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My Name Is Donna And I Wear Thermals

Frosty old morning out there today and I hate being cold so it's a perfect day to test out my new thermal top that I picked up from Tesco recently. Five years ago, I would have ROFL (that's rolled on the floor laughing for those of you without teenage kids) at the thought of thermals. Now,  I really don't care at the raised eyebrow cast my way by the hubby in a morning.

Not having much success online with thermal tops, I'd kind of given up on replacing my old ones but then I saw this.

F&F Heatplus Thermal Top £8

Many thermals I've tried are too thick and bulky, in fact they can only be layered under a baggy jumper. Do you want to see my highly technical thermal test?


I scrunch it up and measure how much volume there is in my hand because that's what's going to go on your hip and stomach. This one isn't bad at all is it?

A good length for tucking in and an even better sleeve length for those baboons amongst us (me). It's boding well isn't it. I won't do the science bit but it apparently has 'innovative Heatplus technology'. Whatever.

Does it work?

Well, I layered under my black polo neck (I purposely wore a thin acrylic one as oppose to cashmere - we need to do this test properly). Popped on a totally impractical jacket and went outside.

Thermal Top Tesco: here
Black polo neck: similar here & here 
Jeans M&S: here
Boots New Look: here & similar here
Pleather jacket Zara: similar here
Bobble hat: similar here

Happy to report that it's pretty darn good. It doesn't feel at all bulky and the science bit really does work. For £8 too!! My only gripe is that I wish a manufacturer would design a thermal top with a lower cut neckline.

There's also a stripe (sparkle!) one in the sale

F&F Heatplus Sparkle Thermal Long Sleeve Top Now £6.50

And an animal print vest top also in the sale

F&F Heatplus Animal Print Thermal Vest £6.50

And if you also need bottoms, they do these too. Pop over and have a look. Not the most glamorous things ever but who cares in this weather.

So that's twice Tesco has come up trumps for me in the last couple of months (the grey jeans post here - I notice they've replenished their stock....and I still love them so big tick Tesco).

We had snow yesterday with more forecast this afternoon. The early morning dog walk was lovely, the bonus being a relief from the mud and a lovely clean dog.

Kind of really eerie with the morning mist and blue sky

Such a posseur

Have you been eating snow again?

No golf today me thinks

English countryside, just too pretty for words sometimes

Hope you all had a good weekend. The daughter goes back to Uni today so off to help her pack.

Donna x

The shoes are going back today, they really are too tight and I know the next size up will be too wide as I have a narrow foot. I've included the thermal top but technically speaking it's a necessity. Still, I want to give you the true picture so there it is.

18 comments on "My Name Is Donna And I Wear Thermals"
  1. Awesome Wintery photos Donna.....prove perfectly how much those thermals are needed! The thermal top looks a great investment for £8!! Will be checking them out the next time I swing past Tesco's! xx

    1. And it's still the same 2 days later. The snow ain't going nowhere in Cheshire x

  2. Thanks for the heads-up on the skinnies Donna. I've been looking everywhere for grey skinnies, and I completely forgot you'd had so much sucess with your Tesco ones. I'll give them a go!

    Becky x

  3. Stunning photos! We have snow forecast for tonight too .. hate the stuff! But in this weather, thermals are a must ... will check this out. F&F really do produce some good little pieces every now & then!

    1. It's in the wash ready for tomorrow. Darn this spending ban, I would have bought more x

  4. You can't beat a good thermal! I'll be checking out the Tesco ones. Uniqlo also do a good thermal too.
    Your photos are stunning.
    Sue x

    1. Ahh yes I'd forgotten about Uniglo - thanks x

  5. I've recently taken to wearing a thermal top and leggings to bed. Make the perfect pj's!

  6. My vest stays on October to April!! I love the leopard set, going to have to order them methinks! ;) I love your wintery photos, I love the snow & your hound is adorable :) x

  7. What beautiful photos! I adore Mr. B he is just too cute! I had a thermal top years ago & loved it for layering! I didn't think to invest in another! I must take a look! x

    1. Gosh how do you manage Andrea - I'm so nesh x

  8. My name is Jenny and I also wear thermals! I can't seem to keep my body warm Donna and it's getting worse the older I get so I live in them during Winter. I have long sleeve tops and vests - a proper selection! Loving your pics and how gorgeous is the pooch? xx

    1. Shhhhh I've been known to wear a thermal best in the summer too x

  9. You can't beat a good thermal but I'm with you on the high neckline. I struggle to wear them except with jumpers with a very high neckline. If you find any lower cut ones, do let me know, Donna.

    Beautiful photographs.

    Lynne xx

    1. Can't believe no one actually manufactures these Lynne x