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It's Another One Of Those Posts....How To Take A Boring Outfit To The Next Level. Oh And A Blogger Telling Off!

So yesterday, I spent what seemed like 2 hours being berated by my daughter about the quality of photos that I publish here and on Instagram. I was told in no uncertain terms that basically they're sub-standard bordering on embarrassing. She's not telling me anything I don't know. Lecture over, I was made to delete the purple mashed potato post amongst others from my Instagram. "Mum, it's not Instagramworthy - put it on Twitter". Ok, I think I get the hang of it now. Insta is for those arty shots of candles and flowers and handbags strewn with petals. Twitter is for the outtakes in life. The funny ones that we can look at, laugh at and allow the timeline to carry it away to Twit-Heaven.

So here we go a 'doubler' of what I wore for a trip to Leeds yesterday (taken by an iPhone 5s in a dullish University bedroom).

All seen before!!!!

To be honest, they're not much better than my usual offering. I promise when the weather gets better that I'll start doing shots outside. For the time being, you'll have to put up with this rubbish.

Photos are a necessary evil to blogging (for me). I hate being in front and behind the camera. I think I'm better suited to radio to be perfectly honest. Hey, Radio Blog, now that could be the next big thing.

So by way of an apology, here is something a little bit different....it's my half way house to a VLOG (that's Videlog if you don't know). It's got music and everything.

I make no apologies for the usual shocking quality.

Have a lovely, lovely evening.

Donna x  <--- Apparently I need to personalise this too!

13 comments on "It's Another One Of Those Posts....How To Take A Boring Outfit To The Next Level. Oh And A Blogger Telling Off!"
  1. Ok so it doesn't work great on iPhones!!

  2. Oh god no, I can't stand insta accounts like that, all fauxtoshoots with aforementioned petals strewn everywhere or loose gems. Don't even get me started on macarons. I liked your purple mash pic- it certainly generated discussion!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Let's try that again!! Which was ... I clicked and got nothing! Nada! It just brought me to my own video channel. So what am I missing?? (I love A. She makes me laugh!!)

    1. And so you shall. Copy and paste this link https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=xHTt3i36itE

  5. I don't see anything wrong with your photos, Donna, they're a lot better than mine, anyway! My main problem is that I actually look a lot better in selfies than when I let anyone else take a photo!

    And I suppose if you live like Mariah Carey, then petal-strewn handbags are par for the course. That sort of thing puts my Instagrammed dirty-washing-strewn linen basket in the shade of course, but then I'm not Mariah (and I'm not sure I'd want to be, to be honest...) I'm just keepin' it real, man xx

  6. I can't see anything either. :0( I have tried copying etc. Photos are a complete pain, I agree, but I believe you can put anything you want to on Insta. It is a spot of fun. x

  7. Thank God I have boys! Did you get a fringe cut in?!

  8. I love the new fringe too!! The vlog is a laugh but I do like your blog just the way it is! Your photos are really good! I've been trying to take some different shots but I end up going back to the good old mirror selfie as at the moment I don't have a lot of time to faff! xx

  9. I think your pics always look great! Mine are shocking & I need to get my act together! x

  10. Please keep it as it all was. My noggin can't cope with anything else. I like it real life stylee. Take no notice of darling daughter, I've got one of those and I never listen...(Heehee it winds 'em up nicely)

  11. There's nowt wrong with your pics Donna - ignore the young un! My daughter's going the same way I'm sure! Liking the hair by the way. Can't seem to use the link - help! xx

  12. Loved your mash piccie.....I like real life pics.....mainly because I am a nosey parker :-) Great outfit too...I really, really need to get more wear out of my white jeans. I tend to save them for the brightest of summer days...how boring am I? Like your hair too x