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A Mum & Daughter Spring Holiday Style-Off

Well what a difference a few weeks makes to the weather on the Costa del Sol. When we visited in February (the husband and I), temperatures ranged from 22 degrees to 12 but it felt more like 5 at times. Last week it barely dropped below 20. As our previous Easter experiences go, that's pretty darn good.

Of course, I took all the wrong things. I mean during the day, you make do - shorts and a t-shirts at best. But, come evening I had a choice of jeans and....well, jeans. The daughter being the ever optimist took mainly summer clothes....you can really go off your kids can't you.

So how well did we fair? Here's our spring style-off report (evening wear only, you seriously don't want to see what we wore in the day time).

Day 1

This is actually Day 2 as we arrived the previous evening far too late to get changed having had to accommodate football fixtures. Hmmmm I don't recall this being in the marriage contract.

I'm the top one by the way....just in case you're confused! So, I'm wearing the now infamous Next tunic (link here). This is actually the second one as the first went back when a tassel fell off. You'll be relieved to hear that all are still present and correct even after it's first wash. I'll be packing this little number for my summer holidays as it travels well and due to it's floaty nature, it feels surprisingly cool and airy to the skin. The jeans are the 5 pocket jeggings (link here) from M&S that I mentioned last time. Nearly all sold out online but plenty of sizes left in the light indigo. Sandals are Next from last year and the bag is Boden.

Ashleigh is wearing a dress that she picked up from Primark for £8 (I know, incredible isn't it). After all, as she points out, she's a student now and needs to make her money go further. I seem to recall in the same telephone conversation her asking how long the mussels in her freezer would take to defrost??? Pot Noodles girl that's what you need. Sandals are also Primark, this season as is the necklace (both still available in store).

Day 2

Woohoo we colour co-ordinated. Intentional obvs.

Another gorgeous evening and once again not a jacket in sight. I'm wearing the ruffle hem floral blouse (link here) from M&S which I'm so pleased with. I love the over-sized arm length, the colours and the fit. You don't see the detail at the back but it ties at the top which is a nice little touch. All for £29.50 - a much more expensive looking piece. Teamed with the same Next sandals and Boden bag. The jeans are the River Island Molly jeggings (link here).

Ash is wearing (another) Primark dress which has a definite 60s vibe. This is from last season and she's teamed it with the same sandals as last night. Got to say, she's certainly got her wear out of the dress as during the winter she wore it with black tights and chunky heeled boots which looked really cute.

Day 3

A slightly windy evening (as evidenced by my top which seems to have a slight billow). I decided to wear my white blazer as I am rather nesh (that means feels the cold easily for non-Yorkshire people). Blazer is H&M from last year. It goes in the washing machine on a 30 degree wash (yippee). Jeans are the same as above, long line vest top is River Island, Primark shoes and H&M bag. The bag is back in stock here. A real cheap and cheerful outfit yes?

Ashleigh is wearing a midi dress with a mesh panel top and yet again the same sandals. She chose to pack her gym trainers instead of 'proper' footwear. Ha, more fool her. She's only just ventured in to a midi hem length and I think it really suits her figure. Hoping to see much more of this during the summer months.

Day 4

So our final evening and I'm wearing a different pair of M&S jeans, the ripped denim jeggings (link here) which are equally as comfortable as the other ones. I bought the longer length to give me 'options'. Worn with the white blazer and a Maison Scotch grey striped t-shirt and Honey-Lo trainers.

Ash is wearing the Top Shop True Blue Joni Jeans (link here) which she swears by, Top Shop pale pink cami and black peep toe boots also Top Shop. Her clutch is the Michael Kors Clutch Wallet Case for iPhones (link here).

And that's it 4 evenings, 4 outfits all packed in our minuscule dolly trolley suitcases. It's so not fun doing the carry-on thing anymore. Give me hold luggage any day.  But, at least Ryanair allow a small handbag too which makes total sense. It's ludicrous to expect everyone to pack books, iPads, purses, reading glasses, tissues etc into your suitcase and then what happens when you get on the plane? You have to get them all out again. Cue a queue right down the steps (or tunnel if you're lucky) and a delayed plane. Never thought I'd say this but well done Ryanair.

I hope everyone has had a lovely easter. The weather is champion isn't it.

See you soon.

11 comments on "A Mum & Daughter Spring Holiday Style-Off"
  1. I think you both look great - absolutely refuse to name a winner in the style stakes! Can't believe I'm going to say this but I love your last outfit best (and it includes trainers!!!!) and I agree that the midi style dress looks stunning on Ash. Great post - loved it!

    1. Thanks Helen. Wow is that a u-turn with the old trainers then? x

  2. I love seeing what people wear on their holidays....especially when I am in the midst of planning my suitcase (we are off in about 5 weeks time)! You have both packed impeccably considering you could only take a tiny case! You look fab in your sunny pops of yellow and blue, I love your daughters 60's vibe shift....I couldn't possibly pick a favourite outfit between you 2!! xx

    1. Oh I'm under no illusion Michelle. She wins hands down every single time lol x

  3. Like mother like daughter you both look pretty hot in the style stakes... Loving that Next top Donna, and your daughter makes the Primark dress look amazing! Packing those carry on cases is usually a bit of a nightmare,and for some reason, even though I didnt buy anything whilst away recently, I went over and needed to pay silly amount for the privilege! So I did what any normal gal would do and sorted through my other halves case and left behind his shoes...Well they were pretty tatty! But for once Ryanair are doing something right....it's only a handbag after all! Helen xx

    1. Now that's a brilliant idea. I'd ban the husband's flip flops tomorrow if I could. It hurts doesn't it when you have to pay the £50 fee!! x

  4. You both look fabulous, Donna, I couldn't possibly choose between you! Lynne xx

  5. Thanks Lynne. I think I have a long way to go to come anywhere near to the daughter's style lol x

  6. You both look gorgeous Donna & really know your individual styles & what suits you both! Your girl is a beauty! Great packing too! Well done to the both of you! x

  7. Blimey you both look amazing in every picture. Those yellow shoes are brilliant for any outfit.
    I'd say Ashleigh needs to appear more often - she looks fab!!

  8. You both look great Donna - loving the outfits! I think I would have failed miserably with carry on only - I'm already sweating at the thought of suitcases only this year as we've driven in the past and chucked everything in the car! (Where did you put your make-up?) xx