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Holiday Post Part 3: And Breathe

Our final destination this year was the Dominican Republic (for the second year running). We chose it after having really bad weather in Mexico in 2013. It rained and rained and rained. We were ratty with one another, there was nothing to do and I think we were all ready to come home. Never again! Anyway, someone suggested that we go further east at this time of year as it's less wet - I really haven't a clue if that's true or not so don't take my word for it. The big map came out and the Dominican was chosen (it's far cheaper than Barbados too).

After a hectic first week in Orlando and Miami, we were all ready for some rest and recuperation. And it did not disappoint.

The infinity pool which was a mere hop, skip and a jump from our rooms was stunning and really didn't get very busy at all. See that sun lounger in the pool, the second one in, that's mine!

The grounds were beautifully maintained.

And of course I just had to give the hammock a go. They look idyllic, they're not. Singularly the most uncomfortable things I have ever sat in!! Huge admiration for I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here contestants. But for £100k fee, I'd probably suffer for a couple of weeks. 

Surprisingly the Caribbeans seemed to throw themselves into 4th July celebrations more than the natives of Miami. I saw no preparation at all on the mainland and was more than a little disappointed. This made up for it though. A fabulous beach parade featuring cadets, motorbikes, rally cars and a brass band.

The daughter and I really didn't do very much all week other than sit on our sun loungers and read and eat and drink cocktails. Our son is unable to sit still for more than 5 minutes so he and the husband would take themselves off to play volleyball on the beach with random people.

Not a bad view to enjoy your morning coffee.

A romantic spot for dinner? We didn't dine here!

The family took out a catamaran. I didn't partake. I mean there are sharks and jelly fish out there.

But the hilight of my week was a visit to the Reef Explorer. Described as a multi-activity excursion, I almost ran a mile. Snorkelling (yak), paddle boarding (I might fall in), kayaking (ditto), swimming with sharks and stingray (errrrrm just no). But there's a spa and sun loungers. Ok so they twisted my arm. I'll go but I'm not doing anything I said.

This was the bit I was planning on using, the sunbathing deck.

The reality is that I was MADE to do the activities. All of them! I've snorkelled before, but I don't like it. Have you ever heard anyone scream underwater? It's probably me. The son had the time of his life diving with the aid of a motor diver.

But my reward was a blissful shell massage and an hour's sunbathing on the deck as we bobbed up and down in the sea.

Not a bad way to spend an afternoon!

And I got to wear summer clothes too although the evening photos are pants as the lighting was so bad. Here are a few...

An old Marks & Spencer dress

Wings optional

Clashing prints with the daughter. First outing for a Fenn Wright Manson dress.

A green Top Shop dress with an embroidered clutch.

And before we knew it, our summer hols were over and we were back on the plane home. Except it wasn't the plane that we were supposed to be on and our connection was Atlanta (not Philly). A delay meant we missed our connection but courtesy of Virgin we got back with an hour to spare.

Thanks Virgin x

So as I read my Instagram and Twitter feeds and see all you lovely people going on your holidays, forgive me if I feel a little like this.

And do you know what added insult to injury? A glossy 2016 Travelbag brochure waiting on our doormat as we arrived home. That's evil isn't it.

Ok, who's ready for autumn, I certainly am.

9 comments on "Holiday Post Part 3: And Breathe"
  1. Wowsers Donna....looks like you've had an amazing time! The last leg of your trip is definitely my kind of holiday, just chilling by the pool with a good book suits me down to the ground! Loving your holiday outfits....check out those amazing legs! xx

    1. It was very peaceful Michelle and we were ready for it after the previous week in the U.S. X

  2. I too have that FWM dress - I also purchased it in black! Great for hols (and home too) as easy to dress up or down, love the silk too, light-weight and easy to pack! I must apologise for commenting as anonymous - but I don't know how to do otherwise! (too many options lol)x

    1. I totally love it. As you say, so easy to pack. I'd have one in every colour if they made them. Lucky you having two of them x

  3. wow I never saw the DR coming - that looks divine you lucky thing! Our third part is going to be the Keys..more driving..ahem.... x

  4. Loved this finale - what a GREAT holiday and this bit (the bit doing nothing) is my favourite part.
    What gorgeous waters. I would love to go back diving (qualified 24 years ago!)
    Fab outfits too

  5. Fab post....such a funny, funny lady! Loving the tan xx

  6. OMG looks stunning!! sounds like you had a fabulous time xx

  7. Oh perfection Donna! Love the wings! Andrea x