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Not Just A Holiday Dress

Last year I came to the conclusion that the only way forward for holiday outfits and, particularly during the day is the dress. I don't do skirts (although I still need to scratch the A-Line itch - I'll leave that until Autumn) and I can't seem to get shorts to fit. In fact I pulled out my favourite only pair of white shorts the other day and wondered where the rest of them had gone. Short shorts, indecently so.   What was I thinking? I have one okish pair of denim cut-offs which I'll be taking with two tops. The rest of my day wear will be made up of dresses.

I've really had to start from scratch. But here is the dilemma. I probably have 3 (at a push) 4 summer holidays a year so I don't want to invest in dresses that will be in the holibob drawer most of the year. I want them to work in the UK too (although Monday in Cheshire was a woolly jumper and fluffy socks kind of a day - cue the heating went back on).

I bought this one the other week from Esprit which fitted the bill perfectly! It's true to size, I ordered a medium. It's a gorgeous little dress - a kind of thin towelling cotton which is still cool to wear but gives it a little bit of structure.

Striped Cotton Dress (now £27.99)

And I couldn't wait to wear it except in my head I kept hearing my mum saying 'save it for your holidays' - didn't you have everything new for your holidays when you were little??

It's now in the sale and there's a few sizes left in each colour way. I bought mine pre-sale. Not that I'm kicking myself or anything. I ordered the navy in a large which was too big so that went back. I really should have reordered it in the medium but it's too late to cry now. Worn with sandals but come August I'm sure I'll be back in ankle boots and a blazer so it will carry me through nicely.

Striped Cotton Dress (Navy) now £27.99

I also ordered this one pre-sale too (grrrrr). Contrary to the fitting advice, I think it comes up a tad large so size down.

Light Jersey Dress With Belt now £19.99

All sizes available in the blue, grey and black. I've got the blue. It's such an easy-wear weekend dress.  Flip flops or sliders and job done!

I don't know why I didn't notice this next one when I put in my order. Maybe it's new in. It comes in 7 different colours (including 2 patterns) but shock horror, black is my favourite. I know, I know, I don't get black in my colour palette but as I've said before, worn away from the face and with a tan, I think I could just about pull it off.

Embroided Jersey Dress £25

It's one of those clever little day to night / night to day dresses isn't it. Not that I would advocate the first option. That would be really rather minging! Amazing how a change of accessories and shoes can create a whole new look. I bought these bracelets a while ago along with an ethnic inspired embroided clutch (which is packed so I can't show you). Perfect for an evening holiday look. Thrown over a bikini  swimsuit the following day and then teamed with my leopard print toe-post sandals and stacked gold bracelets when I'm back.

I need this dress! Google has just informed me that the nearest Esprit store at our holiday destination is one thousand miles away. It's not going to happen is it? I might pop another order in when I'm away - something to look forward to on our return. Let's not even think about that. The hubby accused me of having zero emotional intelligence this morning when he was getting ready and I pointed out that he'd be back in his suit in 2 1/2 weeks. I was only saying!

My final holiday/home pick has to be the white kaftan style dress (also in black).

Kaftan Style Dress £39

I think this will be in my wardrobe far longer than the very ethnic inspired kaftans with tassels, pom-poms and all that razzmatazz and if you remember from last time, I said I want to build up a summer wardrobe that will last me a few years. Tan sandals and a satchel this year...who knows what we can do with it next year.

There's been no real planning or thought to my packing this year. I mean I have a colour palette, it just seems to be rather large; navy, cream, yellow, green, red, black. In my defence most are dresses so as long as I have a good selection of shoes, I'll be fine. My mantra this year has been '"if it fit's in it's going and if it doesn't, I'll sneak it into someone else's luggage". The family are none the wiser.

By the way, if you fancy any of the dresses, do what I did and sign up for the newsletter to get 10% off (not sure if it works on the sale stuff through).

I've got one more post up my sleeve before we go on Saturday, holiday make-up. And then I'll leave you in peace.

15 comments on "Not Just A Holiday Dress"
  1. I need some new stuff for holiday but I'm more of a shorts and skirt (not together) girl Donna - having said that I like that little black number xx

    1. It reminds me a little of the Hush one but so much cheaper x

  2. I love Esprit - love love love them. I have no store near me so always have to order online and I'm never disappointed. That dress is gorgeous Donna

    1. Kindred spirit you and me Fiona. Most of my clothes are bought online anyway, so it doesn't bother me too much x

  3. That dress is gorgeous and I'm also loving that black one as well. Oooh, have a fab holiday XX

    1. It really is lovely, I couldn't wait to wear it x

  4. Love all of those dresses, have a fantastic holiday! X

  5. That's a fabulous dress, love it, Donna. Have a great holiday. Lynne xx

  6. Lovely dresses Donna. The black one is lovely so go ahead & order it for when you get back! Andrea x

  7. Love Esprit, that dress looks great on you xx

  8. What a fab little stripe dress! Perfect for your hols Donna! I love the simple line of the blue and black dress here too and the kaftan one is stunning, another brilliant dress for holidays! xx

  9. Your dress is lovely Donna. I got a denim short sleeved dress from Esprit recently, half price & I love it. Have a great holiday x

  10. Great dresses particularly like the black one and the kaftan one. Have a great holiday cant wait to see pictures of you in all of
    hem bet you look fab.