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If you're looking for a new foundation, you may want to read on...

The Introduction (Everything needs an introduction - my English Language teacher told me)

I don't do beauty posts. Why? Because make-up, lotions and potions don't really float my boat. They're the necessary evil that I have to fork out for month on month. I'd much rather buy a pair of shoes or a nice top but for fear of upsetting the neighbours' children, I begrudgingly apply make-up every bloomin day.

The Snobby Bit

That said, I'm a bit of a make-up snob. If it doesn't come from a sparkly white counter in the make-up hall of Selfridges where prices are NEVER displayed, I won't buy it. Perish the thought indeed. I've gone through more make-up brands over the years than I care to mention especially where foundation  is concerned. They're never quite perfect. I even attempted Estee Lauder Double Wear thingumabob a couple of years ago. A bizarre experience I have to say. It kind of sits on the face. By early afternoon I was willing it to disappear into the skin but oh no this baby was going nowhere. And then there's Mac Studio Fix with buildable coverage which I was assured would give me perfect skin. I gave up after 5 coats.

The Revelation Bit

And then a few weeks ago, I read 3 reviews in the space of a few days about Vichy Dermablend. All gave it 5 stars. I'm a bit of a sucker for this sort of thing and after a bit of googling, discovered that Boots stock this brand. I also noticed the price. £18 (yes eighteen pounds), half of what I normally pay. The inner devil came out immediately, 'Pah that stuff will be rubbish then' but those 5 stars just wouldn't go away. So I gave in to my inner-snobbery and popped to town to have a look at this Dermablend stuff. Given we only have one shiny counter in our local Boots it soon became apparent that it wasn't classed as a premium brand. Please don't let it be next to Barry M and Rimmel. Please no. I really couldn't take that. But nope, not there either. I eventually found it in the moisturiser section (near Soap and Glory and all those other over priced Christmas stocking fillers).

It took me another 10 minutes to persuade an assistant that if they actually wanted to sell the damn product that maybe they could provide testers. Begrudgingly I was told to choose two to check the colour. Thankfully the first one was a perfect match. Feeling ever so slightly guilty, I even offered to buy it but she had the audacity to say sorry that's not for sale, it's a tester!!! The mind boggles sometimes.

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation 
Oh the irony!! Try me - if only!!

Anyway, onto the review.

It's brilliant.

...oh you want to know more. Honestly and truly I have never, ever used a foundation as good as this. It's described as high coverage. I'd say it's good coverage without being too thick. I have minor imperfections and some skin discolouration. The foundation seems quite thin when you squeeze it out of the tube but oh boy this makes it so easy to work around the face and it actually does have great coverage. Half the price of my usual and twice as good.

It comes in a tube without any fancy packaging. In fact I doubted it would last very long as it felt as if there was nothing in it. There's 30ml, the same as a normal size. My inner Scrooge is gleefully looking forward to the day I can snip open the end to extract the dregs. Beats chasing that last drop around the bottom of a Mac bottle with an ear bud. Oh and a tip I've picked up over the years - I always go ever so slightly lighter with my foundation, not Casper-esque but a smidgen lighter than my skin. It's much more flattering to use bronzer to bring out your colour. I went for number 25 which is the second lightest (I don't have light skin but it's a great match).

Chuffed to bits with it I am.

The Weird Co-incidence Bit

So having never used a Vichy product in my life before, a couple of days later an email pinged into my inbox from....Vichy. For a few seconds I couldn't work out how on earth they knew...knew that I was using their foundation. Definitely no hidden cameras in my house. So it was obviously nothing but a co-incidence. Anyway, they asked if I would like a sample of their Liftactiv Supreme cream. I normally politely say no as to be quite honest, I can't really be bothered. I'm the one that realises when my legs are cracking due to lack of moisturiser that maybe I should do something about it - this extends to looking in the back of a cupboard, finding a tube of Yardley lavender cream that the son won 5 years ago at the Christmas fair. I was also scarred by one brand who asked if I would review a black head picker. I don't have black heads I said. Well, couldn't you talk about it 'generally' they said. Not really I replied. Well, do you have a friend you could test it on they asked. Errm not if I want to keep my friends, I said.

Anyway, this time, I was intrigued, so said yes and received a very generous 50ml pot.

