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My Very Minimal Holiday Make-up Bag

I doubt I could reduce the contents of my make-up bag much more. It all feels rather....naked. 

Don't adjust your sets....it is blurred in parts, I know.

So here goes...

Bought as part of a 3 for 2 offer a few weeks ago. I haven't actually used it that much as it hasn't been needed under the Dermablend foundation. But I'm not taking foundation (eeek). I never wear it on holiday anyway so I don't know why I'm eeeking. I know I'll get shot down for this but I tried it under my eyes the other day - only a little bit and it was actually ok so I'll use it to cover the dark circles and cover the odd blemish.

Vichy very kindly sent this to me after seeing my glowing post about the Dermablend Corrective Foundation. I nearly fainted when I saw the colour. We're talking full on Casper-esque. So it was with some trepidation that I tried it and.....it's actually excellent. Although it looks white, it doesn't change your skin colour. Don't ask me how that works, I'm no scientist but I can report that I saw no change in colour at all. I tried it without foundation the other day as I can't abide shiny skin on holiday and it works! So this will be my shine control. Boots have an online offer if you spend over £25 at the moment (a free Botanics Instant Moisture Mist - sounds...interesting, personally I prefer the 3 for 2s)

The Holy Grail of bronzes yes? Isn't the Hoola similar to the game of Monopoly? There's one in every household? Three reasons why I love it;

1. it's not sparkly (I hate sparkly bronzers)
2. it's not too dark
3. it lasts!

Hate the packaging though. It feels so darn flimsy. 

So Hoola is my sun - I try not to peep out from under my hat very much for fear of getting even more wrinkles. At least I can be assured of a bit of colour in the evening from my bronzer. It will also act as blusher because I'm a lazy mare on holiday. It's such an effort - lifting that cocktail from table to mouth and back again.

I swapped from my faithful Colour Me Beautiful Teal to this earlier in the year. Got to say it lasts and lasts. So much so that I actually have to remove it at the end of the night, it doesn't wear off. Such a pain (lol). The pencil is really soft, we're talking verging on crayon so lovely to apply. Fellow blogger Sharon is a Younique UK rep

I only picked this up today (£3 off in Tesco at the moment - oh the glamour of shopping for your make-up in a supermarket. I wouldn't normally wear waterproof - I mean, you have to remove it at the end of the day don't you. Far better for it to wear off itself!!!!! Anyway, I'm sure it will do the job and I'll give it a little test during the day by the pool too. I don't actually get in the pool if I can help it. Gosh no, far too minging, there's toe bogies in there and everything. 

I think it's the middle one in the photo (or maybe not now I look at it again but I need to go to bed so I'm not changing the photo, use your imagination) - it's a very neutral shade and not overly glossy. Quite a change from my usual sparkly Dior one. 

So that's it, 6 products and 1 brush. Actually I'm not sure what the brush is for. Maybe that won't make the cut. 

Truly hoping I don't have to do an emergency dash to Sephora. Oh well, at least I've got enough room in my make-up bag for 4 or 5 Ariel tablet thingies. We'll have clean clothes if nothing else.

A day of dashing around doing last minute holiday prep today. If you follow on Instagram you may have seen my comment about this dress. Every stripe lines up at the seams, even under the arms and on the shoulders. Very, very pleasing indeed. Because these things matter don't they. Victoria Beckham take note. I still can't get over your cat print dress from a few seasons ago, truly shocking it was. 

Dress - boutique in Marbella (similar here but can't guarantee the stripes will line up)
Navy Blazer - Zara (similar)
Lille Lace Up Point Shoes - Boden
I'll love you and leave you. Unlikely you'll get a post from me for the next few weeks (thank god you say) but you can follow our adventures on Instagram.

4 comments on "My Very Minimal Holiday Make-up Bag"
  1. Well done you...That's what I love about holidays being able to go without a full face of slap! I have an old Hoola bronzer brilliant as you say but that packaging?!...Why do they do that mine looks like it should of been in the bin years ago but the product is so gorgeous I hang on to it and keep it in a poly bag otherwise it goes everywhere!
    Oh and yes us mums always have a few ariel tabs stuffed in somewhere haha!
    Have a great holiday!
    Helen xx

  2. Snap! If we were to holiday together, we'd be just fine if one of us lost our cosmetic bag!!! I'm a huge fan of the Dermablend powder and am never without Hoola. I haven't tried the Dermablend stick yet, so will be interested to hear how you felt it worked instead of using a foundation. Enjoying your posts on Instagram!

  3. PMSL at toe bogies!!! Donna you are hilarious! I often go for minimal make up in the Summer over here! I've seen you up close & you are gorgeous as you are! I don't think you'll need anything else! Andrea xx

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