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Weekend Pick Me Ups

Three little tops, no relationship to each other but they're too nice not to feature.

Soooo in love with the 70s once again and this cute top from New Look is too good to pass over. I'm thinking baby kick flares and wedge sandals in the summer. Providing the jeans are tight(ish) on the thighs, it's ok to wear a loose top. Oh yeahhhhh.

Orange Floral Print Top £16.99

I'm feeling the need to do a stripe post, they're all over the High Street. Let's leave it a couple of weeks longer to see what else arrives. In the meantime, we can croon over this from Top Shop.

Striped Drape Front Blouse £38

And finally, a lovely, fresh little thrown on top from Mint Velvet. This is THE perfect casual outfit top to toe - love it all.

Blocked Candy Tipped Knit £59

All very different, all very nice. I'm supposed to be buying non-patterend clothes this year - I guess the Mint Velvet one is passable but I know I will indulge in the 70s Boho trend so I might as well not pretend. Stripes? I'm not sure. I love the crispness of the strong colours on the whites and creams. Not sure they love me back. We'll see.

Hope you've all got lots of nice things planned for the weekend. Mine is the usual run of kid's activities and football.

Oh by the way, Wallis awarded me Blogger Of The Month. Thank you very much Wallis people.

No outfit posts. I mean, I am getting dressed every day but it's too cold to stand outside (we still have snow on the ground). The selfie stick/arm extended shots are pretty dire.

Donna x

9 comments on "Weekend Pick Me Ups"
  1. Love ALL of them! Just gorgeous. Glad to hear I'm not the only one struggling with the selfie shots. Happy weekend x

  2. Love all of them but sadly, I can't get away with wearing gypsy tops. Too much boobage to hang off so I always look hugely pregnant, lol!! ;) x

  3. I want the whole Topshop outfit...the blouse and sandals are gorgeous! Congrats on being Wallis Blogger of the Month! xx

  4. Congratulations, Donna! Love the first top. I can't just see that with flares and wedges in the summer. Lynne xx

  5. Love the whole Top Shop look, relieved I'm not the only one hopeless at selfies.
    Sue x

  6. Congratulations on the Wallis blogger of the month Donna! Love the boho top - if my legs weren't covered in veins (nice) I'd wear with denim short in the summer and sod it all! We still have snow and solid ice all over the place - dratted stuff! xx

  7. Well done Donna that is fab!! Some gorgeous tops love the grey sweater with the pink lovely colour combo! Xxx

  8. Big congrats on winning the Wallis award! Really love the look of the Topshop one, in fact love and want the whole look! Helen xx

  9. Loving the Topshop blouse & lusting after the sandals now too! Many congratulations on your Wallis badge Donna! x