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Summer Holiday Planning - Let's Talk Shoes. How Many Pairs Do You Take?

I recently read a blog post by Lucy over at Fashion Me Now. She's gorgeous, has an unbelievable lifestyle (very jet set), 68k followers on Insta and a wardrobe to die for. You can really start to dislike some people can't you. Actually she seems lovely. Anyway, this particular post was all about her packing tips and Selfridges had asked her to road test Michael Kors theory that you will cover every eventually on holiday with just 6 pairs of shoes. And, on the back of that, he has produced a collection for us to choose from - kind of him huh! Call me stupid but it's just a collection with a nice name. I mean, he doesn't seem to have categorised it into day time, travel, evenings etc. So in theory,  you could pick 6 pairs of heels and that would be sensible - not!! Anyway, this is what Fashion Me Now chose. Swoon to it all.

Photo by Fashion Me Now

Oooh great idea for photos I thought. Except our step ladders are paint splattered and battered aluminium things and the bath tub is plastic. That's not actually going to work is it.

Back to the shoes.

She chose well. In fact other than the snake skin platforms, I'd wear all of them. I'm just not in to platforms anymore unless they're wedges. Let me show you a close up of the white pumps before we go any further as they're seriously good.

Michael Kors Colby Leather Trainers £125

My goodness, I could even live with the gold MK logo thingy on the front (although it looks as if you could be taken off). Love these!!!

The whole post set me thinking about my own holiday footwear. I've been having a left brain/right brain argument all week.

Left brain: 6 pairs, woooo, that's more than enough

Right brain: yeah but if you've got room in your suit case....

Left brain: but 6 pairs?? That's loads

Right brain: but what happens if I leave my black sandals behind and I need them?

Left brain: you won't, wear the tan ones instead

Right brain: but the tan don't go with my black printed trousers

Left brain: wear flip flops then

Right brain: yes but last year, I lost a flip flop. Imagine if it happened again. Devastating

Left brain: not really

Right brain: I could just buy more whilst I'm on holiday...

And so it's gone on and on and on. Shame I don't put as much thought into the son's impending exams and his total lack of interest in getting his books out. Mostly I think, no, I can't do this and then a little thought pops in to my head saying, do it do it. My main argument is, if there's room why wouldn't I take extra. I ended up with 9 pairs last year. Well 8 1/2. An over flowing case is probably the reason I lost a flip flop (I'm still not over it). I thought I'd left it in the wardrobe at home (it was rather chaotic before we left) but when I got home and checked, it wasn't there. Only later did I realise that our bags had been searched by customs in the USA. You know, you get those little white slips in your luggage which basically means someone's had a rummage. It obviously fell out.

Six pairs should be plenty yes? Let's have a think about this.

Pair 1: trainers or similar to travel in

I'll never understand the hubby, when we do cabin luggage only, he takes running trainers and the bloody suitcase is full up. Thankfully I don't have to worry about silly hand luggage this time. Anyway, I guess if you are fitness inclined, you could buy a stylish pair of fashion/gym combo. My 'fashion' trainers are thrown into the back of the wardrobe when we get to our destination! But they're so needed on the return journey - there's nothing joyous about landing in a drizzly, grey Manchester at 7.30am.

Got these already!

Pair 2: wedges

For evening wear only in tan, metallic or nude. Most of the MK collection is made up of neutral colours.

Got these already but fancy a new pair.

Pair 3: heeled sandals

Again for evening wear. For those outfits that a wedge just won't do. Now here I'd normally take black and white but in my quest to reduce quantities I would have to cut it back to one pair. Obviously I need to work out my colour palette before deciding.

Got these already!

Pair 4: flat sandals

Comfy toe posts or similar for day trips etc. Probably a neutral colour - gold, silver, white. Here is my cunning plan. I need to find a pair that would work equally well for evenings with a dress or trousers to give me options.

Need to go shopping!

