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Summer Style For The Over 60s

So Mum's off on her holidays with friends next week (and I'm left behind said Dad whilst doing a little dance behind her back - a fest of watching football I fear).

Of course every outfit is meticulously planned even down to the pants (and that's the UK equivalent of pants not the US). And no doubt there'll be a 'spare' outfit, just in case.

You've met her a couple of times before on the blog but to recap, she's a Cool and very much a 'Classic' style personality with a little bit of Romantic thrown in there. I'll cover these again sometime soon.

Here are her evening outfits.

Outfit 1

White Trousers - Wallis
Blue Cami - Debenhams (similar)
Cardigan - Roman Originals (now £15)
Necklace (Similar)

I can't tell you how stunning this little cardi is in real life. It's gorgeous and is now reduced to £15. She's under strict orders to buy the  emerald colourway too. Oh and if it's too hot in Majorca - tough! I've told her she has to keep it on as it's so pretty. The strong blue looks great against a cool skin tone. Also suitable for Deeps and Clears.

Outfit 2

White Trousers - Wallis
Floral Top - The Collection @ Debenhams
Necklace - Ebay
Love these colours on a Cool - they're so uplifting. Mind you, I'm slightly worried about the white trousers - it seems she's planning on wearing them twice. I mean it only takes a jug of Sangria...

Here's a close up of the top.

A really flattering cut!

Outfit 3

Dress - Phase Eight (similar)
Sandals - old biddy shop!!

Soft draped fabric is perfect for ladies with curves. Stiffer material would stand off her hips and make her look at least one size bigger. The pleating across the tummy works really well as it disguises wobbly bits. The sandals are far nicer in real life - silver sparkle but gosh Mum, they look like old lady shoes in this photo!! (She'll be horrified).

Outfit 4

Floral Top - Matalan (similar)
Mint trousers - Matalan

So, here she's cheating a little with her colours - see the fern green in the top. That's not in Mum's palette. But hey come on, we're talking minor detail here. There's no way, I'd ever deny anyone for something so insignificant. Because the top is predominantly white, it works just fine.

Outfit 5

Dress - Wallis (similar)

Sadly sold out now, this white dress with a black print should last Mum for years and years. She can throw on a coloured cardi in this country on cooler nights and swap for a blazer in winter.

Outfit 6

Dress - Kaleidoscope (similar)

A white dress with red and pink flowers. This isn't a fluid fabric but it has some stretch in it so doesn't stand off the body. A risky choice Mum - you've managed to pull it off!

Outfit 7

Trousers - BHS (similar)
Floral Top - Wallis (similar)

So outfit number 7 - this must be the spare as by my calculations Mum is only away 6 nights! Back in familiar territory she is with this. I kind of get why she wants to ring the changes sometimes and wear a dress but I do love this sort of outfit. Perfect length, fabulous Cool colours, great arm coverage but still very summer-like. 

And before anyone points it out, yes the borders need weeding - sack the gardener. Stern words will be had tomorrow or else there'll be no tea and 2 sugars!!

Think that's Mum's evening outfits sorted. I can bet my last dollar that someone will come up to her and say how nice she looks - they always do!!

I'm off to Leeds to see the daughter tomorrow - her first year at Uni is almost complete. Golly! Let's see if I can get a few photos for the blog (I wouldn't bank on it).

On Tuesday I'm going out with a really experienced buyer for the day - so excited to see how she chooses stock. She's already sent me an autumn/winter look book which has some truly gorgeous collections. I want it all!! 

I've got quite a few posts to chug through over the next couple of weeks. A few people have asked for dress shapes, I need to tell you about a fabulous foundation (it must be good as I rarely do beauty posts), we need to look at how to wear white and I've got a little something up my sleeve. 

So I'll be off now. Have a lovely weekend.

12 comments on "Summer Style For The Over 60s"
  1. Your mum's a superstar Donna - she looks fab - hope she has a lovely time! Looking forward to the foundation post - there's a surprise! xx

    1. Let's just say the most expensive isn't always the best! Loving the new foundation Jenny x

  2. How lovely to feature your mum here! I really think she looks fabulous in all her outfits, my favourite looks are the black and pink top and the polka dot dress.
    Hope she has a great time (and your father too - I am huge football fan myself. I am German but I love to watch Premier League!)

    Annette | Lady of Style

    1. Hi Annette thanks for your kind comments. I actually follow you on Insta, love your style by the way. Yes I'm sure Dad will survive on basic cooking and football for a week. It won't be the first time hee hee x

  3. Your mum is so cool Donna!! I wonder if I could get my mum to do a guest spot my blog as she one very elegant lady too!! xx

  4. I love your Mum posts Donna, I think she's just Fab! She's got some great outfits. I meet some quite elderly (80 plus) ladies at work and I'm fascinated by how elegant some of them are and how they still love to look their best, it's a real pity I can't photograph some of them because some are seriously stylish. Hope your Mum has a great holiday and your Dad has a great football-fest! X

  5. Excellent mum-post! Such a stylish lady, and she's a brilliant example that age is no barrier to being stylish (not that she's ancient, obvs, but you know what I mean :-D ) xx

  6. Blimey, your Mum is AMAZING and so so so stylish!

  7. Your mum is cool in every sense of the word! So stylish, really great hair and a really infectious smile :)

  8. Awww, what a lovely post. Your mum's Wallis dress is just gorgeous x

  9. Your Mum clearly loves clothes Donna, and I do think if you have that passion for dressing it always stays with you. She looks so good in everything, but that cardi is very beautiful and what a fab price too! Helen xx

  10. Your Mum is so stylish & such a good sport! Lol @ the sandals comment! Bless her! She'll have you for that! Andrea xx