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An Old Love, A New Love & A Passion For Fashion (But Not In That Order)

Yosa is an online boutique owned by Rachel over at Rachel The Hat (you need to visit her blog, she's awesome). She contacted me recently to ask if my daughter, Ashleigh and I would like to pick a couple of pieces from the boutique. How lucky are we?

I've been looking for something for ages to replace my Wallis statement necklace that I bought last summer. Sadly these days it's looking rather forlorn having lost one too many 'diamonds'. 

It really was a no brainer when I saw this one. 

I'm not even sure where to begin, it really is one of the best pieces of fashion jewellery that I've ever owned. I mean, it's silver and gold so I don't have to worry which bracelets to wear - either goes. It sits perfectly and doesn't move around (although beware, too much jumping around at a Take That concert could result in a black eye). There's enough bling going on but not so that it looks cheap and tacky. Seriously, it's ace. Of course I couldn't wait to wear it so my outfit to see Take That was planned around the necklace (as you do). I broke all the rules in the book and wore black next to my face - but The Show-Stopper helped lift the look.

The Show Stopper Necklace - Yosa
Black long line kimono tee - Me&Em (currently on sale)
White skinny jeans - M&S
Nude bling wedges - Dune (similar)
Black box bag - Next (currently on sale)

Told you it was gorgeous!

Turning to Ashleigh's choice. She has a totally different style personality to me. In fact the only thing we cross over on are basics, white shirts, jeans, plain tops. She's very much more attracted to pretty things so chose this little stunner.

The Starlet £16

Silver is perfect for a cooler skin tone. It's another gorgeous piece and looks exactly as it does in real life with it's uneven quirkiness.

The Starlet Necklace - Yosa
Top - Primark
Skirt - Pop Up Boutique
Boots - Top Shop

Something we do have in common is that we don't save things for best. I love the fact that Ashleigh has dressed down the necklace with a denim skirt and boots.

The Show-Stopper has proved so popular that Rachel was waiting for more stock so she sent me The Ancient Coins necklace to be going on with until it arrived - how kind was that! And they arrived with a lovely personal note (these things matter).

To say that I haven't taken The Ancient Coins necklace off since I received it is an under statement. Even the son has asked if it's a permanent attachment to my body.

Sadly it too has proved to be a best seller and is currently out of stock but take a look at this one in a similar muted metal.

I carried out a little test on my friends and asked them how much they would pay for The Show-Stopper. They were rubbish. The nearest guess was £35. Ha! It cost almost half of that.

Thank you Yosa from both of us. We are totally smitten.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you might be aware that I've been helping a friend set up a new boutique in Macclesfield (follow our adventures on Instagram and Facebook. It's still early days but we're getting there.

We're a pop up shop for another few months and then closing down for a total refit and a new name. Exciting times. Please do follow us at the social media links above. We don't have a website....yet but watch this space.

I seem to have my fingers in lots of pies at the moment and as a result am running around like a headless chicken. So, the prospect of standing up for 4 or 5 hours at the Take That concert last Thursday wasn't terribly appealing. Though that thought evaporated as soon as we walked in to the Arena and I took on a mission of a woman possessed to get as near to the front as we possibly could. This near actually.

There were just 7 bobbing heads between me and my boys. Totally fabulous evening with Ashleigh - love the fact that she adores TT as much as me.

So, the countdown to our hols has begun (yippee) and as I sit here writing this, Ashleigh is boring the pants off me by reading every review on Trip Advisor. Seems to take great delight on finding the odd bad one. I have my final dress  instalment post to get out before we go - chances of me wearing one before we go are zilch. I blame Tlaloc. Someone's obviously upset him.

Back later in the week.

15 comments on "An Old Love, A New Love & A Passion For Fashion (But Not In That Order)"
  1. You girls chose some gorgeous pieces there Donna! Rachel really does have some stunning jewellery! I love this outfit on you too! I can't believe you were that close to TT!! Game on! Andrea x

    1. I can't tell you how gorgeous they are Andrea, we're talking serious bling x

  2. What great necklaces and like others I would have guessed a higher price. I took my teenagers to see CHIC in Leeds and they danced the night away though they have been brainwashed since birth

    1. You'd definitely pay double on the High Street Zoe. Don't you love how your kids take on your music tastes. The son loves a bit of Elvis (which I brainwashed him with as did my dad to me) x

  3. Stunning necklaces Donna! I love the one you are wearing in particular.....looks great against your black top! xx

    1. Doesn't it. It's a lovely piece to wear with plain colours x

  4. Ooh, gorgeous necklaces. The Showstopper is stunning. Love it. I love Rachel's blog too! xxx

    1. It is isn't it. Rachel is stunning isn't she x

  5. Stunning necklaces, I love the mix of metals on yours. I didn't realise Rachel had an online shop, I'm off to look now! X

    1. That's what I liked too and the chain is actually a rose gold which is gorgeous x

  6. Love those necklaces. I'm on the hunt for something new and a bt different so I think a browse is in order! And gosh, isn't Ashleigh really, really pretty?

    1. Yep Yosa is your shop for something different. I'll pass on your compliment to Ashleigh x

  7. Love these Donna - and I don't usually go for statement pieces. They both look stunning xx

  8. Great necklaces, Donna. I love your show stopper one. Lynne xx