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How To Wear Khaki - It's A Tough One

So, khaki is back. Love it or hate it, we're going to see the High Street awash with this colour over the next few months.

Let's examine the colour first of all. Well it's a yellow based colour (as oppose to a blue based one) so will suit any warm skinned ladies. An easy test is to try khaki against your skin and then try a bluey-green. If you look better in khaki then it figures you're a warm skin tone. You're looking to see what each colour does to your face. Hold the fabric/garment/tea-towel whatever you have in khaki under your chin and do the same with the other colour. Which one seems to make you look more vibrant? Does one make you look tired or cast shadows underneath your chin? It can be hard to work out but give it a go.

So we know that khaki works well on warm skinned ladies. What happens if you're cool skinned? Don't wear it of course. No, I'm joking. If you're a die-hard fashionista you're going to wear it regardless so team it with a cracking colour that you do suit. Black or white near the face would work if you suit either of those. Clash with pale pink or hot pink, navy, light grey. Or keep it totally away from your face and buy it in jeans instead.

Pinterest is throwing up khaki teamed with black pleather and a white shirt. I'm liking this combo.

Or with a Breton top.

With trainers.

Even Vicky B is wearing it.

A fab summer outfit and this lighter shade is perfect for blondes.

Update last seasons tan purchases

A more forgiving way to wear khaki if it's really not 'you'.

And finally an old picture but a great example of how to team it with a nude pink which is perfect for blondes, mousey-haired girls and for generally 'cooling' down the colour.

For goodness sake don't search khaki and pink on Pinterest - theee most random outfits!!

So what's out there for us at the moment. Top Shop have a whole page dedicated to the colour.

Love this wide necked jumper (perfect for balancing pear shapes too as it elongates the shoulder line). Brilliant with black pleather leggings and ankle boots now. And a great casual look come spring with white jeans and Stan Smiths. Yes, I'm really liking khaki with white.

Slouch Neck Ribbed Jumper £36

Ok not for everyone as it's only a couple of inches deeper than my belts but the wrap skort would be another piece that you could get your wear out of. Thick tights and ankle boots now, flat sandals and a breton top later.

Textured Wrap Skort £36

This shirt dress is bordering on military territory but it kind of works for this season. I'd team it with my tan leather biker jacket and leopard print pointed slippers for a perfect comfy outfit.

Tencel Shirt Dress £40

I keep coming back to this shirt over and over again. As I've said I'm really liking khaki and white. So white skinnies and converse for starters. But also with black cigarette pants and heels for a dressed down evening look. It's all about the baggy for me now, hides a multitude of sins. I'll probably give this one a go.

Tie-dye crinkle shirt £32

And finally in Top Shop, the high waisted Jamies. Even the daughter has moved over to the dark side and gone all high waisted. They're also available in the Leigh if you prefer a lower rise. Being a neat freak, I prefer to keep the top half smarter if I'm wearing distressed/ripped jeans so a charcoal fitted blazer and white t-shirt.

Khaki Ripped Jamie Jeans £42

Moving on to Zara, these are amazing but Jeez Louise look at that rise. Not for me but I can appreciate their gorgeousness.

Trousers with faux leather piping £29.99

Sticking with the bottom half, how about a cropped pair. The little feminine top really works.

Cropped Chinos With Pleated Pockets £25.99

Contrast edging is going to be everywhere too so why not combine both. The loose cut is not lost on me either.

Kaftan T-shirt £25.99

Going all 70s with this shirt. Adore it all.

Checked shirt with pocket £25.99

Only one thing that caught my eye in Next, these pants. This girl is a Cool, if you enlarge her face on the website (click here), you can see the sallow undertone. Wearing black on top is the best way forward for her.

Khaki Utility Tapered Trousers £30

A useful little layering top from Warehouse - one for me to try on next time I'm in there.

Green Marl Burnout Top £20

Staying with Warehouse, we're obviously looking at the long cardigan here but oh I love it all especially how the white really sharpens the look up. I've actually got everything in my wardrobe except the cardi. It would go with so many things too. White or grey t-shirts, bretons. Personally I couldn't do black as it's all a little heavy but girls with a stronger look could so pull it off.

