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Happiness Is....Finding A Dress That Actually Fits

The biggest problem I have with dresses is the fit. Often I have to go up a size to accommodate my top half (and I'm no Katie Price pre boob reduction - hers not mine I hasten to add) but then the bottom half is too big. Or  I squeeze myself into a  smaller size so the waist and hips are ok but it's positively indecent everywhere else. Help!!!! Oh well, it keeps my dressmaker in business - I dropped off 4 items last week all to be taken in at the hips. I think God forgot about hips when he made me. Heaven knows how I've had 2 children.

I came across Pepperberry after reading about it on another blog (and I can't for the life of me remember who it was - sorry!). And in the company's own words... 

'Pepperberry launched in March 2011, born out of the Bravissimo clothing range, selling a range of clothes designed with boobs in mind'

And if anyone knows about boobs, Bravissimo does.

Well that's got to be worth a further look. The idea is that clothes are cut to a UK standard size but with boob allowance. Trousers and skirts come in standard sizes - they don't need boob allowance - obviously!

You answer 2 questions (honestly, no cheating) and your 'Pepperberry' size is calculated. Of course me being me felt the need to speak to an advisor who popped up on the screen. Sometimes I can be between sizes - she told me that the sizes are neither big or small. We decided to base my sizing on Next rather than teeny-tiny H&M. I'm a 10 really curvy (oooh get me).

I ordered the Gather Neck Maxi and this is the result...

Dress - Pepperberry
Straw Panama - Laura Ashley
Fringe Bag - H&M (similar)

A truly perfect fit from top to toe. Actually when I first took it out of the box I think I muttered 'well that's not going to fit' as it seemed so narrow under arm to under arm. But I was wrong, so wrong. There's no bagging at the waist or hips and plenty of room in the chest area. The reason that it looked so narrow is that the under arm is cut quite high which of course means no bra straps showing and all the back fat (sorry, but it has to be said) is tucked away like magic. The main thing though is that it's so comfortable.

The pattern is perfect for a Soft palette - sometimes it's really hard to find a subtle pattern in a maxi dress. 

Even the husband said wit-woo. That's something coming from him! I'm so looking forward to the Autumn Winter collection. I may even find a proper fitting shirt. 

Pepperberry seems to be aiming for a classic style so you're not going to get your boho inspired mini dress and ripped dungarees from here but oh the sheer relief of knowing I can buy wardrobe staples that actually fit. 

And continuing on the theme of maxis, I'm loving this one. Proper decent shoulder straps that will give good support. How fabulous on sun tanned skin. 

And this one (she's obviously sat on her hat and squashed it)

And this. The detailing on the shoulders is gorgeous. There's a little more fabric around the hip area so idea for anyone feeling a little self conscious with the tighter fits above.

And let's just throw in another one because I can! One for the beach. The slit up the side will bring welcome relief in the hot weather (maxi dress wearers will know what I mean). 

I'd wear any of these and if the fit is like mine, I'd be one very happy bunny. 

Now is it wrong to be excited by Autumn/Winter? Please let there be a chambray shirt in the collection.

Back soon with more dresses, I'm on a roll.

11 comments on "Happiness Is....Finding A Dress That Actually Fits"
  1. Wow! That dress fits perfectly on you. I've been struggling for days to find a dress that accommodates my boobs but flatters my none existent waist and hips and I have shoulders too - I shall be taking a proper look later. Thank you Donna x

  2. I love Pepperberry, they really are the only clothes that fit but don't squash my boobs! The designs can be a bit hit or miss but I always find something great every season & the quality is fantastic x

    1. have you tried some of the clothes i list on this post? http://vividandbrave.com/breast-friends-of-the-busty-bold-and-beautiful/

  3. The sizing is a great idea....love the *really curvy 10'! Dress looks superb on you Donna, styled perfectly! xx

  4. I dream of being a 'really curvy 10' - as it is I'm a 12 to 14 with a big arse :-D The maxi really does fit you like a glove - gorgeous! xx

  5. You look gorgeous! Whit Whoo! Love the not squashed hat on you too! Andrea x

  6. That Gather Neck Maxi dress looks stunning on you, Donna. Just gorgeous x

  7. Oh my goodness, but that's really fab! I can see why your hubby was impressed. Really gorgeous x

  8. Wow that maxi dress looks amazing on you Donna, fits like a glove, and what a figure..well jel !!(I have no boobs and big tummy..urghh!) xxxx

  9. you look gorgeous and a great piece--i can relate and wrote about it on Vivid & Brave! http://vividandbrave.com/breast-friends-of-the-busty-bold-and-beautiful/