Vichy Liftactiv Supreme 

Now, I'm not going to bore you with the science bit (it's very scientific - I got all the blurb). Suffice to say, they singled me out because I'm old and need a little help miracle. It's supposed to boost radiance, make wrinkles look smoother and skin feel firmer. Now look, nothing's going to sort out my wrinkly forehead (years of squinting when I should have used my glasses). Only an elephant strength double shot of botox works there. But, yes my skin does feel, how can I put it... different. It's really, really smooth, all day actually. I can't stop stroking it (take note - foundation described above is still in tact after multiple strokes). I don't have that many fine lines around my eyes so I can't comment on this but my skin does feel firmer.

Has anyone commented on my skin? Not a sodding person. But that's ok because I can feel a difference. I think the proof of the pudding is; will I replace it when it's all gone? I can hand on heart say yes I will.

The Conclusion Bit

1. Stop being snobby about brands
2. Be prepared to take on the assistants in Boots to get your tester
3. Barry M still looks like a gift with purchase product from a 1970s Patches magazine
4. Vichy Lifactiv Supreme is much nicer than using Sudacred

Fabulous weather here in Cheshire today. Top down on the car and everything (well I had the bum heater on, it wasn't that hot). But I did forgo a jacket. Dashing around trying to keep everyone happy and achieving very little.

Top - Me&EM (similar)
Jeans - M&S
Trainers - Honey Los
Bag - Next Clearance 

Little things give me enormous pleasure. This bag for instance. Picked up in the Next Clearance (online at the present - click here and it's the top left one). Reduced from £22 (bargain) to £7 (even better bargain).

It's so lovely. So much better in the flesh.

Mini Envelope Across The Body Bag £7 (clearly I got a kick out of wearing it on just one shoulder today)

I also bought this one for the hols (I was thinking pool side glamour - you know upgrading the old £1 bikini bags to put sun creams in etc) and then it came and actually, it's a lovely little clutch that will brighten up a few evening outfits too. It's on the same page is the one above.

Print Zip Top Clutch £7

Randomly, a blue fur coat was also in the parcel! No idea why.

Back soon

10 comments on "If you're looking for a new foundation, you may want to read on..."
  1. Hi Donna. Really enjoyed your review on the Vichy Dermablend Foundation - and now I'm going to have to try it! As a former magazine beauty ed, I was also snobby about brands once upon a time, but 3 kids, mad dog and hugely expensive home renovations later, I've changed my tune! And I'm so glad I have because I'm constantly being surprised by the budget buy beauty goodies out there! I'm glad you've ventured to 'the other side' and found a foundation that sounds amazing! Look forward to reading more of your posts - really enjoy them! Lisa x @ukglowology (www.glowology.co.uk)

    1. Thanks Lisa, I was astounded how good it actually is the first time I used the foundation. Got to say the buying experience was slightly stressful though x

  2. I am currently obsessed by skincare at the moment thanks to the lovely Becky from Re:Style who introduced me to Carloline Hirons blog! Love the sound of the Vichy products so shall be testing them out forthwith!! Great review Donna xx

    1. Caroline does the double cleansing thing doesn't she which I've adopted x

  3. Omg, this post made me laugh!! I'm not a skincare/makeup snob at all, I buy whatever works - sometimes it's hugely expensive & sometimes it's a £4 serum from Aldi (honestly, fantastic!!). But I do have to agree a smidge about Barry M makeup although their nail polishes are just amazing.

    I used to use Vichy a lot years ago but they have fallen off my radar recently. I must try them again as I've also read tons of great reviews about Dermablend & the moisturiser sounds great x

    1. So now I have to find an Aldi for that serum (can never remember if we have Aldi or Lidl in Macclesfield). I promise not to be a make up snob anymore x

  4. Dermablend is probably too high coverage for me but I recently discovered Boots No 7 True Radiance Foundation. It's amazing. Better than Dior/Armani/Laura Mercier/YSL and only £12.50! Lots of shades too.

  5. You make me laugh Donna - I am so the opposite (as you know) - tonnes of lotions and potions and yet I begrudge spending money on a pair of shoes! I know the Vichy Dermablend Foundation is loved by many bloggers and have also heard good things about the Liftactiv - I not got round to trying it yet! xx

  6. I'm a make up ignoramous Donna, what I know about it could easily fit on the back of a postage stamp! I do have a bit of a hankering for a tinted moisturiser type thing though, so I may have to check this out if it's quite light to wear. Great post, the Patches reference took me back! xx

  7. I love this cream too Donna & I'm almost at the end of my pot! It's definitely one that I plan on buying again & will have to check out the foundation too. I bought the Double Wear Light last year with Birthday money & I'm not really a foundation wearer but I really like it. Andrea x