Pair 5: flip flops

Of course! I'm not terribly fussed about spending lots of money on these. They're worn to get me from A to B in the hotel grounds/beach and thrown under the sun lounger for the rest of the day. Black will do.

Pair 6: flip flops (a spare pair)

After last year's debacle, I do feel another pair is warranted so I'll opt for white or gold.

Need to go shopping!

It would mean leaving behind my lovely khaki flat sandals but then I only wore them once last year, my black and leopard print sandals and my yellow ones. And that's before I start rummaging in my wardrobe. But dare I say, I could do it if I set mind to it.

So what's tickling my fancy on the High Street at the moment.

Office Daisy Wedge Espadrille (currently £36)

I'm really enjoying seeing the revival of the Espadrille. In fact I have a brown pair from Zara (ex ex ex ex ex ex ex season ago). Trouble is, they're so high. This is a much more acceptable height. Now, I know these would be a perfect update to my normal day time wardrobe here at home but I can't work out how useful they'll be on holiday.

Next Sporty Wedge Sandal £35

Ok so not tan or metallic but neutral. I absolutely love these, again would work so well with my UK wardrobe. Just wondering if they'll be slightly too dress down for the evening.

Mint Velvet Bronze & Tan Blair Wedge £89

Look no platform! Obviously a much safer choice when you're wobbling back to the hotel room at midnight.

Mint Velvet Mink Bryony Sandal £99

Anyone else get their ruler out to measure virtual heel heights. These are 8.5cm. Not too bad. The neutral tones would work an absolute treat with mu summer wardrobe. I know this without even thinking too hard. Probably the top of my list but I do love the Next Sporty Wedge too (perhaps I could sneak an extra pair in!!).

Looking at flatties now.

Next Buckle Toe Post Sandals £30

Possibly a little faffy for getting on and off but still a seriously good shoe. They'd work with a couple of my dresses for a more casual evening look which is perfect for the first week of my hols, not so much the second. Juries out!

Zara Printed Leather Sandal £29.99

Animal print is neutral right? Now these would be a great addition to my anytime wardrobe and I can think of at least two holiday dresses they would work with. Another serious contender.

Zara Shiny Slip On Sandals £19.99

When I looked at these last night on the iPad, I thought I liked them. Now I've seen them on the 'big' screen, I'm not so sure. They're a bit.......shiny?? I suppose the clue is in the name. I guess the a metallic slider could work for day and evening but it would have to be a matt metallic for me. There's better ones out there.

Mango Snake Effect Sandals £79.99

Mango's offering. Slightly pricier than others out there but these are leather, Bovine leather actually. Not sure I'd advertise that fact as Bovine is the most 'common' leather (cow). These would work with my plain dresses but I do tend to have quite a few printed ones so not so sure. I do like them though!

Office Solillas £52

Now these would totally work day and night for the first week of our holiday which is a much more casual affair. Love!

New Look Fizz Wizz Leather Black Tribal Tie Up Flat Sandal £22.99

I'm totally in love with these - I mean if only for the name...Fizz Wizz. The ankle tie is removable so you get a 2 in 1 look. So in effect I have 7 pairs. Clever huh? I think we need to see another couple of pictures.

With the ankle tie

Without the ankle tie

I've linked to ASOS as bizarrely they're £5 cheaper and because New Look don't call them Fizz Wizzs!!! Leather uppers which I'm assuming includes the ankle ties. My only reservation is that ties such as this fall down my legs which is annoying but as a last resort, they can be tied around the ankle.

And really, that's my offering. I'm totally not high fashion (at all really) but particularly where shoes are concerned. I buy what I like so that excludes Birks, skater shoes, Gladiator cage sandals blah blah blah. Great on others, just not me.

