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Your One Stop Summer Holiday Dress Shop. Yes I'm Talking About You TK Maxx

Orderly, clean, tidy, easy on the eye. That's my kind of shopping. When everything is colour co-ordinated and coat hangers are hung with exactly 1cm (or more) of space between them. And every rail has it's own little story. And accessories are lovingly displayed, beckoning and calling you over.

My idea of heaven, Victoria Beckham, Dover Street.

Ok let's be realistic, that's never going to happen in TK Maxx is it (or Primark, or Zara for that matter)? Probably why I do most of my shopping on-line these days. At least it's relatively 'tidy' on the website.

So, ever mindful of the summer holidays approaching (I know, scary isn't it, we'll be back in our boots and scarves before we know it), I've been thinking about my dismal wardrobe. I am totally, totally crap at holiday dressing. Pinterest offers me nothing by way of inspiration. Girls in their floaty numbers or tinsy-winsy cut offs and cropped tops. I mean, I'm old enough to be their mother grandmother.

I kind of know what suits me but it's finding something in the right cut, fabric and colour that seems to be the problem. It's nigh on impossible I tell you. In my mind, I see a beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe of different shades of blue and white with the odd accent of yellow or red. This really works for the cooler months on hol and I've got pretty good at it over the years but the brain doesn't engage when it comes to hot weather planning. Or rather, the lack of age appropriate clothes in a style that suits doesn't exist!

I don't visit TK Maxx very often, I'll be the first to admit but I drop into the website a couple of times a season to see what they're offering and do you know what, this time, I wasn't disappointed.

First of all, beach and pool wear (I make no apologies for the shocking photo quality and my pasty white legs).

Solitaire Navy Cut Out Kaftan £16.99

I used a filter!!

This is simply stunning. I ordered a medium as I didn't want it to be too clingy. The neckline, the sleeve length, the cut - all perfect. So of course I had to have the white too.

Solitaire White Cut Out Kaftan £16.99

I forgot to use a filter

Whoops bad photo shop finish there TK Maxx. You've left a stump on her arm. They really do look far more expensive than £16.99. I'm guessing the kaftans would be suitable for a curvy figure but also work on a straight up and down body shape too (me).

Kew Blue & White Embroidered Tunic £19.99

This comes under the swimwear section but it's described as a tunic - not a tunic dress so I was a little sceptical as to it's length. I was hoping it might be long enough to wear as a day dress away from the beach but to be honest, it's a tad short. Juries out as to whether I keep this one or not.

Forsythia White Sleeveless Ladder Back Embroidered Dress £19.99

This really is pretty, so much nicer in real life. I think it's going back though mainly due to my wide shoulder line. Being loose from the bust, it makes me look, well.....wide!!! If you have small shoulders, this is a brilliant dress to try and having a boho vibe is very current.

Marigold Linen Sleeved Dress £19.99

Ok, it does look like your grandma's night dress here I know but honestly in real life, it's gorgeous. A lovely cool, thin linen and as much as I hate how linen creases even I have to admit, it looks fab all crumpled up. I have visions of me running along the beach, sun kissed legs, surfing hair with beautiful blue eyed toddlers in their matching Boden swimsuits. In reality, I don't move off the sun lounger, avoid the beach at all costs, my legs don't seem to tan these days, hair is scraped and knotted at the back of my head and the kids at 19 and 14 wouldn't be seen dead in Boden. Ha, they'll learn.

It's in the not-sure pile at the moment. I love it but I'm not sure if you need to be a cool girl (as in my vision above) to pull it off.

Tommy Hilfiger Blue & White Textured Stripe Dress £16.99

I didn't order this one (cursing now) as I thought it looked a tad long but my guess is when the drawstrings pulled, it comes up much shorter. And, this one could be worn away from the pool side too. Please, please, if anyone orders it, let me know what you think.

Clements Ribeiro Pink Aztec Chevron Dress £19.99

I honestly don't remember seeing this one when I put my order in - I can only assume it's been added since. TK Maxx tend to take a lot of Clements Ribeiro ex-stock and often there's some great wearable pieces to be found. This is so lovely. I think it would probably suit an hourglass or curvy lady due to it being floaty and belted waist but hey, I've been surprised at what works on me in the past. Do you know what,  I think I'm going to have to order it now.

And turning to dresses ideal for evenings. I'm not doing the whole cruise wear thing. I wouldn't even know where to start having never felt the urge to spend my hols on a ship. I tend to go for loose fitting styles to accommodate the copious amounts of food and drink that tends to be consumed.

Fenn Wright Manson Yellow & Grey Silk Tunic Dress £39.99

I was quite excited about receiving this one (saddo that I am) although I wasn't banking on it having pockets (fool, read the blurb...it clearly states 2 large pockets). If I'm honest, I would have preferred it without pockets but overall it's a great dress that's perfect for evenings when temperatures rarely drop below 25 degrees. And of course very wearable in this country too. It actually looks far nicer in real life than in this picture.

