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It Seems I'm Not The Only One That Struggles With Summer Dresses

I've had so many emails and comments about the pesky summer dress. I thought it was just me that had a problem getting it right. Obviously not. The length, the fit, the colour, the trend. So many things to think about for one single item. Anyway, I'm determined to crack this and over the next few posts, I'll be looking at a few that have caught my eye.

I'm totally not going for one season wonders. Our summers are too pants for that. I want classic styles (but not frumpalump) that I can bring out year on year.

It's about time I did some Mango. Love the shop, it's a little bit fickle though as it doesn't always love me back. Jackets, cracked it. Dresses, a bit hit and miss. I usually end up ordering several stupid amounts online and returning lots. Mind you there's always an absolute pearler in the bunch.

Starting with this shirt dress. One of the things about Mango is that you can never gauge the length, I mean, they don't give you the measurements (not that I could be bothered to get a tape measure but I do know that 30 inches is positively indecent on me). I wouldn't call this over generous in the length department but it's certainly not short-short. Teamed with tan sandals and bag for an easy wear dress in this country and slip on a blazer for cooler days. It's actually a really inoffensive colour for most palettes. There's a couple of other colour ways but this is my favourite.

Flowy Shirt Dress £29.99

Another print that I think could be a useful little office number. I remember finding it so difficult to find a decent dress that wasn't a stiff, fitted shift. Totally uncomfortable on a steaming hot day. This fits the bill perfectly, especially if you have to wear a jacket (a navy blazer would work perfectly) and would take you out for drinks later.

Flowy Printed Dress £34.99

Same dress, different print.

Flowy Printed Dress £34.99

One for the pear shapes now. The shoulder detail on this white one is perfect for balancing out your proportions. If you're an inverted triangle (shoulders wider than hips), I'd avoid this as it will make you look even broader across your top half. Sadly then for me, it's a no-no but this could be a really hard wardrobe worker if you do white using different accessories. Weddings. Christenings. Summer Balls. Sorted!

Shoulder Detail Dress £44.99

I deliberately set out not to include anything boho or ethnic or tassels as these could quite possibly be 'so last year darling' come 2016. But this one caught my eye. In my defence, you could easily cut the tassel off next season. The length looks good (tick). I love the corporate colour on a more laid back style. So maybe another one for the office?? The loose cut really appeals too. and if that isn't enough, the upper arms are covered (double tick). Office/going out/casual - another dress that you'd get your wear out of. And, it's transitional too.

Tassel Shift Dress £49.99

And if you prefer a slightly warmer colour, it also comes in khaki.

Tassel Shift Dress £49.99

It would seem that maxi dresses are most definitely here to stay. What are we on now, must be at least the 7th year they've been around. I think we can confidently say, that investing in a maxi (or long dress as Mango says) is a safe bet.

Belted Long Dress £59.99

Ideal for women who have a waist. If you have a waist you really should show it off (not jealous, not jealous). This looks so pretty on, much more blouson. And, it would appear that the model has the belt on back to front which I prefer.

A bright colour I agree and not for everyone so luckily it also comes in night blue. Shock horror, I prefer the red.

A style that we see year after year is the safari style shirt dress. Love the colour of this one, it's a bit different to the norm. Mind you...linen (shudders, I don't do linen). To be fair, it's a linen blend so may not be so high maintenance. Sometimes it's totally impractical to whip off your dress and iron it midday :-o

Shirt Linen-Blend Dress £29.99

Linen can be a tricky one to wear unless it's cut on the bias when it will drape much better. Standard cuts are stiff (I suspect this one) and will literally stand off curves. Perfect if you have a straight or angular body line, not so good if you're curvy. It also comes in white which I'm guessing will be see through or at the very least, you'll see the lining of the pockets so I'm not posting it here (ha ha).

So there you have it, a few timeless summer dresses, all under one roof. They're not going to set the fashion world alight but I can guarantee that you'll be wearing them for years to come.

I've picked up a few dresses over the last couple of months and I think I'm finally making headway on this front. I'll tell you all about them next time.

Dresses love em or hate em?? Have you picked up any corkers that I should know about? Do let me know.

7 comments on "It Seems I'm Not The Only One That Struggles With Summer Dresses"
  1. Summer dresses can definitely be tricky! I always worry about them being too billowy and unforgiving. I do love the range they have in Mango at the moment though xx

  2. I think I need to do the trek to Mango. Lots of lovely looking things online - but I don't really trust them and don't have the luxury of free returns in Ireland. Pah :( Completely share your reservations about linen!

  3. Love, love, love Summer dresses! Mango often seem to come up trumps.....I bought 2 from there whilst on my hols a few weeks back xx

  4. I'm on the fence I have to say because as a pear, the styles that suit me tend to be a bit formal looking. The looser, more casual shapes are not flattering. So in that respect I'm glad to live where summer lasts a week or two and stick to maxi's whenever I have to 'do' a dress! Lovely selection though Donna - the one with the tassel is actually my fav! x

  5. I adore a simple summer dress and heels/flats/trainers - nothing makes me happier. I like the loose fitting dresses.
    I want to see you in a dress now!

  6. I've got to admit I find dress shopping depressing in the way that many people despise jeans shopping! I do have a few summer dresses that come out on holiday, but I tend to stick to separates more often than not. I'll be watching these posts with interest...

  7. I love the tassel shift dress Donna & its now been reduced! It would be super versatile too! I definitely like looser fitting dresses in general but that's because I could do with dropping a few pounds! Andrea x