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Scruffy Smart

Something struck me the other day. When I wear a scruffy top, sub-consciously, I reach for a smarter pair of jeans. I mean, I don't think to myself 'ooooh I'll wear these smarter jeans with this scruffy top'. It's automatic. It's inbuilt in me.

It happens the other way around too. I dress up a scruffy pair of jeans with a smarter top and blazer. I mean how screwed up am I??

I don't think I'll be trussed up in a straight jacket and bungled into a special ambulance just yet though. You see, it's all down to our style personality which I've talked about before here and I'll update this sometime soon. I'm just too neat! I can't help it. Some women will feel perfectly at home and look uber-cool wearing scruffy tops and bottoms. I don't. But it's ok, don't feel sorry for me, I've had nearly 49 years to come to terms with it. I blame my upbringing. Actually my mum. She wouldn't let me out of the house without neat hair, neat clothes, polished shoes and a clean face. I think I have a tendency to avoid 'totally' smart though and fight the classic tendencies. Not quite ready for that yet.

So this is the outfit that made me realise what I do sub-consciously.

Scruffy T-shirt - local boutique (similar)
Black Blazer - Mango
White Jeans - M&S
Tan Sandals - Tesco
I bought the t-shirt because I loved the back of it (random I know). You can't see in the photo but it has a seam running diagonally down the back with a little cut out bit. Look, these things matter! Somehow it makes it slightly less manlike.

Anyway, I was chatting to the daughter the other day and she too finds style personalities really interesting. In fact we often spend a happy half hour analysing my friends, her friends, anyone, trying to work out their personalities. 

Do you do things sub-consciously? I bet you do.

If you're interested in purchasing one of these t-shirt, drop me an email and I can arrange for the boutique to send you one. They're one size, cost £10 (p&p £3). The shop belongs to a friend and I've been helping out where I can. Follow our escapades on Facebook. The shop doesn't have a website....yet!!

I seem to be meeting myself coming backwards at the moment. Still totally overwhelmed with the response to the new Discover My Colours service that I launched a couple of weeks ago as well as trying to fit in my voluntary work, script writing, blogging, family demands, dog walking and planning for a holiday in a couple of weeks. I need a lie down.

Catch up later in the week.

8 comments on "Scruffy Smart"
  1. You look fab Donna! I love how you've dressed it up a bit! I bet you can't wait for your holiday! You certainly deserve some R&R in the sun! Andrea x

  2. I love how you do this. I think we all have our own little quirks but I can't think what mine are
    ,! Looking fab, Donna. Lynne xx

  3. I love that phrase 'scruffy smart'. I sympathise, as I, too, was never allowed to leave the house without looking pristine as a child. I rebelled against it as I was more a tom boy and hated wearing dresses and being girly!

    And I totally get the fact that you bought the t-shirt because of the back. I have one top that has buttons going all the way down the back and then it curves out. I loved how it looked and hung from the back. Absolutely that these details matter!


  4. Loving the scruffy/smart chic Donna! I'm off to analyse my style personality xx

  5. Absolutely LOVING this! I do the same :-)

  6. yep, I do the same. As much as I love the 'scruffy' look on others, I literally twitch if I have to wear it myself. And I too blame my mother - not a scrap was left unironed in our house growing up so ever since I've an aversion to wrinkles or untidiness. Honestly, how sad are we?? But you look great and that tee shirt is very cool x

  7. I think I'm all all over scruff Donna and it's just me I reckon because my mum is always smartly dressed! I have to look smart(ish) for my sons confirmation church at this week and it's doing my head in thinking what to wear! x

  8. You still look smart to me! I think I must be 'scruffy-scruffy' ;-) xx