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How To Wear White

Believe it or not white is a strong colour, up there with black actually. You know when you see a whole host of gorgeous A-Listers on the red carpet at the BAFTAs, all in their exquisite gowns, reds and blues and silvers...and then there's one actress who has chosen to wear a white tuxedo and suddenly everything else seems to pale into insignificance. That!

That's the power of white.

One of the most powerful dresses a woman will ever wear is her wedding dress and invariably it's a shade of white. But, there are many shades of white and not everyone will suit every shade.

First of all, you need to identify your own colour palette. Click on any image in the side bar or here to find out more or here if you want a personalised service.


This is a great colour for you. Wear it on it's own or mix with one of your deeper shades. I'm not a fan of brilliant white against your hair - unless you are totally platinum. If you're blessed with golden tones you might find that it looks yellowy against the starkness of a pure white. Try a softer shade or ivory or cream.

Here Naomi Watts has chosen a soft white for a grown up look with a modern twist. Adorable!


Against your dark hair and strong look, most shades of white will look amazing. Generally soft white and ivory can be worn by all Deeps. If you have a warm skin tone you can also try cream and cool skin tones try a bright white. Wear it on it's own, with one of you dark neutrals such as black. Avoid wearing with a pastel or insipid lighter colour as you could look slightly washed out!

Halle Berry looks incredible in her choice of cream (she has a very warm skin tone).


As a warm, a bright white won't do you any favours so stick to creams and soft white. The creamier the colour, the easier you'll find to wear. Team with flat neutrals such as navy and charcoal to warm them up. Or mix with coral and terracotta for a wonderfully rich look.

Love her or loath her, Sarah Ferguson made a fabulous choice for her wedding dress. A bright white would have been so wrong against her golden skin tone. The rich cream is perfect.


One of the very few palettes that looks amazing in a bright or pure white. You are the total opposite to the Warm above. Cream will do nothing for you - it will fight with your hair colour. If you're looking for an alternative try a delicate rose beige (this is your cream!?!?). Soft white is also your friend but personally I'd opt for a brighter shade. Another shade you could try is a white with a blue undertone. You can wear white with any of your stronger colours to give contrast.

Judi Dench, just wow! How stunning does she look in this palest of blue-grey, verging on white outfit.


White will look stunning on you and can be worn on it's own (it looks fabulous against your dark hair and bright eyes) or with a bright colour from your palette such as emerald, scarlet and sapphire or a strong colour such as black.. Try soft white and ivory. If you have a cool skin tone (porcelain and ebony skins) a pure white is an absolute must.

Kate Middleton is wearing white with black contrast. I wanted to show you how the slight addition of black really lifts the outfit on a clear - totally appropriate, totally beautiful.


Having a soft, blended look, you will of course look your best in a soft white. But don't forget cream which can look equally fantastic. Wear on it's own or team with your lighter neutrals  such as taupe and pewter to give a blended look. A pure white may overwhelm you (believe me, I've made that mistake...several times). Looking back on photos I realise that it wears me instead of the other way around.

Felicity Huffman knows her colours. She's wearing this soft white so well. The texture around the neckline allows us to see her skin softening the white even more. I love this dress!! But imagine adding a black contrast to it as Kate has above. A classic case of allowing the dress to wear you where as it is, it looks classy, it looks expensive and perfectly complements her colouring.

So that's white! It's actually not that difficult to adopt the rules is it? There's so much of it out there at the moment giving everyone an excellent choice. I say, go forth, shop and fill your wardrobe!!

I'd like to take the opportunity to introduce a new on-line service that I've developed. Please do take a look at my new page if you're interested in finding out more about your own colour palette. The link is here.

Back next time with my Baukjen and Esprit order updates. Praying everything is pants and will have to go back as I've spent far too much this month already. Mind you, June is in a couple of days. If I don't open the parcels until then, does that count....?

7 comments on "How To Wear White"
  1. Halle Berry looks amazing & I adore Judy Dench! You would never think that there would be so many shades of white to consider but look what getting it right can do! x

  2. Best of luck Donna - I know you're going to help a lot of women with their colour dilemma's!

  3. I absolutely adore white and wear it all year round. Lots of people tend to relegate it to summer, but I think winter white with black looks great. Good luck on your new venture. I know you'll be a huge help to so many women.

  4. I do like a bit of white, but have only just returned to it lately as the kids start to get a bit less clingy and messy! Best of luck with your new project Donna, I'm sure it'll be a roaring success! xx

  5. I don't tend to own a lot of white - apart from the odd few tshirts/shirts. I'd never think to dress up with it but it looks amazing on Halle Berry (doesn't everything?) Good luck with the new project Donna! xx

  6. Great tips - I'm definitely more drawn to cream but love white when I've got a tan. Great idea re the colour analysis online...absolutely genius. Ax

  7. I absolutely love wearing white - especially with a tan! I have lots of cream in my closet too these days...x