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Style Crush: Emmanuelle Alt, But Will It Work For Me

OMG OMG I think I've finally found my style crush. I don't do crushes but I'll make an exception for Emmanuelle Alt. For those of you who aren't familiar, she's the editor of French Vogue, married to Franck Durand who just happens to be the artistic director for Isabel Marant (I want to be her friend - badly).

She's a skinny jeans/trousers kinda girl, throws on a blazer and a pair of heels, rolls up the sleeves of her shirt and looks so.....French. Utterly effortless. I most definitely buy into this style during the spring and autumn months and am totally in my comfort zone. It's the other two seasons I struggle with but let's not ruin the moment shall we.

Hard pressed to find many photos of her in a dress, she sticks to what she knows works.

She's the epitome of a City Chic style personality. Simple pieces worn gloriously well. Find your style personality here.

One thing that stands out for me is how timeless her wardrobe is. Some of these pictures go back to 2011 - you'd be hard pressed to work out which ones wouldn't you. I mean we're talking pure style here, not full on fashion. (clue: her cute daughter is now 10 - yes she was wearing over-the-knee boots back then).

This is what I want to achieve this year - a cohesive wardrobe that's age appropriate, timeless, comfortable and represents ME. It's not going to happen overnight but I'm really going to strive for it.

So will Emmanuelle's style work for me?


  • Sticks to a basic colour palette: black, denim, white, pale blue
  • Uses the same formula over and over again (because it works for her)
  • Tends to wear a heel
  • Wears very little jewellery
  • Hardly ever carries a bag
  • Understated but glamorous at the same time
  • Keeps her hair very casual

So how can I 'work' her style into my wardrobe

  • Concentrate on buying basic pieces in a narrow colour palette
  • Invest in good quality, great fitting shirts
  • Wear plain pieces as oppose to pattern
  • Don't over style my hair (I'm trying!!)
  • Keep it simple!

You may recall my rules for 2015 that I set down a couple of posts ago, well this style ticks many of those boxes. It will work so well for me during spring and autumn. I'm a little flummoxed as to what she wears during the summer though - there are zero photos! I doubt I'll be able to go the full hog by paring it down to the very minimum. Expect the odd necklace, I NEED to carry a bag and an injection of colour now and then will be required to prevent boredom. Let's see how we get on shall we.

 So yesterday for a busy Friday of running around. Ok I haven't seen Ms Alt in trainers but I couldn't bear heels. It was horrendously cold and I ended up turning down the jeans as I feared full on frost bite. I was actually distracted in this shot as it had just started to snow!

Black M&S jeans: here 
Pale grey Primark shirt: similar here
Black plether Zara jacket: similar here in the sale
Black Modalu Austen leather bag: John Lewis here
Pale grey Adidas Gazelles: here

And today, we're off to the football later so I'll be adding a coat, scarf, hat, gloves and whatever else is necessary (excuse the son's bedroom shot). 

Navy wool Zara jumpsuit: similar here
Navy pinstripe blazer H&M similar here
Navy sued M&S ankle boots similar here (these are lush)

Have you come across Emmanuelle Alt before? Do you think her style is spot on (some people say she plays it too safe for the Vogue editor), is she boring or do you love her as much as me?

So, I'll need to explore basic wardrobe pieces very soon. Off to do my research. 

See ya

Donna x

I still can't decide about those bloomin shoes. Maybe they should go back - would Emmanuel wear them? Probably not. The only thing I do know is that I'm not keeping both.

12 comments on "Style Crush: Emmanuelle Alt, But Will It Work For Me"
  1. Love Alt. I have lots of pins, on my 'just for me, secret' Pinterest board with her on. You are going to have to model both pairs of shoes as I am still not convinced!! :0) Helen, no help at all, F40ISH x

  2. Emmanuelle Alt is Parisian perfection. Her style is impeccable, like you say she has one style and sticks to it but oh so beautifully!! You have similar style and could work this look perfectly. Btw from what I have seen she kinda wears the same all year round! X

  3. You see - going against the grain - meh. I don't think she actually has a style as such - I think she looks amazing because she's thin, gorgeous, tanned with amazing hair and ALWAYS ALWAYS wears heels... Oh and it's never really really cold where she seems to be... Tbh she'd look fab in a bin bag....

    I think your style that you normally wear is much much more you! Definitely agree with Frances that she definitely wears the same all year round (like you say - always in trouers!)

    Don't get me wrong -I'd give my eye teeth to look as effortlessly stylish as her....!!

  4. I'm fascinated by EA, she seems to be one of those people who just have that 'thing' that we all wish we had. I think it's the kind of confidence that comes from knowing that she's dressed to please herself, and she doesn't give a toss what anyone else thinks. Of course, being stinking rich can't hurt, but obvs you can't just buy yourself a huge dose of nonchalance! (If only) Definitely a look worth trying to emulate - I could totally see her in the black undecided shoes with your first outfit. Looks great with the trainers too.

    Becky x

  5. She's so effortlessly stylish and always has it spot on. I can't do the whole minimalist look that she does so well. You look fantastic In Blazers so I can see you doing this look well, Donna. Lynne xx

  6. LOVE her!!! her style will suit you do well Donna..... Legs eleven and all that!! :) xx

  7. She is so amazing isn't she?! Do you know she rarely wears make up too?! So freaking French & fabulous! I think her style will so work on you & you already wear some of it without even realising! x

  8. You both have the legs and the blazers - of course you can do this!

    And how clean and neat is your boy's bedroom - eek!

  9. Believe it or not I have come across her and love the style - also if I had long hair I'd want it like hers! Only think is how can she not carry a bag, where does she put her purse, phone, handgel, lippie, tissues and usual crap?! xx

  10. She's fab isn't she, I love that she doesn't 'play it safe' yet is the editor of French Vogue - go girl, nothing like stepping away from the norm and not conforming to it. Effortless, timeless, chic, not over fussy and trying too hard - perfect in my opinion! x

  11. Yes, I have been her style stalker for years too......This is why buying good timeless pieces always works, because as you say some of those pictures go way back, and they still look as good today! Helen xx

  12. Love the last look. My style crush is Jenna Lyons . I like the way she puts hard and soft looks together