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White Jeans

I've been feeling a tad envious over on the outfit sharing site, Avenue 57 as gorgeous ladies pull out their white jeans from storage and rediscover the delights of summer wear. Not that I don't wear white jeans, quite the opposite, mine are never put away for winter so they kind of become a run of the mill, wardrobe staple. Fashion faux pas it may be, I don't much care as I really do enjoy wearing them in colder months.

Still, I'd like the feeling of rediscovering old faithfuls - but you can't have it both ways.

Here's how I've been wearing white jeans since the beginning of the year (in no particular order).

And, looking at these closely, I realise that they are the same pair, the Molly from River Island. I do have many others but seem to be defaulting to these at the moment.

River Island Molly Jeggings £40

So why do I wear them so much? Well first up, they're comfortable. The 4 way stretch means that even though they're a close fit, they move with you. I can happily wear them from morning 'til night and not have the urge come 5pm to replace with pyjama bottoms. Secondly, they're a mid-rise (I'd actually say verging on high-rise) so sit really well on the waist and thirdly, they wash really well at 30 degrees and never need ironing. Win win win.

I can't actually believe that I'm recommending a pair of jeans that aren't from M&S!! I sized up to a 12 (as you do in River Island) and went for the standard length which are slightly on the shorter side but I wanted the ankle grazer look.

The Molly comes in different colours from dark wash to light acid, and with varying degrees of rips and distressing. Take a look at the full range here.

Ok there is a downside to these, I'm not going to lie. The first thing is that they're a tad see-through so much so that I had to cut out the washing label (mind you, it was humongous - think Zara sized label - yes that big). Being a thinnish cotton mix (not denim) this is pretty inevitable. I'm not too concerned as they're more summer weight and wearing flesh coloured underwear isn't a big deal. The absence of bulky lined pockets at the front is a big plus. The outline of a pocket lining is a pet hate of mine.

If you are of a curvy nature (full hourglass or pear shape), you might find the fabric does little for you. I'd suggest looking for a proper 'denim' or thicker fabric that gives a little more support to the legs and is slightly more flattering for your shape.  These ones from Next are much more substantial but still have the comfortable stretch.

Next Modal Blend Premium Skinny Jeans £42

Not wild about the zip detail on the pocket if I'm honest but I guess most of us would wear a top long enough to cover it up. Remember, detail attracts the eye so if this is a problem area, you want to minimise any fuss.

If you're a curvy lady, you might suffer with gaping waist bands on jeans (so annoying) and the higher rise probably won't be your best friend. Try a lower rise that sits on the hips.The whole jeans range from my next recommendation are a-ma-zing, really they are. Totally not suitable for me given I have the absence of hips so chances of me keeping these up range from zilch to zero.

Benetton Trousers 5 pockets £39.90

Ok so not the greats picture in the world but seriously the whole jeans range are brilliant (including these which look amazing in the flesh). Look how they sit perfectly on her hips! Now we're talking!

So are you a white jeans fan or do you leave that to Liz Hurly who I understand has 'several' hundred pairs? Speaking of which, here's a family group text message exchange we had last night.

Daughter: I've just found out that Hugh Grant's middle name is Mungo

Me: I used to watch a tv programme in the 70s called Mary, Mungo and Midge about a girl, a dog and a mouse who lived in a high rise tower block

Husband (chips in): Me too

Daughter: No but Hugh Mungo...do you not find that hilarious?

Me: Pretty standard really

Daughter: What??? As in like humongous. It's funny

Me: No

Daughter: Please just laugh at the fact that Hugh Grant's middle name is Mungo

Daughter again: Dad?? Brother??

Me: They're not replying, they must think it's pretty standard too

Husband: Better if it were Hugh Mungos

Me: Ahh yes the Spanish version

Daughter: You're all crazy, it's the funniest thing I've heard this decade

Oh how we love winding her up!!

Anyway back to white jeans. I'm thinking my next purchase will be ripped frayed hem, ankle grazers. The search begins....

10 comments on "White Jeans"
  1. I do love white jeans in the summer, however unpractical they are with a toddler! I like the idea of finding some ankle grazer ones as well, let us know how you get on! x

    1. Ohhh I feel your pain. Even though my kids are much much older, they know not to come anywhere near me when I've got white anything on or they're met with the hand and a swift 'back off'. I'm soooo evil x

  2. I don't think I could pull them off Donna but I love them on you - you make everything look elegant! xx

    1. Thanks Jenny, if you saw me in my sweats and messy hair right now, I think you would be retracting that comment lol x

  3. You're so right about pear shapes, Donna. I can only wear jeans that are proper denim - thinner jeggings show every lump and bump on me and I look dreadful in them. These look fab on you. You always wear your white jeans so well. Lynne xx

    1. They're really not forgiving are they Lynne and can look almost sausage-like hence the reason I always wear a loose top (my problem area!!)'x

  4. Love white jeans - I'm obsessed with my J.Crew crops right now - I wear mine all year round too! Hugh Mungos - love it - my son is Hugh and it's a tricky name as it is! Bummed I didn't use Silas as planned sometimes but now JT has used it there will be a Silas in every class at school soon!

  5. I'm definitely in the no white jeans or handbags after labour day (lol, I don't even know when that is!) as they are a strictly Spring/Summer item for me....they just feel all wrong wearing them colder weather! I do love them super skinny (very Liz Hurley, I know) so I am liking the look of the River Island Molly jeggings! xx

  6. I'm having a white jeans nightmare just now, as the Next relaxed skinnies I bought stretched beyond belief and had to go back :-( Such a shame, as my blue pairs have been excellent...I do have my eye on a Zara pair now though. Distressed with ripped hems - might be right up your street! xx

  7. How amazing are your legs?! I need to get in the attic & retrieve my white jeans! I'm going to distress them me thinks as I don't wear them often enough as they are! x