So I have to tell you about a weird experience on the dog walk the other day. A chap pulled up in a swanky car with Swiss number plates, jumped out and started talking to me. He said he'd been to a trade show and still had a number of items he needed to get rid of. He opened his boot and there for all to see were the biggest, sharpest cleavers, carving knives, the whole lot actually. For a fleeting moment, I thought my time was up. The dog was no use, by this time, he'd rolled over and was snoozing on the pavement. Apparently the guy had sent the van back to Switzerland and didn't have enough room to take the knives and some fancy pans back home so was looking to offload before his journey back. He showed me the price list. We're talking a staggering amount of money. 1100€ for a set of knives and 1800€ for the pans. He offered me a 90% discount there and then on the spot (yeah because I carry my cheque book on the dog walk).

After I realised I wasn't going to die, all I could think about was Eisenegger  - do you remember back in the day? A brand back in the early 90s that sold EVERYTHING at 70% mark down - we all knew that the RRP had never been charged, anywhere. Heaven knows how they got away with that. A bizarre thought to have at that moment but the deal seemed too good to be true. Anyway, had I known the Swiss brand, I would probably have bought a set of each - the pans looked amazing with temperature gauges on the lids and everything!!! As it was, I made up a cock and bull story of having far too many knives and pans and didn't need any more. In reality, my carving knife can't even handle a ripe tomato. I sent him packing to the local golf club where I've since heard they bought 5 sets of pans and a set of knives. Have I just missed out on a bargain of a lifetime? Who knows? Probably not my finest hour.

Back later in the week.


Jumpsuit Update

You guys! Totally, totally overwhelmed by all your emails following my last post. Thank you so much for your lovely messages. I hope I've answered all your queries. I will be doing further posts in this series - look out for number 2 next week.

You may remember I ordered two jumpsuits recently. These in fact...

Well they arrived and they were tried. One was fabulous, the other ok-ish. So which one did I choose?

First up the Dorothy Perkins from one of their concessions, Ruby Rocks. It's  quite a heavy material (but not thick) and I'm sure this helps it to drape better. Alas as I thought, the pattern is quite bold (too bold for me) although absolutely perfect for Deeps and Warms (see RHS of the blog if you don't know which colour palette you fall in to). The waist is also a little too high and there is rather a lot of fabric draping over the tummy area. Not flattering and my shape (the little I have!) is totally lost.  

The Baukjen jumpsuit is everything I was hoping. The pattern is much more muted and of course khaki is everywhere this year. Yo me, bang on trend(!) It's a great colour for Deeps, Warms and Softs. Baukjen really do have a knack of making clothes to flatter a woman's figure. I've got a few pieces that I've bought over the last couple of years and I love them all. The body fits me perfectly although I'm sure it would be ok for someone with a smaller frame as it drapes so well. Love the deep cuffed ankles too. 

So of course the Baukjen won on this occasion. There's currently 15% off with free p&p too. I ordered a 10 as it tends to come up slightly large so if you're between sizes, size down.

I've actually bought it more for casual wear but it would work equally well dressed up with heels and a clutch for evenings out. 

It was a glorious, glorious day here in Cheshire yesterday (hoorah) so I didn't even need my jacket. If I say, I felt as if I was wearing my pyjamas all day, I think you'll get the idea how comfy it is. I plan on wearing it lots.

Very old toe post sandals (wonderful to get them out of the wardrobe again), black M&S leather tote and gold statement necklace from Wallis which I'm desperately trying to replace as some of the bits have fallen off it. I should have bought two as I love it so much.

And for cooler days, I'll wear it with the Zara pleather jacket.

So come on, be honest, hit me with it, I'm a big girl. What do you think? There was a mixed reaction when I wrote about it before. 

Last night, we had a shopping event at the football club. Honestly having kittens in case no one turned up (thankfully it was a great evening). All branded clothes (Zara, Dorothy Perkins, Coast etc) at vastly reduced prices. There were some great pieces. I was so tempted by a beautiful Coast dress reduced to less than 20% of it's original price - sadly not my colour. But I managed to pick up a couple of little tops which I'm rather pleased with. I mean they're not going to change my life or anything but they'll keep me happy....for a few days. 

