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Summer Holiday Planning - Let's Talk Shoes. How Many Pairs Do You Take?

I recently read a blog post by Lucy over at Fashion Me Now. She's gorgeous, has an unbelievable lifestyle (very jet set), 68k followers on Insta and a wardrobe to die for. You can really start to dislike some people can't you. Actually she seems lovely. Anyway, this particular post was all about her packing tips and Selfridges had asked her to road test Michael Kors theory that you will cover every eventually on holiday with just 6 pairs of shoes. And, on the back of that, he has produced a collection for us to choose from - kind of him huh! Call me stupid but it's just a collection with a nice name. I mean, he doesn't seem to have categorised it into day time, travel, evenings etc. So in theory,  you could pick 6 pairs of heels and that would be sensible - not!! Anyway, this is what Fashion Me Now chose. Swoon to it all.

Photo by Fashion Me Now

Oooh great idea for photos I thought. Except our step ladders are paint splattered and battered aluminium things and the bath tub is plastic. That's not actually going to work is it.

Back to the shoes.

She chose well. In fact other than the snake skin platforms, I'd wear all of them. I'm just not in to platforms anymore unless they're wedges. Let me show you a close up of the white pumps before we go any further as they're seriously good.

Michael Kors Colby Leather Trainers £125

My goodness, I could even live with the gold MK logo thingy on the front (although it looks as if you could be taken off). Love these!!!

The whole post set me thinking about my own holiday footwear. I've been having a left brain/right brain argument all week.

Left brain: 6 pairs, woooo, that's more than enough

Right brain: yeah but if you've got room in your suit case....

Left brain: but 6 pairs?? That's loads

Right brain: but what happens if I leave my black sandals behind and I need them?

Left brain: you won't, wear the tan ones instead

Right brain: but the tan don't go with my black printed trousers

Left brain: wear flip flops then

Right brain: yes but last year, I lost a flip flop. Imagine if it happened again. Devastating

Left brain: not really

Right brain: I could just buy more whilst I'm on holiday...

And so it's gone on and on and on. Shame I don't put as much thought into the son's impending exams and his total lack of interest in getting his books out. Mostly I think, no, I can't do this and then a little thought pops in to my head saying, do it do it. My main argument is, if there's room why wouldn't I take extra. I ended up with 9 pairs last year. Well 8 1/2. An over flowing case is probably the reason I lost a flip flop (I'm still not over it). I thought I'd left it in the wardrobe at home (it was rather chaotic before we left) but when I got home and checked, it wasn't there. Only later did I realise that our bags had been searched by customs in the USA. You know, you get those little white slips in your luggage which basically means someone's had a rummage. It obviously fell out.

Six pairs should be plenty yes? Let's have a think about this.

Pair 1: trainers or similar to travel in

I'll never understand the hubby, when we do cabin luggage only, he takes running trainers and the bloody suitcase is full up. Thankfully I don't have to worry about silly hand luggage this time. Anyway, I guess if you are fitness inclined, you could buy a stylish pair of fashion/gym combo. My 'fashion' trainers are thrown into the back of the wardrobe when we get to our destination! But they're so needed on the return journey - there's nothing joyous about landing in a drizzly, grey Manchester at 7.30am.

Got these already!

Pair 2: wedges

For evening wear only in tan, metallic or nude. Most of the MK collection is made up of neutral colours.

Got these already but fancy a new pair.

Pair 3: heeled sandals

Again for evening wear. For those outfits that a wedge just won't do. Now here I'd normally take black and white but in my quest to reduce quantities I would have to cut it back to one pair. Obviously I need to work out my colour palette before deciding.

Got these already!

Pair 4: flat sandals

Comfy toe posts or similar for day trips etc. Probably a neutral colour - gold, silver, white. Here is my cunning plan. I need to find a pair that would work equally well for evenings with a dress or trousers to give me options.

Need to go shopping!

Pair 5: flip flops

Of course! I'm not terribly fussed about spending lots of money on these. They're worn to get me from A to B in the hotel grounds/beach and thrown under the sun lounger for the rest of the day. Black will do.

Pair 6: flip flops (a spare pair)

After last year's debacle, I do feel another pair is warranted so I'll opt for white or gold.

Need to go shopping!

It would mean leaving behind my lovely khaki flat sandals but then I only wore them once last year, my black and leopard print sandals and my yellow ones. And that's before I start rummaging in my wardrobe. But dare I say, I could do it if I set mind to it.

So what's tickling my fancy on the High Street at the moment.

