because the pattern will look overwhelmed. If you are of a larger frame, don't be afraid to choose larger patterns - it's all about balancing.

Isn't this just the perfect slimming dress, the Multi Print Shift Dress from Atterley Road. It skims the body, is a soft fluid fabric, covers the arms and the print is a great size.

So there you have it, my top 5 tips. Have a go, it really is magic.

Donna x

10 comments on "How To Look Slimmer And Forget The Diet"
  1. Hmmm, yes, I seem to have a lot of those blighters living in my wardrobe! I have problems buying jackets & coats as I really struggle to find ones that fasten over my boobs & if I size up, they hang off me everywhere else :(. I tend to live in coatigans now! X

  2. Excellent tips. Sadly, right now, I need to use every single one of them :(

  3. Great advice, Donna. I think we could all do with following these tips after the excesses of christmas! Lynne xx

  4. I told you not to publish that pic of me squeezing into those tight blue trousers!!! Such sound advice Donna & I need to follow it as I have those little creatures in my wardrobe too! x

  5. The boy done good Donna, that cake looks delicious! Some great tips here, all of which I will take careful note of. I am currently still living with the unpleasant consequences of scoffing all those mince pies last month :-)

    Becky x

  6. Oooh some fab tips here! The column works wonders doesn't it! The vertical is also another excellent disguiser! I hope I have followed a couple of these rules without even realising it! Great post Donna xx

  7. Great post Donna - though I'm reading it from the opposite end of the spectrum - seriously I would love to put some weight on and can't. I'm not underweight but very small/petite - however you wish to put it - skinny on a bad day! Would love a bit more BBH (boob, bum, hips) but I just have to accept my shape! Problem is creating the illusion of curves in the right places and not being swamped by outfits - I live in dark colours and skinny jeans most of the time (my mum always tells me off!) and don't like a lot of fuss. I'm intrigued to know what you would have me wear for my body type please? By the way I love the Massimo Dutti outfit! xx

  8. So true Donna, we can trick the eye into making us all look like super models (well a teeny tiny bit!), And with your advice I may even try a few patterns this spring! Helen xx

  9. Ace post Donna .. I am so going to wear this single colour palette thing!

  10. Fab post Donna - really enjoyed reading that. Especially the bit about pear shapes buying to fit the top half - I've done that for years and always leave my jackets and coats open. Glad I've been doing the right thing all along xx