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Woe Me Becomes A High Five

Sod you bloody Zara. You said hand wash at 30 degrees. I hand washed at 30 degrees and my new favourite black top appears to have shrunk to something resembling a crop top. Spitting feathers I was.

And my nearest Zara is 17 miles away.

And they probably don't have it in anyway as it seems to be sold out everywhere.

And I don't want my money back - I just want the top, preferably one that hangs slightly lower than my midriff!

So I will be taking it back to Spain where I bought it from (it's not a special journey just for that by the way - I'm not that daft). Actually as you read this, I may well be doing battle with Zara as I'm already here. Clever huh?

To make matters worse, I'd already decided to go jeans shopping on the same day as the shrinking incident. Enough to furrow the brow and hyperventilate at the thought of finding a pair that have a decent rise, encase the muffin top and don't show the toe of the camel. No mean feat I'm telling you.

Before I go any further, I must apologise to the unfortunate guy in the John Lewis car park who offered to wash my car and inadvertently suffered my wrath.

Ok so that particular morning didn't get off to  a great start but I did manage to find a few bits in M&S (nothing took my eye in John Lewis). Mind you I wasn't too chuffed when I got back home to find there was 20% off womenswear AND the following day I received those voucher thingies for me and a friend, again 20% off. Hmmmmm I acted like an adult and bit the bullet (read that as I couldn't be a*sed to go back and buy it all over again).

So what did I get?

1. Jeans

OMG, OMG I have found the best jeans EVER! I flippin love these jeggings from M&S.

5 Pocket Jeggings £25 (20% off with your family & friend vouchers)

Don't look much do they? But I can't tell you how comfortable they are. Think leggings-comfy. They relaxed a little after a couple of hours but surprisingly didn't go baggy or fall down (double tick). M&S describe them as having a knitted look. Haven't a clue what that means - they look like regular jeans to me. A slightly more relaxed feel than the usual skinnies which I kind of like.

Anyway, they're true to size. I bought a 10 medium and they fit like a glove. I wanted a slightly shorter length for the summer.

I'm normally a one wear, throw in the wash kind of girl but I actually wore these two days on the trot (for research purposes only) and they held up to the test.

Day 2

I also tried them on again on Day 3 (although not to wear, just for the novelty of checking if they're still as good) and I think they're pretty good...remember they're relaxed fit not skinny.

These are the indigo, they also come in light indigo here

2. More Jeans

Yes I managed to bag 2 pairs which given my aversion to jeans shopping, cheered me up no end.

Ripped Denim Jeggings £29.50

Again true to size although I bought my usual long in these to give me options. A good rise in dark indigo (they also come in grey, ecru and blue tint - that's light blue to you and me) with a small amount of distressing.

I haven't worn these yet but I'm expecting the same high performance as the first ones. I'll let you know.

3. A Jacket I've Been Coveting For Ages

(sorry no link but check out your local M&S Indigo Sale Rack)

So on my way to the changing rooms, I passed the Indigo sale rack and was delighted to see this little jacket reduced from £59 to £32. I've picked it up several times but given the lack of lining and at the time we were in the depths of winter, I was unwilling to pay full price. Bagged it with a 46% reduction (yes I used a calculator). Can't wait to wear it.

4. A Random Top I Took In To The Changing Room

Ruffle Hem Floral Blouse £29.50

I'm not supposed to be buying patterns this season....arghhhhhh. What can I say, I was drawn to the colours and the sleeves and the fluted hem. And in my defence, I know I'll wear it dressed down with jeans and with white trousers for lots of summer lunches I have planned this year. It was £29.50 for goodness sake!!

Not the most flattering of shots but here we go.

By the way, that random fluffy thing to the left hand side of the picture was revolting. You seriously need to be wafer thin to carry it off as it adds pounds.

So quite a nice little 'jeans' haul hey? It doesn't take much to distract me.

There was also the matter of this that fell into my online shopping basket a few weeks ago.

Next Folk Tunic £45

The first time I wore it, a tassel fell off so back it went. The new one has had a tassel count....there are  82 in total. If anyone has anymore than that, please do tell me.

I tried it on with the skinny flares but it needs styling properly. I want to see if it works with a jacket, if not it will be for warm days only. The navy is divine but thinking about summer I went for this one. Might be regretting as I adore the blue.

And that is it for now. Pink lint skint...well until next month. Oh it's April in a few days.

Has anyone tried the 'knitted' (what on earth does it mean) look jeans from M&S? Do you agree that they are the bees-knees. I'd be interested to know.

Back soon

15 comments on "Woe Me Becomes A High Five"
  1. My friend has just bought the M&S jeggings & said they're the best 'jeans' she's ever had! I usually buy Next denim leggings but these look good for a try, I like the distressed ones.
    Your Next tasselled top is gorgeous but I can't wear tops that shape, boooo!
    Have a great holiday x

  2. Oh your letter to the poor car wash guy made me laugh! And hope you had success in Zara with your shrunken top. I have the 'lift & sculpt' jeans from M&S and love them, so will definitely be trying on the jeggings now too. I know what you mean about them being slightly more relaxed skinnies, which I think is actually a lot more flattering. Have a lovely holiday xx

  3. Hi do you have a voucher code for the 20% friends and family? Many thanks Nicola. X

    1. I'm so sorry, I'm in Spain at the moment and don't have my vouchers with me z

    2. Of course. No worries, I just love your jean choices. Interested to know how you get on with choice no. 2. Really like your white jeans, are they M&S? Have a great holiday! X

  4. I Haven't tried any M&S jeans. I will have a bash next time I visit. The letter made me laugh but I can, totally, sympathise. I hope you have a lovely break in the sun and I still can't believe you wash your' jeans SO MUCH!!!! H xx

  5. That poor guy in John Lewis! Ha. In other news, that floral blouse is just gorgeous x

  6. I have those jeggings in black & I'm on my 2nd pair! I love them & they are my perfect black skinny trouser! Infact, I need a 3rd pair! I love that Next top! Its a beauty! Hope you are having a lovely break?! x

  7. What a bu**er about your Zara blouse....hope you have managed to return/replace it! It looks as though M&S are having another great season! Happy holiday's.....please send us some sun! xx

  8. So after a bad start a real result, those jeans look amazing on you, but you are blessed with killer legs so I sure you would look amazing in any jeans! The next top looks fab, perfect boho look, are you finding it useful on your hols? Have a fab time away xxx

  9. Hi,
    I'm really enjoying reading your blog and it's given me some great ideas but could someone help me as I can't seem to see anything that will allow me to follow you and read a new post as it becomes available..Hoping someone can help..Thanks Jx

    1. Hello, thanks for your lovely comments. You can either subscribe by email - you'll need to view the blog on a tablet or laptop as oppose to boiler device to subscribe or, download Bloglovin which is kind of a directory of blogs that you follow and add me that way. Bloglovin is great as it lets you know when your favourite bloggers have posted. Also, if you look at the top of my page, you'll see lots of my lovely blogging pals who I'm sure you'll love just as much as I do. Email me if you're having problems xx

  10. How did you get on in Zara? LOL at the letter!!!!!!! The M&S jeans looks amazing.

  11. One of those days eh Donna? Poor guy. I sometimes bark at the children and then I have to back peddle and tell them that they have done nothing wrong (apart from drive me up the wall). But your jean success must have sweetened everything. And the top purchase and the jacket. When I have a haul like that ... it all goes back the next day. I think I have some kind of returning disease.

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