Fenn Wright Manson Pink & Blue Blossom Print Silk Print Dress £39.99

Ok so I didn't order this one as the print would better suit a cool skinned complexion.

Marisa & Marie Leopard Print Tunic Dress £24.99

I didn't order this one either but think it would look stunning with a pair of tan sandals. Often these dresses look so much better on than off.

Cynthia Rowley Pink Silk Dress £39.99

I fab holiday colour - maybe a tad too bright for me. Unfortunately my soft colouring is far more suited to muted colours so I wasn't tempted but it doesn't stop me from admiring it on others.

Philosophy Blues Original Navy Silk & Lace Dress £59.99

Gorgeous! This is another that must have been added to the website after I put my order in. And it's navy, not black yippee! You could do an accent colour, pink, jade, red even. I'd keep it really simple personally as it has such a contemporary look so I'd go with a black or navy sandal and silver bracelets.

It's a good time to hit TK Maxx at the moment as they're carrying a ton of stock - you might just pick up a pearler.

So, from my haul (there were 14 items in total, many not featured here as they've disappeared from the website), I'm keeping two kaftans and just the one smarter dress. But I've ordered the Clements Rebeiro as well.

Anything tickling your fancy?

It's the annual spring clean over in this house. Jobs that don't get done every week. I'm making 'ok' progress although I do miss my cleaner because as I'm concentrating my efforts in one room, the rest of the house goes to pot. The men at our local refuse centre are giving me funny looks again. I'm sure they think I have a decluttering business. I've taken to going in different cars!

Back soon.

15 comments on "Your One Stop Summer Holiday Dress Shop. Yes I'm Talking About You TK Maxx"
  1. Love the look of the Clements Ribeiro chevron dress....I have a black and white folk style one from T K Maxx a couple of years ago and it's one of my go-to Summer dresses ever since! The yellow, black & white Fenn Wright Manson dress looks lovely on you! xx

  2. Amazing Pictures on Linen Dresses For Women. I would like to appreciate the blog owner for his efforts.

  3. I've not even thought about the holiday wardrobe yet but it's creeping up on us isn't it. Our holidays are so laid back these days it tends to be a variation of shorts and tshirts for lounging around the villa - which suits me as I tend to be turning more tomboyish the older I get! I love the blue cut-out kaftan though - that's my kind of kaftan! xx

  4. Some good pieces there Donna. I'm loving the white kaftan. Good Luck with the Clements Ribeiro.

  5. I'm such a numpty as I never think to look at TKMaxx online!! We have a store 5 mins away but I'll be clicking in from time to time now too! The CR dress is stunning as are the tops you kept! Behave.....you'd give those Pinterest girls a run for their money anyday!! xx

  6. I love a good tk maxx session! I don't tend to order online, as I'm such an awkward shape, but I do like a good hour combing the racks! The lemon and grey FWM dress looks fabulous, such a beautiful shape.
    Good luck with the spring cleaning, I tend to have a post-school-holiday blitz every time the kids go back, but I'm sure that if I did more inbetween it would help!! xx

  7. I love those first two kaftans I am about to investigate right now....such great prices! Helen xx

  8. Some gorgeous pieces. I think you defintely have to be in the right mood to tackle TK Maxx in real life! But sometimes you can find real gems. Hope that CR dress works for you - it looks gorgeous in the pics.

  9. Some really gorgeous pieces in here. But the Solitaire Navy Cut Out Kaftan is just lovely. And I'm loving the Fenn Wright Manson Yellow & Grey Silk Tunic Dress; the colours and patterning just look gorgeous on you x

  10. I love the first kaftan in both navy and white. Gorgeous! It's not a shop I ever venture in - I hate rooting around! Lynne xx

  11. I have to admit that I just don't like TK Maxx for clothes shopping, there's never anything that fits me!! Shoes, bags & homeware however, are a different ballgame! :) x

  12. The yellow and grey dress is gorgeous. I am a HUGE fan of TK Maxx. I always find some gem there. This week I got some Nine West tan wedge heels for £35!

  13. I'm with Fiona on the yellow and grey dress. That's fab and how can you not love the pockets! That's like the holy grail with dresses - pockets. I heart pockets!

    And somehow I've missed a few of your posts - but I'm catching up now!

  14. New to your blog I am, but I too have purchased half of TK Maxx holiday shop - the grey/yellow dress - also purchased in black - loving it - and the C Ribeiro dress and also a couple of linen dresses! All lovely and light weight and great for packing in hand luggage!

    1. They've done us propud this season haven't they. Looking forward to wearing my little stash x