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So it's the turn of jewellery today. Maybe you prefer a necklace over a scarf or a jacket. Or perhaps you love the idea of lots and lots of arm candy. Regardless, jewellery really does finish off an outfit don't you think?

You may have noticed that over this series of posts, I've talked a lot about style personality (see here for more information). The reason being that everyone is different so it's difficult to talk generically without being prescriptive. I guess what I'm trying to achieve with this little project is to get you to think what floats your boat and how you can make an outfit look fantastic without taking you out of your comfort zone (too much). I'll bring my original style personality post up to date next week with a questionnaire to help you to identify your own.

Here's a great example of 3 generations of women all with different style personalities when it comes to jewellery.

1. My 19 year old Daughter
2. My Mum
3. Me
As you can see 3 very different necklaces. The first picture is of my daughter who is a Romantic style personality. She loves pretty things, detailing and delicate colours and this really does reflect in her choice of jewellery. Meanwhile, my mum is more of a matchy-matchy kind of person. Everything is neat and organised and matching, she's a Classic. This is why the matching jewellery sets are ace for Classics as it takes the headache away when searching for perfect pieces. I on the other hand, prefer something a little bit different, I don't really follow jewellery trends and am quite happy to wear say the necklace above with a 'non-matching' leather cuff. I fall into the City Chic category.

Three very different styles but I think you can see from the above pictures that all of us are using necklaces  to pull an outfit together.

Mary Portas is someone who uses jewellery and particularly necklaces to finish off an outfit. Sometimes she wears really out-there wacky stuff but I think she looks her best in exquisitely cut shirts and trousers with a huge statement necklace.

Ok so this isn't for everyone but it works for her.

A basic shirt and jeans, personalised by another statement necklace...

In fact I'd go as far as saying, Mary looks better in necklaces than scarves. She has a great neck and needs to show it.

See what I mean...

Not the most flattering of pictures I know but I think you get the idea.

So some tips on wearing jewellery.

1. If you're bigger busted, wear a shorter necklace (we need to avoid those hook-a-duck moments)

Yep that's a boob catcher Mum!!

2. Don't be afraid to experiment with your casual wear. A denim shirt can be suddenly transformed with the addition of a necklace.

3. Similarly with a t-shirt

4. A matching necklace and neckline immediately makes an outfit look more polished and put together (our aim, right?)

Look how the t-shirt suddenly appears to have an embellished collar - clever huh? That could be a £1.99 special from Primark but suddenly the top looks so much more expensive.

4. When stacking bangles, stick to one arm only. The symmetrical look kind of doesn't work in this instance!

Oh dear!

Less is always more, this is much better

5. Statement earrings or statement necklace?? Not both. It really is too much. I love the idea of dressing up a denim shirt with a pair of stunning earrings. She's kept the necklace very plain although I don't think she needs one on at all.

6. Keep the neckline simple if you're opting for a big fancy necklace

7. Keep everything in proportion. Women who have larger frames should look for chunky, large jewellery as smaller pieces will look out of place. Rescue a small faced watch by wearing a couple of chunky bangles (similar to the photo above). Petite ladies should look for small, delicate pieces as larger ones could overwhelm your frame.

8. Remember, jewellery whether it be a necklace, bracelet, watch or ring will draw the eye so use to your advantage. If you have a mummy tummy, wear a fantastic necklace to draw the eye up to the neckline. If you have particularly slender arms, wear a killer watch and so on. Let people see your best bits.

9. If you're fed up of everything getting tangled up and you don't want to put hooks in the back of your wardrobe doors (I don't!!), store in cheap freezer bags. They're see-through so you can easily identify what's in them and it makes it so easy for packing when you're going on holiday.

10. If you want to experiment with different styles, why not get your friends over for a couple of glasses of wine (oh yes, there's always wine involved). Tell them to bring a few pieces of jewellery with them (you never know, it might involve real diamonds if you're lucky) and do a bit of a swishing party.

Here is Fiona over at Avenue 57 wearing some of her jewellery.

The yellow on yellow looks stunning don't you think? It would still be a lovely outfit without the necklace but adding it, gives it something extra.

And showing how a bit of neon can really bring a denim shirt and white jeans combo alive.

Note the pop of red from the shoes - ah yes, shoes, we shall be discussing those next time.

A very plain dark knit is given an injection of colour by way of a pink necklace which is a total contrast to the rest of the outfit. Works doesn't it?