Office Daisy Wedge Espadrille (currently £36)

I'm really enjoying seeing the revival of the Espadrille. In fact I have a brown pair from Zara (ex ex ex ex ex ex ex season ago). Trouble is, they're so high. This is a much more acceptable height. Now, I know these would be a perfect update to my normal day time wardrobe here at home but I can't work out how useful they'll be on holiday.

Next Sporty Wedge Sandal £35

Ok so not tan or metallic but neutral. I absolutely love these, again would work so well with my UK wardrobe. Just wondering if they'll be slightly too dress down for the evening.

Mint Velvet Bronze & Tan Blair Wedge £89

Look no platform! Obviously a much safer choice when you're wobbling back to the hotel room at midnight.

Mint Velvet Mink Bryony Sandal £99

Anyone else get their ruler out to measure virtual heel heights. These are 8.5cm. Not too bad. The neutral tones would work an absolute treat with mu summer wardrobe. I know this without even thinking too hard. Probably the top of my list but I do love the Next Sporty Wedge too (perhaps I could sneak an extra pair in!!).

Looking at flatties now.

Next Buckle Toe Post Sandals £30

Possibly a little faffy for getting on and off but still a seriously good shoe. They'd work with a couple of my dresses for a more casual evening look which is perfect for the first week of my hols, not so much the second. Juries out!

Zara Printed Leather Sandal £29.99

Animal print is neutral right? Now these would be a great addition to my anytime wardrobe and I can think of at least two holiday dresses they would work with. Another serious contender.

Zara Shiny Slip On Sandals £19.99

When I looked at these last night on the iPad, I thought I liked them. Now I've seen them on the 'big' screen, I'm not so sure. They're a bit.......shiny?? I suppose the clue is in the name. I guess the a metallic slider could work for day and evening but it would have to be a matt metallic for me. There's better ones out there.

Mango Snake Effect Sandals £79.99

Mango's offering. Slightly pricier than others out there but these are leather, Bovine leather actually. Not sure I'd advertise that fact as Bovine is the most 'common' leather (cow). These would work with my plain dresses but I do tend to have quite a few printed ones so not so sure. I do like them though!

Office Solillas £52

Now these would totally work day and night for the first week of our holiday which is a much more casual affair. Love!

New Look Fizz Wizz Leather Black Tribal Tie Up Flat Sandal £22.99

I'm totally in love with these - I mean if only for the name...Fizz Wizz. The ankle tie is removable so you get a 2 in 1 look. So in effect I have 7 pairs. Clever huh? I think we need to see another couple of pictures.

With the ankle tie

Without the ankle tie

I've linked to ASOS as bizarrely they're £5 cheaper and because New Look don't call them Fizz Wizzs!!! Leather uppers which I'm assuming includes the ankle ties. My only reservation is that ties such as this fall down my legs which is annoying but as a last resort, they can be tied around the ankle.

And really, that's my offering. I'm totally not high fashion (at all really) but particularly where shoes are concerned. I buy what I like so that excludes Birks, skater shoes, Gladiator cage sandals blah blah blah. Great on others, just not me.

So I have to tell you about a weird experience on the dog walk the other day. A chap pulled up in a swanky car with Swiss number plates, jumped out and started talking to me. He said he'd been to a trade show and still had a number of items he needed to get rid of. He opened his boot and there for all to see were the biggest, sharpest cleavers, carving knives, the whole lot actually. For a fleeting moment, I thought my time was up. The dog was no use, by this time, he'd rolled over and was snoozing on the pavement. Apparently the guy had sent the van back to Switzerland and didn't have enough room to take the knives and some fancy pans back home so was looking to offload before his journey back. He showed me the price list. We're talking a staggering amount of money. 1100€ for a set of knives and 1800€ for the pans. He offered me a 90% discount there and then on the spot (yeah because I carry my cheque book on the dog walk).

After I realised I wasn't going to die, all I could think about was Eisenegger  - do you remember back in the day? A brand back in the early 90s that sold EVERYTHING at 70% mark down - we all knew that the RRP had never been charged, anywhere. Heaven knows how they got away with that. A bizarre thought to have at that moment but the deal seemed too good to be true. Anyway, had I known the Swiss brand, I would probably have bought a set of each - the pans looked amazing with temperature gauges on the lids and everything!!! As it was, I made up a cock and bull story of having far too many knives and pans and didn't need any more. In reality, my carving knife can't even handle a ripe tomato. I sent him packing to the local golf club where I've since heard they bought 5 sets of pans and a set of knives. Have I just missed out on a bargain of a lifetime? Who knows? Probably not my finest hour.

Back later in the week.

