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Real Women

Real women wear clothes that they love and clothes that they hate.

Real women know that celebrities are photoshopped and yet still compare themselves.

Real women have good bits.....and bad bits too.

What actually defines a real woman? Well, everything. Regardless of your shape, your style, your colour, your everything. We're all real women.

And there's no one who understands this better than Gemini Woman. I've worked with this company a couple of times here and here. It's always a pleasure to receive an email from them because they love what they do. It's infectious!

Owner Claire, set up the business in Stratford-upon-Avon 30 years ago - yes 30. The shop is crammed full of gorgeous brands, all carefully chosen with real women in mind. Claire knows that we're not all 6ft size 8 women and chooses her brands to reflect this. Great Plains, French Connection and Sandwich to name just a few. The shop now has a large online presence providing us all with access to these goodies. Mind you if ever you're in the vicinity, I would highly recommend a visit.

Gemini celebrated it's birthday last week and as I was caught up in the new Discover Your Colours service that I launched, I was unable to pop down to join in (sad face emoji). I did however follow the frivolities on social media. And it was lovely to see real women featured. Not models, not celebrities, just real women.

How utterly amazing do they look. If you're not already following Gemini on social media, you really should be. They regularly run amazing competitions such as their fabulous makeovers (and I'm talking the full works here, hair, make-up, clothes and photographs). Such an incredible experience. And I know as I've experienced it!

You can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Someone has won a £100 voucher this morning in their 30th Birthday Style Wall Competition.

And I received a lovely surprise too - a beautiful Sandwich scarf. Thank you Gemini xx

So just to prove that I am indeed a real woman. Yes I dog walk in white jeans. Sometimes a woman doesn't have time to change into scruffs and just goes with the flow.

It was late yesterday, I was cold (the temperatures dropped suddenly), I was hungry and tired after a full days shopping with the daughter and I just needed to get this chore out of the way.

Mini Print Border Scarf - Sandwich (currently 25% off)
White Jeans - M&S (still amazing)
Blue Quilted Jacket (old)
Blue Top (similar here)
Hunter Wellies - Cloggs (20% off today with code SUNNY20)
Not sure if it's just a Yorkshire word but I look particularly gormless in the last shot!

I wasn't paid for this article, nor obliged to blog about the scarf but I do hold a fondness for the girls at Gemini because they're trying to be a bit different - it was wonderful to see them in action with customers on the shop floor.

Anyway, on a different matter, the sales are starting which is really getting up my nose because the stuff I've bought for my holidays has now been reduced. Only last week I bought a couple of dresses from Esprit and I notice that they've been reduced in price. I mean, the savings aren't going to change my life or anything but it still annoys me. Actually there's some good reductions to be had. I bought this although to be fair my size is sold out so I feel a somewhat better. I bought the lighter colour way, it really is a fabulous little dress (even more so if I'd bagged it in the sale)! Boden also has 30% off their holiday shop. Finally Wallis has unto 50% off but to be honest, I haven't been particularly impressed with their offering this season.

You all enjoy the sunshine because I'm told it's going to rain tomorrow. Not looking at the weather app as I refuse to believe!

10 comments on "Real Women"
  1. Oh for God's sake, only you could manage to look glam when walking the dog!!! I follow Gemini on Twitter and agree that they do seem to have lovely stuff. Scarf is gorge!

  2. I ADORE Gemini and I agree that Claire and her staff are just infectious with their enthusiasm to make women feel good. Happy Birthday Gemini!

  3. I love independent shops, like Gemini. The service you get is far superior to regular high street shops. Very chic for dog walking Donna. :0) xx

  4. Well said about real women Donna! Here, here! Gemini obviously know their customer base well....there is no way you would survive 30 years as an independent retailer unless you seriously know your stuff! The Gemini ladies all look fab! xx

  5. Gemini sounds fabulous. I was thinking of ordering some tops and dresses from esprit. How do you find there sizing im a good size 12 on top.? love reading your blog.

    1. Thanks Lynette, so glad you enjoy the blog. Yes Gemini is brilliant. I find Esprit on the large size.They're pretty good at giving you extra information for each item based on customer reviews so will tell you when to size down x

  6. Gemini sounds fabulous. I was thinking of ordering some tops and dresses from esprit. How do you find there sizing im a good size 12 on top.? love reading your blog.

  7. Gemini sounds fabulous. I was thinking of ordering some tops and dresses from esprit. How do you find there sizing im a good size 12 on top.? love reading your blog.

  8. I've heard nothing but good things about Gemini & it really is amazing to hear of a local business doing so well & reaching such a great milestone! Mr. B is just too cute!! Look at that little face?!! Andrea x

  9. Hi Donna. Love the scarf and went to order on Gemini site but can't see that there is 25% off. Am I missing a trick?