It's true to say that she uses necklaces to inject colour into an outfit. Fiona also runs an outfit sharing site on Facebook. It's a closed group so only members can see the postings. Why not join and find inspiration from real women? Click here. If you're rather taken with her necklaces, you might like to have a look at the Avenue 57 shop 

Here are a few pieces that have caught my eye on the High Street.

Zara Metallic Necklace with Stones £19.99

A fabulous summer necklace and would look stunning with distressed jeans and a white v-neck t-shirt.

Zara Jewel Earrings £12.99

Dress up, dress down these are simply gorgeous

H&M Leather & Metal Bracelet £9.99

I need to check this out, I love the metal/leather combo and of course metallics are all the rage this year (apparently)!

Massimo Dutti Double Strap Watch £105

What a great price for a stunning watch. This comes with two straps so is very similar to the Daniel Wellington.

M&S Diamante Link Chain Necklace £22.50 (there's a buy one get one half price offer on)

I'm always attracted to art-deco style jewellery. This is gorgeous, definitely one for the daughter (shhhhh)

And finally, I thought I ought to show a decent photo of my mum in all her glory as she'll kill me for the out take above.

See! Matchy-matchy (even the toe nails). I told you she's a typical Classic. Bit of a good one though, you have to admit.

Shooooooeeeees next time. I'm so excited, it gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside.

  1. How lovely to be featured alongside your amazingly gorgeous Mum!
    I do love a good necklace I have to say!

  2. Oh I loved this post ... and having announced to all and sundry that I was done with big statement necklaces, I'm now hankering after that M&S art deco one!! And 'coincidentally' I will be in Marks tomorrow :) I'm a big fan of Mary Portas style - even though none of it suits me as I'm an entirely different shape! And yup! Fiona does give very good necklace!!!
    Loving this series of posts ... can't wait for shoes!

  3. These posts are fab. I, too, love a necklace. I have a Mum just like your's, bless. I think they look fabulous. H xx

  4. I love the way Mary Portas wears her statement necklaces....they so suit her style personality! Fiona looks fab in her necklaces too....such a great way to add a pop of colour to an outfit! xx

  5. I'm loving these posts too. I love how Mary Portas dresses. Not my style at all but she always looks fabulous. Fiona does necklaces do well. Lynne xx

  6. You are a family of beautiful, stylish ladies, I love the fact you mum matches everything she looks gorge! I am so rubbish with accessories but I have promised myself I will try to be better this year and these are the pointers I need. Loving your gold necklace too, looks fab x

  7. Ohh great post...jewellery is always my favourite part of an outfit as I am such a magpie, loved reading all your tips and oh my word I want the M&S art deco necklace...so gorgeous! Your mum is one stylish lady isn't she? Looking forward to shoes as I fall down seriously in the shoe dept! x

  8. I've got so many statement necklaces that I don't wear nearly as much as I should - they look so good when worn with a casual shirt! I agree though that larger frames (that'd be me!) should stick to chunkier pieces of jewellery - I look ridiculous in tiny, delicate things even though I adore them! X

  9. I bloody love Mary Portas and her pared down style. My problem is that I am a bit of a magipie, and I'll buy a necklace because I just love looking at it, and then never actually wear it because it feels a bit too much for me! I'm much more at home with an arm full of jewellery and a more delicate necklace, can't wait to see what style personality that makes me!

    So many fabulous women in this post, your mum is one super-stylish lady, and Fiona does rock the statement necklaces doesn't she? xx

  10. I'm drinking it all in Donna! I'm not very good with jewellery for everyday wear (as you probably guessed!) - I think it's to do with the specs, I can't stand too much fuss on me when I have my specs on - so only wear small earrings, necklace etc. Maybe you could do a post on accessorizing with glasses! I do like bigger bits - pendant or stack of bracelets when I go out but then I have my lenses in so it doesn't freak me out! xx

  11. I'm still laughing at 'hook a duck' lol lol...your poor mum. She deserves a massive mother's day present for that one! Great post - I adore Mary P's jewellery...she totally rocks a statement necklace like no-one else....apart from Fiona B that is! x

  12. I love the necklace storage idea!

  13. Oh your poor Mum! Lol! I love that outfit with the grey tee & necklace....those black shoes are lush! I'm pinning that one! I'm a lazy moo & haven't been accessorising as much as I should! I've lost my mojo & you my dear are inspiring me to get it back! x