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When Selfies Can Be Helpful!

What I mean is, since writing this blog, taking regular photos of my outfit has probably been the most useful aspect of developing my wardrobe. Without even realising, I work to a theme; smart casual in neutral colours. Although I  deviate occasionally (life would be boring without the occasional shake up), this is what I feel most comfortable in. 

So my wardrobe staples are skinnies and a top with the addition of a blazer.  It's only when I look back on past photos that I realise how much I stick to this. It's probably why I feel more at ease in spring and autumn. I've yet to find my own summer style (although I'm working on it). Maxi dresses are ok but a couple of days wearing them and I yearn to climb back into skinnies. I don't do skirts. Having no waist means it's difficult to wear them. And there seems to be a lack of choice of day dresses for a woman who is getting on a bit. 

I've loved seeing fellow bloggers and women in their 40s embrace the dungaree trend. Have I been tempted? No actually, I haven't. Over the knee boots. Nope. Birkenstocks. Definitely not. Ten years ago, I would have tried everything and my wardrobe would have resembled a Next store at 5pm on Boxing day. A total mess. You see, I really believe that your wardrobe should tell a story or have a theme. It makes dressing so much easier if you have lots of neutrals with a few brighter colours that can be injected. Your story might be made up of casual clothes or maybe you're drawn more to classic business dress or are you a total fashionista? Whatever, I honestly believe that you're less likely to find yourself saying this if you have a wardrobe story....

So my question to you is, have you found your wardrobe story yet? I think I have.

Four photographs from this week. See what I mean. Neutral colours. Smart, casual. I'd love to be less neat but that's not going to happen. I'm freaking out at the first picture but in real life it looked smarter. I'd love to be cool but nah it's just not me. So I'll stick to what I know best, it makes me happy.

I urge any woman who wants to explore her own style to take a daily photo. OK, you don't need to get out the tripod and stand in the garden feeling a fool. Use your phone, take a picture in the mirror. Do it for a couple of weeks or more if you can.

Go on, do those selfies. You'll be amazed at what emerges. It will really help focus your mind....and your wardrobe. You'll be able to work out what you've got to work with, where you want to go and what you need to buy. 

Which brings me to my current dilemma. We have a bit of a do coming up in two weeks. Last year I wore a Baukjen dress. I felt totally comfortable even though it isn't the dressiest of dresses - we're talking full on sequinned numbers. I'm too long in the tooth to go there. Mind you, most of the ladies wearing them were too!?!? So, do I go for another Baukjen which I'll wear over and over again or should I push the boat out and step out of my comfort zone. This is the dress I've ordered in coral (which apparently is more scarlet when I emailed them for clarification) and black. As well as two jumpsuits, a pair of slouchy trousers and something else which I can't remember. Hoping they aren't all amazing. There's 25% off Baukjen at the moment using code FF515 until Monday.

I promised that we'd talk about wearing white...it's on the next post, I promise.

9 comments on "When Selfies Can Be Helpful!"
  1. Oh Donna this is so true since I have been doing selfies ive realised skinny top and blazer suits me best to. Though I do switch to cardi round the house. Neutral tops and the odd pattern. Bought a pair of cropped flare jeans last week and decided they went with nothing else in my wardrobe so took them back bought another pair of skinnys. When I have so more money I intend buying a linger line white shirt to go with them.

  2. Such a good blog post, and a great thing for anyone to do! I keep trying to push myself in terms of what I buy and wear, but in reality I should stick to what I love and go from there x

  3. Push up there on that skinnies & blazer bench ... that's exactly where I belong as well. Oh! And I also do neat ... I blame my mother for that!! I also think that taking a selfie when trying on clothes in shops is an excellent idea. It has saved me from some real bloopers - after all, the camera never (rarely) lies!

  4. Totally agree that since taking a daily selfie I have made my wardrobe work for me and I've stopped wearing the same thing over and over again!

  5. I am a bit of a blazer and skinnies girl too Donna, but I do love to experiment a bit with boyfriend/mom etc jeans as well, and am am getting weirdly more boho...ish as the summer and my old age progresses...Very worrying!!

    Helen xx

  6. I have no idea what my style is but definitely know what I'm comfortable in & what suits me these days! All those years of wasting money & wardrobe space are well & truly over! I love your style Donna & how it suit you. x

  7. So, so true! Since taking selfies most days, I definitely think far harder about what I'm going to wear and - more importantly - buy. I still don't think I've completely settled on a personal style (unless 'eclectic mix' is a style, in which case I've totally nailed it! :-D), but I reckon I'm on the way...xx

  8. Danger is staying always in your comfort zone. And style just like fashion does move on

  9. I'm definitely a jeans and tshirt girl Donna (think you knew that already!) I've always wanted to look neat but can't pull it off - it's always a bit mussed up and I think I've finally learnt to accept that! I do think I need to take myself out of my comfort zone more though and experiment - why not! xx