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Packing For A February Mini-Break In Spain

So the daughter is at Uni, the son is skiing in Austria and I'm off to sunny Spain. Actually let's start that again.

So, the daughter is at Uni, the son is skiing in Austria and I'm off to an overcast and wet Spain. Urgh!

Not that I expected anything different to be honest. February sun is scant and if it's wet and windy, well you might as well stay indoors and watch James Bond reruns. There was a whole Sky channel dedicated to him one year when we were out there. Don't laugh, I've done it, got the t-shirt. Except it was too cold for a t-shirt.

Mind you, it rather depends on the weather website you check. I'm going with Google (Google is always wrong). It says we're going to get sun, so let's stick with that then.

As usual, I'm only allowed a carry-on suitcase (we are talking hand bag proportions). Not that the hubby is mean or anything. He's too impatient to wait at the carousel and, because Squeezy-Jet and Ryan-Scare don't pay for the premium hubs, it means a trek from one side of the airport to the other - Malaga is huge these days! Careful packing is the order of the day. No matter how many times I go over to Spain in winter, I always forget what mid-range temperatures look like. I mean 16 degrees - it's a nothing temperature isn't it. Not hot, not cold.

I've gone for camel, black, grey and white (there's also a tiny bit of navy in there too). We're there for 4 days and the sum total of what I'm taking is as follows (sob)..

3 x jeans (denim, grey, white)
1 x black pleather leggings
1 x denim cut offs (just in case!)
2 x long breton tops (black & white / navy & white)
1 x short sleeve grey breton t-shirt
1 x white patterned top
1 x black pleather top
Leopard print swimsuit (lol lol lol)
Camel cardigan
Camel coat

Camel ankle boots
White trainers
Black toe post sandals

Navy Longchamp Le Pilage shopper
Black Modalu cross body bag
Leather cuff

And that's just about it. I'll wear the coat - believe you me, it's needed at night time and I'll have to carry the cardi. No doubt a stroppy air steward will make me put it in my luggage. Well I can't there's no room. So, I'll drape it over my shoulders and pretend I'm French. I've not gone barking mad packing the swimsuit - there's an indoor spa on the development.

By the way, this is a Where's Wally photo except there's no Wally, just a random flippin sock. Where did that come from? Well, I'm not going back upstairs to do it all again so you'll have to make do with this picture.

And as for make-up well, we're talking mini-minimalist here.

I take one travel make-up brush for bronzer and blusher, one lip gloss (this is delicious from Younique - it's called Livid, buy here), I'll decant some foundation into a tiny travel pot, one eye-liner except this time I'm taking Younique's white lid-liner as well and the blusher has been taken out of the Colour Me Beautiful palette which is bulky and replaced with a plastic lid. The mascara is nearly empty and will be ditched at the end of the holiday.

Oh and I have to show you this nail colour, a bit khaki-ish isn't it. Love, love, love so much that I might live in it for a few weeks. It's called Wild Moss from Shellac's Flora and Fauna spring collection. Apologies, my hands are so dry at the moment. I'm on a promise to Joanne, my nail lady to wear rubber gloves!

There'll be little space left in the case to purchase anything unless I mail it home. But I will be browsing, well what else is there to do when it's cold outside. Oh yes, there's the matter of sorting out the apartment. As the hubby keeps reminding me, we're there to do stuff. Great!

So, just waiting for the house sitter to arrive, pack my bags and off we go.

I'll be posting pictures of beautiful blue skies and me in bikinis grey and dank landscapes and me wrapped in layers on Instagram. I'll spare you the decorating.

Have a lovely half term if you're off.

Donna x

25 comments on "Packing For A February Mini-Break In Spain "
  1. I'm always in awe of this carry on packing thing - I'd be totally useless - and that's before we even get to the make-up Donna! Love the nails! Hope the weather holds out for you! xx

  2. I think layers work best and they are still in winter garb in Spain so I think you have selected perfectly! Enjoy!!

  3. I think layers work best and they are still in winter garb in Spain so I think you have selected perfectly! Enjoy!!

    1. Layers, wellies and fur coats they were. So darn nesh the Spanish x

  4. Actually the thought of a day just watching Daniel Craig do Bond doesn't sound that bad to me! Roger Moore? Not so much...

    I feel your pain on the packing front. Fortunately I don't have to do it any more, but I used to do store openings abroad, and I'd be sitting on my bag to get everything in - there was no business class for us minions!! Have a fab time - whatever the weather, a change is as good as a rest, even if you're not actually resting (I really am turning into my mum, aren't I?)

    Becky x

    1. Got to admit, thought I was going to get stung with the 50 euros excess charge. The hubby would have had a massive sense of humour failure x

  5. I love posts like this! I've been working out my own packing list today for our trip to Marrakech & I'm watching the weather like a hawk - I need a hit of warmth!! Luckily, we decided to book on a case too last minute as although I'd be able to travel with just hand luggage, I need space to bring home new purchases! I'm sharing with a friend though! ;)
    Have a fab time, I look forward to seeing your Instagram pics :) x

    1. Oh the luxury of hold luggage Sarah. Hope you have a fab time x

  6. You must be a seasoned traveller Donna....I am in awe of your capsule packing! I'm now inspired to do a post like this as we are off to Devon for a couple of days, thank you for the inspiration! Have a great time in Marbella, whatever the weather and whatever you get up to! xx

    1. Oh yes please Michelle - I'd love to read it x

  7. Love it that you have a little clothes rail to set it all out :-)!
    Whenever I go away I layout outfits on my bed and take pics (anal me?)!

  8. Not jealous in the slightest (much anyway !!). Have a lovely time x

  9. Lol @ the random sock!! I hope you haven't packed it Donna as it might tip your bag over on the scales! You've nailed it! The perfect short break wardrobe! Have fun Darl! x

  10. Donna, I am very impressed with how much you can get in carry on luggage! Looks like a great holiday, and a little bit of a working (in Spain) wardrobe! Helen xx

  11. OK! I seriously need to see a video of how you packed all that into a bag suitable for a RyanScare flight! Respect!!! *bows deeply* God, how I hate packing carry on! Have a fab trip and hope the sun shines, even for a few hours :)

  12. Well done for mastering the capsule wardrobe! I'm of course a little envious. I'm turning 40 soon so trying to get into a different niche of bloggers! I'm also a style consultant in Cheshire! I love your leopard print bikini and the colour of your nailpolish! Have a wonderful week!

    1. Oh hi Lorna, lovely to hear from you. I'll pop on over to read your blog xx

  13. You're only going for four days, a way to cut it down would be to leave a pair of jeans (3 plus leggings?) and do you need boots and trainers? The carry on business is economical, but you learn to pack smart! Have fun xx

    1. Trouble is I only tend to wear my trousers one day before they go in the wash. I just about managed without having to wash anything. Phew. Boots were for evening and trainers for day (but sob they rubbed my heel - that will teach me taking new shoes on hol) x