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I'm Coming Up For Air...

I'm back! Well, I haven't actually been anywhere. Literally. After launching Discover Your Colours, my online Colour Analysis Service 10 days ago, I've been tied to my desk morning, noon and night. The husband thinks it's hilarious, me putting in 12 hour plus days!! Quite literally, I've been inundated. And by last Friday evening, I felt like this...

Oh the irony. Lovely ladies seeking colour advice and me sat at my desk in mis-matched pyjamas. I don't think I brushed my hair for the first 4 days as I struggled with the demand. Thank God it's not YouTube - all credibility would have been lost.

Thank you so much to everyone who has shown an interest. I really hope your personal reports provide lots of inspiration. And if you're wondering what you get, well it looks something like this...

Actually this is only about two thirds of the whole report. I couldn't fit it all in the picture. You also get images of all of your swatches - 42 in total. All emailed to you within 3 days of providing me with some basic information. Not bad value for the introductory price of £25 even if I say so myself.

And here are just a few of the many lovely comments that I've received.

I have just received my colour analysis report from Donna and it is absolutely amazing; she has captured me spot on and made me realise so many things that I do and why I do them in terms of clothing and colour. And also suggested numerous other ways to wear colour that I'm going to try! It was a swift, painless and simple process and an absolute bargain I've had the full in-person-colour-analysis in the past with others and I have to say that Donna captured the essence of me so much more from just three selfies and a quick questionnaire. She is an absolute colour genius! Thank you Donna. Thoroughly recommended! (Review on the Avenue 57 outfit sharing website)

Wow Donna. What a service. I can't believe you have done this so quickly for me. It's fabulous. I'm so pleased that having reached 50 I have at last had my colours done. The report is beautifully written, so very helpful and easy to follow. It's a great service that you are offering, I have already mentioned it to a couple of friends so I hope they will be in touch. By email

Donna, thank you so much, it's far more detailed than I imagined. I love the colours. I have a couple of bright scarves that shall go to the charity shop, they actually never really looked right but I didn't know why. I'm looking forward to sorting my wardrobe. By email

Hi Donna, thank you for sending my report through, it's fab! You have me down to a 'T'. You've given me some good ideas with combining colours and hopefully creating a more exciting wardrobe. By email

If you'd like to find out more about your own colour palette, there's lots of information here or drop me an email at iwontwearsludgebrown@gmail.com

So, I took a couple of days off on Saturday as hubby and I went to The Celtic Manor Resort in Newport. He had a conference for part of the day which suited me just fine as I could pootle around and generally catch my breath.

I wore the Baukjen Rosewell jumpsuit which I now want in the denim blue as well. This is going to be one of the most useful pieces in my wardrobe. In fact I half considered wearing it with heels for the evening gala dinner, it was THAT comfortable.  *Ming Alert*

Black jumpsuit - Baukjen
Claret printed jacket - M&S (similar)
Animal print toe thong sandals - Primark (love these)
Ancient Wonders Necklace - Yosa (similar)

I absolutely adore this necklace, in fact, I haven't taken it off since receiving it last week from Rachel over at Yosa. I'll tell you more about this company very soon and I have a couple of absolutely gorgeous pieces to show you.

Thrilled with these Primark sandals too which I picked up on a shopping trip with the little one. I'd promised him it would be just a little look at the flip flops so it really was a case of grabbing these on the way to the till. They're leather too and only £12. It's going to be a tough decision as to which shoes make the cut for our holidays.

A very pleasant afternoon was had eating and drinking (and drinking) in the Clubhouse . Oh and Gareth Bale was sat very close by also eating and drinking (and drinking). So much so that when he set off in his golf buggy, he nearly bailed 'baled' out. Ha ha ha see what I did there. We ever so politely smiled as he looked at us in embarrassement until he drove off with his party and then wet ourselves laughing. I'd love to see the standard of golf played on his final 9 holes.

A few more Proseccos were drunk back down at the hotel until people started coming downstairs in black tie and ballgowns. 'Aren't we supposed to be there?' someone in our party asked. Cue: panic. Ten minutes to get ready. No fake tan top up, no time to start again with the make-up, no hair styling. I got one lousy photo before we went.

Daria dress - Baukjen
Leopard print sandals - Matalan (similar)
Black clutch - old (bargain similar)

You probably already know that I adore the Baukjen Daria dresses. I now have 3 in French navy, black and bright coral. This is definitely a coral red as opposed to scarlet - it's quite difficult to work out on the Baukjen website. But that suits me as I'm warm skinned. There seems to be a theme to this weekend: Baukjen and cheap shoes. The leopard print sandals were bought from Matalan (original post here) and cost me diddly squat. They've served me well. See, I'm not a shoe snob at all (but I do love a good pair, it has to be said).

Sore heads on Sunday so much so that I couldn't face cooking when we got home so we all piled down to the village pub for....well I'm not sure whether it was lunch or dinner. It was a really weird 3 o'clock meal. Totally ready for my bed that night I was.

And so begins another week of bedlam.

I will be back.

7 comments on "I'm Coming Up For Air..."
  1. Great service Donna...lovely to hear how well it's taken off! Lovely to hear all about your weekend too! You look stunning in the red dress! xx

  2. Don't you look lovely in those pics? Sounds like a fun weekend :) So pleased to hear how well youre new business is going x

  3. so great to hear your new venture is taking off...will definitely be using...will give you a chance to catch your breath first :-) In love with your coral dress, looks amazing on you x

  4. Glad you had a weekend break, I've enjoyed myself revamping my wardrobe with suitable colours, haha x

  5. Your colour service is fabulous. My friend had it done and the reports is so detailed. She's really pleased with it. Love you on that dress. Lynne xx

  6. Congratulations on such glowing reviews Donna, no wonder you're snowed under! The red dress was definitely the right choice - you look stunning! xx

  7. I'm so thrilled for you Donna & it really is about time you charged for this amazing service! You are so knowledgeable & you're helping out so many women to build confidence & a staple wardrobe in which they will feel good in! Well done you! You look gorgeous in that dress! Andrea x