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A Camel Coat Ideal For Spring From Good Ol' Next

Coat. Long jacket. Whatever. This is perfect for spring which seems a long way, away right at this moment. Call me a petulant child but I refused to partake in the winter camel coat for no other reason than I had thrown away a perfectly decent one about a year ago. Ok it was 25 years old but being a gorgeous cashmere mix, it had worn well and it's classic shape wouldn't have looked out of place today. Sometimes, I can be really dim! Green with envy I am, every time I see my fellow bloggers wear theirs. Actually I could poke their eyes out, it's that bad!! (Does My Bum Look 40 In This, Style At Every Age and Mummy Wife & Chaos to name but a few - I'll leave you to browse their posts as it will make me cry if I have to look at the coats again).

So browsing the new stock from Next, I chanced upon this little fella.

Fashion Union Violet Coat £40 (it's not violet!)

Perfect to scratch that itch. I could do with a lighter weight coat for spring and this is just the job. 40% wool mix (really for that price) from one of their cheaper online concessions, Fashion Union. More my daughter's age brand but hey, this is so up my street.

I call it my spring teddy bear - it's very strokeable.

And I shall wear it like this above and with jeans and a Breton and with black jeans and a black polo neck and......... Yes it's another wardrobe worker - it's going to slot in and make itself at home very well. And for £40?????

A quick (rubbish snap)

Next Camel Coat H&M Pleather Leggings Atterley Road Cream jumper similar here
Ralph Lauren Cream Scarf similar here New Look Tan Boots & similar here

This is a size 10 and is roomy enough. I'm normally a 12 in fashion brand tops so I would say it comes up slightly generous. Size up if you're an inbetweenie. Did I say it's only £40?

Hubby and I are popping over to Spain shortly to do a few jobs and I'm 99% certain that this little fella will be coming with me (Spain in February is not nice).

By the way, I didn't really wear it today - it's far too cold. Through gritted teeth, I was hollering to the son to hurry up and take the damn photo.

So, we still have quite a lot of snow - I know it doesn't look much from the above photo but it just isn't budging and the hills are very much white over.

I have confessions to make next time, or maybe the time after. It's not good. It's about the January no-spend challenge. Please tell me you've been naughty too.

Donna x

7 comments on "A Camel Coat Ideal For Spring From Good Ol' Next"
  1. Sorry to rub it in Donna, but considering the ridiculous amount of money I spend on clothes, its ironic that the one thing I get asked about more than any other is the camel coat I got for 20 quid on eBay! I wear it so often, I've more than had my money's worth from it! It'll need replacing soon though, so I may have to investigate your find - what a bargain!

    Becky x

  2. A camel coat is a must for Spring Donna! I've got a Topshop boyfriend style I bought a couple of years ago.....now inspired as to what to wear today! Phew....glad you broke the spending ban as it will make me feel a little better about my January splurges! xx

  3. I have been angelic, sorry!
    LOVE that coat! Can't wait to see what you wear in Spain!

  4. Errr ... I have not been angelic. Hope that makes you feel better :)

    And that soft shade ... is perfect on you!

  5. This looks fabulous, Donna. I'm the opposite, I hoard things for far too long. Lynne xx

  6. I'm a fallen Angel Donna so you're in good company! It's a fabulous wee jacket & a great find! Well done! Spain at anytime of the year will do me! x