Green long side split cardi £36

Again Warehouse, love this dress but it's so wrong for me on every level - you really need to have a small frame (including a small chest!) which is lucky as there are only small sizes left. And it's so wrong for someone as pale as this girl. Put a red head in it and wow!

Green Pleat Detail Midi Dress was £70, now £20 (yes £20)

And finally a couple of bits from New Look (although they have many, 126 items in khaki actually). A cheap and cheerful t-shirt dress which will look stunning in the summer with a tan and strappy gladiators (yes they're back as well).

Khaki T-shirt dress £17.99

Or if you're a dress and ankle boots kind of girl, these chunky monkeys. They look brown to me but no it definitely says khaki.

Khaki studded buckle strap ankle boots £27.99

There's lots out there and yes I'll probably partake as it's one of my colours. In the meantime, I'll continue to enjoy my khakish parka.

Very brave I was today. Went out for a meeting and a 7 minute journey back home took 3 hours because of the snow. Curse the day I changed my 4 wheel drive. I ended up abandoning the car in a pub car park and walking but it was ok, I went prepared. I had my credit card to scrape the windscreen and my very expensive Tori Burch boots on (why I wore those today, I'll never know). I think the word t*sser was mumbled a few times.

Before the abandonment

Before the boots got wet

Mind you, I did pass an elderly couple well into their 80s by the looks of it. She had a pair of loafers on (no socks) and he had a pair of lace ups and was walking with a stick. Bless, I felt so sorry for them and they wouldn't accept any help. Secretly I think they were enjoying it.

Anyway, what do you think to khaki. It can be a bit of a meh colour can't it. How will you be wearing yours?

Donna x

18 comments on "How To Wear Khaki - It's A Tough One"
  1. I adore khaki. Good to know its 'my colour' too. I have lots of it already but I do like the look of that topshop jumper.

    1. My daughter has just ordered the TS jumper and the jeans - she looks good in khaki too x

  2. I have just commented on Frances post on Khaki and funny enough said that I don't suit Khaki next to my skin, I am from Irish descent, classic, dark hair, grey eyes and pale skin.... I am in the cool skin category Donna? My khaki parka has to be one of my favourite items of clothing, worn with white, grey, navy or neon pink I am fine. I will keep to jackets and trousers ..... I want those Topshop ones!!! x

    1. Yes I think you sound cool skinned - grey eyes and light skin. But you can still wear it on your bottom half x

  3. I love a bit of khaki too! I bought a chunky knit from Topshop and I've seen a gorgeous military shirt/blouse that I'm going back for! I think it's a good colour for me....I remember you saying to me before that this shade suits me (it was more of a peat colour you held up to me face if I remember rightly?!) and it's a great neutral alternative to black which I love and seem to live in! xx

    1. Yes definitely Michelle, you can khaki-away. I'll bring swatches to our meet up x

  4. Great minds eh? Love khaki, I know I really shouldn't wear it next to my pasty face but I can't resist. Love the skorts and that midi skirt and your pinterest inspo! Xxx

    1. But you can so get away with it by wearing your bright lipsticks x

  5. I'm a fan Donna! I do usually wear it more in Summer when my skin has warmed up from it's 'yellow' winter tinge but seem to be attached to my new khaki parka at the moment! Loving those Pinterest images xx

    1. Oh me too Jenny, me too. It's never off my back x

  6. I love it on other people but I feel it just doesn't suit me! Having said that, I really like the top from New Look so I might try it! X

    1. It's worth trying khaki out if you love it. Try something with a low neckline so it's not right next to your face x

  7. Lol! I just did a post on khaki too! Great minds and all that... It's funny because my picks were completely different from yours, but I love yours too! Lynne xx

    1. There's so much of it around isn't there Lynne x

  8. I love it Donna & I find it goes with so much! I wore my jacket with a red striped tee last year inspired by Rachel & received so many compliments on it! Great inspiration pics! I just blogged those Next trousers too! x

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