I'm now back in holiday mode and mentally planning my wardrobe. I'll tell you all about it next time. 

Have a lovely weekend. What's the weather going to be like. I daren't look.


How To Work Out Your Colour Palette (Or For My American Readers): How To Work Out Your Color Palette!

I promised a while ago to update this topic and often receive emails from readers who are equally as fascinated with the whole idea of wearing the right 'colours'. I very much buy into the Colour Me Beautiful theory of there being 6 different palettes. Well, I did train with the company but I don't have any affiliation with it now. It just seems so logical somehow.

Even after all these years, I still follow my own colour swatches. Ok, I break the rules sometimes but I know what I can get away with. It really does make shopping easier. For example there's little point in me trying on a big black and white bold patterned dress. It won't work no matter what I do to my hair and make-up. The pattern will overwhelm my blended look so I'll leave that  to the more dramatic colour palettes. On the other hand a faded black (or black with a very soft pattern), I can do even though black isn't in my palette. It's less harsh and doesn't fight with my colouring. So I can discount all the clothes in a shop that I know won't work, making trying on much easier and more pleasurable. There's nothing worse than going into a changing room and finding that nothing looks right. Great for the confidence (not).

Colour can dramatically affect the way that you look. Get it right and you can look vibrant, healthy and even younger (gosh this is sounding like one of those scammy pop-up messages by the minute - it's not I promise). Get it wrong and it can make you look pale, tired, ill and older. Hmmmmm, let's just think about that. I know which I prefer!

Actually, we talk about wearing the right colour. That's not strictly true. Everyone can wear colour. I mean, I could find a perfect red for every single reader of this blog. It's the shade of colour that we have to get right. Let's look at red in more detail.

Here we have different shades of the colour ranging from pinky-reds right through to orangey-reds. There's one for you here - you just need to identify it! Actually there's probably a few shades that will work equally well but they'll all be from the same part of the table.

The Important Bit Is Coming Up...

The right shade depends on your overall look made up of your hair colour, eyes and skin tone. These 3 things tell a story, your story. So, Oprah Winfrey has a much stronger look than say, Jennifer Aniston. The idea is that to achieve your best look, you mirror your own little story with what you're wearing. Oprah can therefore wear much stronger colours more successfully than Jennifer. Are you still with me?

Ok, so now we know why wearing the right colour is good for you, let's see if we can identify your palette. For ease going forward, I've created 6 different tabs running down the right hand side of the blog which I'll keep there - hopefully it will act as a prompt when I'm talking about colours in future posts.


Ulrika Jonsson / Naomi Watts / Claudia Schiffer

You're a Light if you have naturally light blonde hair (ie. NOT out of a bottle) and light eyes (pale blue, green, grey). You may have pale eyelashes and brows that you have to pencil in. Your skin may burn easily in the sun and can be either pinky or golden in tone.

So your overall look is light and delicate. It figures therefore that your best colours will be light and delicate also. Take Claudia above, if we put her in a dark olive, it would totally overwhelm her casting dark shadows underneath her chin and cheeks. She'll no doubt look tired and very pasty. Naomi, the naught girl is wearing black (she doesn't get black in her palette) but it's away from her face so works. This is a great example of how to wear black if it overwhelms you although I'm not suggesting you rock up to work in an evening gown. A deep v-neck is probably more suitable!

Here are some examples of a few colours in your palette. As you can see they're all light and delicate. You'll probably find it easier to shop in the summer than winter when lighter shades are replaced by darker colours.


Catherine Zeta Jones / Halle Berry / Audrey Tatou

You're a Deep if you have dark hair and dark eyes. Your skin tone can be anything from porcelain through to black. It's a large group of ladies this one! Overall your look is strong and dramatic so you can wear strong colours. Beige won't look great on you unless you team it with a darker shade near to your face. Actually I recommend everyone has a 'poorly' colour should you ever feel like a day off work. In your case put on a beige polo-neck. You'll be shown the door by your boss before you even sit down!! Yes, it's that bad. Lurgy will look as if it's oozing from your pores. Black will be a wardrobe staple for you but don't forget other colours too.

