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Holiday Post Part 2 And It's Off To Miami We Go

After 5 nights in Orlando, we hopped into our brand spanking new hire car which wasn't quite so brand new after kerbing it - whoops and made the journey early on Thursday morning to Miami. Of course it was inevitable that we would have to stop off at Mucky D's for a takeaway breakfast. Oh we ooze class in our family.

Straight down the Florida Turnpike which was empty for the majority of the way. And very boring. Long straight roads with not a turn or a hill in sight.

A boring photo.

And a couple of hours later, it didn't get any better

Until we hit Miami. And pow! That city certainly knows how to welcome you. You can actually feel the excitement as you drive over the bridge to Miami Beach.

I've done quite a bit of the U.S. - West Coast, East Coast and even a bit in the middle but I've wanted to visit Miami for a long time. So this was my choice! We tend to book everything through Travelbag. We tell them where we want to go and our budget. They do everything else from booking flights, transfers, cars, hotels etc. I hadn't even bothered to look at the hotel before we arrived - it was purely to rest our weary heads at night. We stayed at the Marriott Courtyard Cadillac Hotel which is right on the beach and was a lovely surprise.

The view from our rooms. It was stunning!

And being a bit of a closet art-deco freak, I loved the modern take of this classic period in the lobby.

Of course the family had to head straight to the beach (via the bar). Me, I'm more of a pool girl but for once I obliged. It's all so clean and so very perfect.

I thought the parks in Orlando were hard work but we took exhaustion to the next level in Miami.

We were smacked in the chops by palm trees on the open top bus tour. Regular shouts of 'duck' could be heard.

We strolled down Lincoln Road in the blazing heat.

Saw Elizabeth Taylor's oceanfront mansion amongst others.

Ate healthy salads

And no so healthy snacks

We took in the local architecture around Ocean Drive

We visited the Everglades

And saw one sodding alligator. This photo sums up our experience I think...

My goodness, we even managed to fit in time for a special mission. Laura Ashley very kindly gifted a full outfit to wear on holiday. It seemed so ironic stood in the middle of Miami dressed head to toe in such an iconic English brand. Kind of appealed to my quirky sense of humour. I didn't explain it to the Yanks - I'm told they don't 'get' irony. You can read more about the outfit on the Laura Ashley blog here.

Straw Panama hat now £14
Nautical stripe dress now £41
Unlined shopper bag now £21
Deco cut-out hinged bangle now £11.20

It wasn't all fun in the sun though. The daughter and I were left holding ice creams watching the open top bus disappear into the distance - we'd jumped off to purchase refreshments. Ice cream does not last very long in 95 degrees heat. Needless to say the husband's offering was thrown in the bin as punishment for allowing the bus driver to leave without us. It wasn't the most pleasant area of the city to be stranded in with no phone and a few dimes to our name. The bus returned 15 minutes later (I think choice words were exchanged between the driver and the hubby). Top tip: don't jump off the open top bus for refreshments even if the tour guide says it's ok to do so (and for the record he was left behind too and was picked up half a mile down the road - he'd decided to leg it home). I know, I know, it could only happen to me.

We were also woken up in the early hours by a policeman shouting into his megaphone....'move away from your car, put your hands up'. Honestly I thought Don Johnson was going to burst into our room. Take ear plugs, you'll need them!

And before we knew it our time in Miami had come to an end. None of us wanted to leave. So suitcases packed, we trundled to the airport for the final leg of our journey. To be continued....

13 comments on "Holiday Post Part 2 And It's Off To Miami We Go"
  1. Yes I am doing Miami after Orlando too! How long was the drive and is driving easy? I think we will go Alamo as heard bad things about Dollar and Thrifty! We are staying in South Beach too - did you bother driving much whilst you were based in Miami? Questions questions I should probably email you with these! Thank you!!! Xxxx

  2. It's just over a 3 hour drive - we set off at 8am (it should have been earlier but we overslept). Driving is so easy. Straight roads, grid patterns and no roundabouts. Hiring a sat nav is really expensive - $20 a day which is an absolute rip off. We used google maps as our son is with Three and gets free internet. You could consider taking your own sat nav (but download the U.S. maps first). We wouldn't have used the car at all had we not gone to the Everglades. Buy a ticket for the hop on, hop off bus for getting around during the day or use cabs. It cost us $35 a day to valet park at the hotel which is definitely worth it. Hope that's helpful Liz xx

  3. I think I belong there Donna! I love the architecture too! So pretty! I bet you were the best dressed stranded tourist! Andrea xx

    1. Ha ha that was the problem Andrea. We stood out like a sore thumb. Oh well if we were mugged, they would have only got the ice creams! x

  4. Oh you look amazing in the LA outfit - wow!

  5. Oh I soooo want to go to Miami, it looks amazing! I love your LA outfit too, I'm off to order a hat as I've struggled to find one that was just right but this looks the ticket!
    Can't wait to read about the final part of your amazing holiday :) x

    1. It's a great hat Sarah and even better because it's in the sale. Hope you like it as much as me x

  6. Loved reading this your writing is so entertaining! I think you should do a style/what to wear guide to cities....It would be such fun to read!! Love that little L.Ashley outfit not what you expect from them...must pop in!
    Helen xx

    1. Oooh that's a good idea Helen. I'm on holiday withdrawals at the moment and hiss at anyone that mentions the h word x

  7. Sounds like my idea of hell! Kudos for keeping positive ,though. The striped dress is cute ,you suit those colours xx

  8. It isn't everyone's cup of tea is it. I'd be the same if I was made to trek up a Himalayan mountain. In fact I'd be a total nightmare. Thanks, I loved wearing the dress and would wear it again if it stopped raining here in Cheshire x

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