23 comments on "Summer Holiday Planning - Let's Talk Shoes. How Many Pairs Do You Take?"
  1. Each year I want to take so many shoes - you know they are my weakness! But you know what I ends up living in flip flops during the day and a pair of flat sandals in the evening - my feel get so hot I can never be bothered with a heel. Plus it's always so dusty where ever we are - I don't think our holidays are as posh as yours ;)

    1. I know, I know I'm a loone but I love my heels and given hubby and son have to wear long trousers for dinner, it seems only right I suffer too x

  2. Oooh, love the Next & Zara toe posts & the convertible New Look sandals are fab!
    I've never taken more than 4 pairs on holiday but 3 normally cover it! X

    1. I am in awe! Wish my brain worked like yours Sarah x

  3. I am off in my hols in 3 weeks and have already planned what I'm taking, including my footwear! I am taking 2 pairs of Havaianas, one silver, one gold, my new flat H&M tan fringed sandals (my travelling choice.....too bad if it's raining when we leave!) and my Kurt Geiger Kad's which are black, block heeled sandals as my evening attire is mostly monochrome! I want to leave some room in the suitcase just in case I see any lovely shoes while I'm away! xx p.s they did have some lovely homages to the Office Solilla's in T K Maxx for a fraction of the price.....£16.99 if my memory serves me correctly! Lots of different colours too!)

    1. Oooh lucky you Michelle. And I'm betting your packing is impeccable. Have a fab time x

  4. Ooo she's good Lucy from Fashion Me Now, teeny tiny, young, amazing taste etc etc. You have chosen some beauties here Donna love the wedges and those New Look sandals are so lovely! xx

  5. I'm not sure I'm your target market for commenting on this particular issue! Ha. I'm a two pairs of shoes max kinda guy. In other news, though, those New Look Fizz Wizz Leather Black Tribal Tie Up Flat Sandals are just gorgeous. And the removable ankle tie is just genius! x

    1. Not listening. Not listening. The Fizz Wizzs are great aren't they...except the tie isn't leather I've just discovered x

    2. Ha! They certainly are great and such an incredible name! Oh, that's annoying. Shame they didn't pay attention to the little details. Still look lovely though x

  6. Fab post! I normally take a pair of pumps, 2 sandals, 2 flip flops. Sorted! I never wear heels on holiday as I prefer comfort! Lynne xx

  7. Oh Donna - you have me in stitches! Firstly thinking of your poor lost flipflop languishing in customs...then the Swiss knife man!!! I think I would have run screaming from the car but would be equally gutted at missing out on a bargain. My knives are rubbish! X

    1. Trouble seems to follow me Avril. What can I say? x

  8. Fashion Me Now depresses me and makes me want to spend a fortune on new stuff all at the same time :-D You cracked me up with the ladder in the bathroom thing - if I did that it would be artfully decorated with the huge collection of dinosaurs that seem to have taken up residence in ours! How the kids manage to escape bath time without a spiky plastic dino-related injury is beyond me!! My holiday footwear is always as many pairs of flats as I can cram in to the case. I have a scattergun approach to packing, so it's just a case of throwing in whatever I fancy at the time. I must get more organised before we go this year...

    And the knife man? Weird. I don't blame you for being slightly worried! I went through a phase of being stopped in the centre of Manchester and being offered 'Rolex' watches for sale at a bargain knock-down price. Strange what some people think you'll fall for! xx

    1. Yeah she'll be old one day too and hopefully have buckets of dinosaurs in her bathroom too x

  9. Donna - I know I've said it before but you crack me up! I seem to only take flats away these days, think it was 3 pairs of flip flops, 1 sandal and travelled in Converse - relatively uncomplicated! It's the make-up/haircare that will get my left/right brain conversation going! xx

  10. Ah yes if love to see all your lotions and potions Jenny x

  11. What a wonderful Selection of super gorgeous Shoes! Love the first Photos ,she do a great Job!

    lovely Greetings from Vienna!

  12. Holiday shoes are always a big dilemma...I end up taking far too many and nearly always end up in flats! I love the tan Next shoes, and the New Look ones are fun too.....Just too much choice, and not enough holidays!! Helen xx

  13. I reckon 6 pairs and the styles chosen are a good tight plan to go travelling with. I'd still shove as many is as my case would allow (and then only wear the same pair day in day out)!

  14. Ooh ooh! I had the Zara leopard print sandals. They're lovely and they are the nearest thing I can get to toe post thong style sandals and I eventually had to return them because I just don't wear them - I remember when everyone wanted the Sam Edelman Gigis and I just look all wrong in them. I feel rather naked and there's not much more to them than a pair of flip flops so how can that be?

    And if I'm going anywhere hot, I find that a pair of gold flip flops, a pair of silver flip flops covers a lot of bases. But then again, I don't dress up much.

    And scary man indeed!