Here are some examples of a few colours in your palette. A much stronger look than the Lights above. You might struggle in the summer months when shops tend to stock more delicate colours so stock up in the autumn and winter.

Look how much stronger the palette is to the Light one above. Much more suited to dark haired women.


Julieanne Moore / Julia Roberts / Nicole Kidman

You're a Warm if you have red or warm tones in your hair, eyes can be any colour. Your skin may be golden or porcelain and you may have freckles but not always. How utterly beautiful are these women and yet they're all guilty of changing the colour of their hair. Julia went dark for a while (it looked ghastly), Nicole went blonde (that was okish as she has fair skin) and Julieanne went grey (but that was for the film, Hunger Games so I'll forgive her for that one).

So if you fall into this palette, your colours should all have a yellow undertone to them. Think back to when you were at school and were taught how to mix primary colours. Well let's take our example of red. By adding yellow, you get an orangey-red and if you keep adding yellow, eventually you'll end up with pure orange. This is a yellow based colour. The three ladies above have a golden look so will look incredible in orangey-red as opposed to a more strawberry colour that has lots of blue in it.

Here are some examples of colours in your palette. Rich, warm colours that will look amazing on you.

This palette is of a medium depth so the majority of colours are not too dark and not too light (black being the darkest of course and pure white the lightest - although these don't feature in your palette. No worries, I'll talk about alternatives in a future post). But more importantly, they're all warm and rich. If  you're wearing a flat colour such as navy, try adding a coral or yellow accent - it really works wonders in lifting it.


Judi Dench / Jamie Lee Curtis / Rita Moreno

You're a Cool if you have ash tones to your hair (grey, white, even dark blonde). Your eyes can be any colour. Your skin tone will be pinky or if you have black skin, a slight blue tinge. Many Oriental ladies fall into this category if they have very dark hair and a sallow (yellow-based) skin tone. The reason being because wearing anything yellow-y will make their skin look even more sallow - this palette is devoid of golden colours. You hair colour will give you a strong look and no doubt you'll find paler colours on their own (such as taupe, very draining on your complexion). By the way, white is a strong colour!

So if you fall into this palette, your colours will be the total opposite to the Warm palette above. Yellow based colours will often look dreadful. You're so much better in blue based colours. Let's take two pinks for example: coral and baby pink. How do we get to these two colours? Well both start with primary red and white. Mix these and you get a 'true' pink. Add yellow and it becomes coral. Or add a touch of blue and you get baby pink. So your friends are cool blues, blue-based greens such as peacock and teal (there's a heck of a lot of blue in these), pinks, cool reds and so on. 

Here are some examples of colours in your palette. Cool and fresh shades. 

You also get black and white - colours that we see the ladies above wearing well. 


Elizabeth Hurley / Courteney Cox / Elizabeth Taylor 

You're a Clear if you have dark hair and BRIGHT eyes (they must be bright but can be any colour) so there's lots of contrast between hair, eye and skin tone. Your brows and lashes will be dark. Skin tone can be any colour from porcelain through to black. Oprah Winfrey is a clear - she has amazingly bright eyes. That's a bit complicated to work out so you're going to have to trust me on this one!

So if you fall into this palette, your colours will be bright and strong. You'll look great in lots of contrast (so for example a sharp breton stripe in crisp black and white). I dare you to try on wishy-washy colours - they'll do nothing for you at all. 

Here are some examples of colours in your palette. Lots of jewel shades - you lucky thing. 

You do get lighter colours too but wear them with lots of contrast. The ones above can easily be worn with black or white or indeed on their own.


Kate Winslet / Kylie Minogue / Sue Johnston

You're a Soft if you have mousey or light blonde hair (often hilighted). Your eyes can be any colour but will be much more muted than a Clear above. They won't really stand out but they can change colour (mine turn green when I'm cross!!!). There's little contrast between your hair and skin colour so your overall look is quite blended. 

I've included an 'older' Soft in the pictures above, the lovely Sue Johnston as I think ladies can confuse salt and pepper hair (Sue's) with a Cool's steely grey or white hair. If yours is more like Sue's then chances are you have a softer look so this is your category. 

So, soft looks call for soft, muted colours. Bright, zingy colours and strong patterns may look cheap on you but hey don't despair, this is a very sophisticated palette, not too strong and not too deep. 

Here are some examples of colours in your palette.

Lovely muted shades that are often found in high-end designer collections (I'm talking about you Mr Armani). Thank goodness the High Street does them too!

And so there we have it. Six very different palettes. Hope you've been able to identify your own. I'll pick up on this again soon as there's so much more to explore.

If you read the blog on a tablet or computer, you'll notice 6 little pop-ups on the right hand side (I don't think you'll see them on mobile devices - sorry). I'm going to keep these there so you can easily identify your own palette which will make it easier when we're looking at colour in future posts. You can click on any of the pictures and they will bring you to this post. Hope that helps as I've had lots and lots of emails from people who are interested in finding out their colour palettes.

I'm going for a lie down now - it's taken me literally hours to write this post!

Back soon.


Your One Stop Summer Holiday Dress Shop. Yes I'm Talking About You TK Maxx

Orderly, clean, tidy, easy on the eye. That's my kind of shopping. When everything is colour co-ordinated and coat hangers are hung with exactly 1cm (or more) of space between them. And every rail has it's own little story. And accessories are lovingly displayed, beckoning and calling you over.

My idea of heaven, Victoria Beckham, Dover Street.

Ok let's be realistic, that's never going to happen in TK Maxx is it (or Primark, or Zara for that matter)? Probably why I do most of my shopping on-line these days. At least it's relatively 'tidy' on the website.

So, ever mindful of the summer holidays approaching (I know, scary isn't it, we'll be back in our boots and scarves before we know it), I've been thinking about my dismal wardrobe. I am totally, totally crap at holiday dressing. Pinterest offers me nothing by way of inspiration. Girls in their floaty numbers or tinsy-winsy cut offs and cropped tops. I mean, I'm old enough to be their mother grandmother.

I kind of know what suits me but it's finding something in the right cut, fabric and colour that seems to be the problem. It's nigh on impossible I tell you. In my mind, I see a beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe of different shades of blue and white with the odd accent of yellow or red. This really works for the cooler months on hol and I've got pretty good at it over the years but the brain doesn't engage when it comes to hot weather planning. Or rather, the lack of age appropriate clothes in a style that suits doesn't exist!

I don't visit TK Maxx very often, I'll be the first to admit but I drop into the website a couple of times a season to see what they're offering and do you know what, this time, I wasn't disappointed.

First of all, beach and pool wear (I make no apologies for the shocking photo quality and my pasty white legs).

Solitaire Navy Cut Out Kaftan £16.99

I used a filter!!

This is simply stunning. I ordered a medium as I didn't want it to be too clingy. The neckline, the sleeve length, the cut - all perfect. So of course I had to have the white too.

Solitaire White Cut Out Kaftan £16.99

I forgot to use a filter

Whoops bad photo shop finish there TK Maxx. You've left a stump on her arm. They really do look far more expensive than £16.99. I'm guessing the kaftans would be suitable for a curvy figure but also work on a straight up and down body shape too (me).

Kew Blue & White Embroidered Tunic £19.99

This comes under the swimwear section but it's described as a tunic - not a tunic dress so I was a little sceptical as to it's length. I was hoping it might be long enough to wear as a day dress away from the beach but to be honest, it's a tad short. Juries out as to whether I keep this one or not.

Forsythia White Sleeveless Ladder Back Embroidered Dress £19.99

This really is pretty, so much nicer in real life. I think it's going back though mainly due to my wide shoulder line. Being loose from the bust, it makes me look, well.....wide!!! If you have small shoulders, this is a brilliant dress to try and having a boho vibe is very current.

Marigold Linen Sleeved Dress £19.99

Ok, it does look like your grandma's night dress here I know but honestly in real life, it's gorgeous. A lovely cool, thin linen and as much as I hate how linen creases even I have to admit, it looks fab all crumpled up. I have visions of me running along the beach, sun kissed legs, surfing hair with beautiful blue eyed toddlers in their matching Boden swimsuits. In reality, I don't move off the sun lounger, avoid the beach at all costs, my legs don't seem to tan these days, hair is scraped and knotted at the back of my head and the kids at 19 and 14 wouldn't be seen dead in Boden. Ha, they'll learn.

It's in the not-sure pile at the moment. I love it but I'm not sure if you need to be a cool girl (as in my vision above) to pull it off.

Tommy Hilfiger Blue & White Textured Stripe Dress £16.99

I didn't order this one (cursing now) as I thought it looked a tad long but my guess is when the drawstrings pulled, it comes up much shorter. And, this one could be worn away from the pool side too. Please, please, if anyone orders it, let me know what you think.

Clements Ribeiro Pink Aztec Chevron Dress £19.99

I honestly don't remember seeing this one when I put my order in - I can only assume it's been added since. TK Maxx tend to take a lot of Clements Ribeiro ex-stock and often there's some great wearable pieces to be found. This is so lovely. I think it would probably suit an hourglass or curvy lady due to it being floaty and belted waist but hey, I've been surprised at what works on me in the past. Do you know what,  I think I'm going to have to order it now.

And turning to dresses ideal for evenings. I'm not doing the whole cruise wear thing. I wouldn't even know where to start having never felt the urge to spend my hols on a ship. I tend to go for loose fitting styles to accommodate the copious amounts of food and drink that tends to be consumed.

Fenn Wright Manson Yellow & Grey Silk Tunic Dress £39.99

I was quite excited about receiving this one (saddo that I am) although I wasn't banking on it having pockets (fool, read the blurb...it clearly states 2 large pockets). If I'm honest, I would have preferred it without pockets but overall it's a great dress that's perfect for evenings when temperatures rarely drop below 25 degrees. And of course very wearable in this country too. It actually looks far nicer in real life than in this picture.

Fenn Wright Manson Pink & Blue Blossom Print Silk Print Dress £39.99

Ok so I didn't order this one as the print would better suit a cool skinned complexion.

Marisa & Marie Leopard Print Tunic Dress £24.99

I didn't order this one either but think it would look stunning with a pair of tan sandals. Often these dresses look so much better on than off.

Cynthia Rowley Pink Silk Dress £39.99

I fab holiday colour - maybe a tad too bright for me. Unfortunately my soft colouring is far more suited to muted colours so I wasn't tempted but it doesn't stop me from admiring it on others.

Philosophy Blues Original Navy Silk & Lace Dress £59.99

Gorgeous! This is another that must have been added to the website after I put my order in. And it's navy, not black yippee! You could do an accent colour, pink, jade, red even. I'd keep it really simple personally as it has such a contemporary look so I'd go with a black or navy sandal and silver bracelets.

It's a good time to hit TK Maxx at the moment as they're carrying a ton of stock - you might just pick up a pearler.

So, from my haul (there were 14 items in total, many not featured here as they've disappeared from the website), I'm keeping two kaftans and just the one smarter dress. But I've ordered the Clements Rebeiro as well.

Anything tickling your fancy?

It's the annual spring clean over in this house. Jobs that don't get done every week. I'm making 'ok' progress although I do miss my cleaner because as I'm concentrating my efforts in one room, the rest of the house goes to pot. The men at our local refuse centre are giving me funny looks again. I'm sure they think I have a decluttering business. I've taken to going in different cars!

Back soon.