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What I've Been Buying: Stocking Up For Autumn

Looking at my Instagram feed over the last few days, I've noticed that many of the big-hitting bloggers (you know the ones; they have a gazillion followers and their follow back ratio is 100,000 to 1) well, they're already sporting autumn wear. I mean gosh, you have to be ahead of the rat pack right? Forget that it's 30 degrees celsius in New York, you've got to be the first to sport the wide legged, calf skimming black trousers yes? And the longer line bolero jacket. Ha! fashion fools I thought. But actually I'm no better. I've poured over the A/W catalogues that have started to drop in my mail box. They can't come fast enough. It's a morning passion of mine. Cup of tea and a half hour drool over the latest offerings.

Even on holiday I bought with the A/W in mind. Not that I follow current trends to the nth degree or anything. So here's a round up of what I've bought over the last month.

Bags: 3

I didn't mean to buy this many, it kind of just happened. I've been looking for a more structured navy bag for ages, they're pretty hard to come by. Until, I popped in to Coach outlet in Orlando and was spoilt for choice. 

I chose this one, haven't a clue what it's called. I like the size, the true navy colour and the long strap so it was bought. It won't win any fashion awards but I think as a go-to bag, it'll be very useful.

I also picked this one up from Coach, a pewter clutch with a black chain. I never have the right bag to go with an outfit. Some have silver chains, some have gold and I always seem to be wearing the wrong colour jewellery. So, bingo this one with a black chain will go with everything.

We were handed a 50% voucher as we entered the shop and I've just got my credit card statement through....£127 for both. Ding dong. Harvey Nics have a similar clutch in store and that alone is £180.

My final bag purchase for a while is this little cutie from Boden

Chancery Clutch £79 (use code A2T5 for 20% off)

I've already used this one and two people stopped me in the supermarket to ask where I'd bought it from.

All 3 bags, good wardrobe staples me thinks!

Striped Shirts: 3

One day I'll set myself a challenge; to wear every stripe in my wardrobe over a month. And I'm sure there'll be some left over. I have many! But at least they're worn so it seemed fitting to add to the collection.

I picked this one up for a song in The Loft in the U.S. I think it was something like $12 in the sale.

Yes new shoes, we'll address these later. Sometimes I wonder why these things actually make the sale. I mean, what's not to love about this shirt. Expect to see it lots!

I also picked this one up. It deserves to be in the sale, it's polyester and I'm wondering now what I was thinking of. To be fair, I had a particularly jacket in mind that it will work well with. Another cheap purchase (less than $15 I think).

Actually looking it again, it's minging. What was I thinking. Boho meets workwear. Oh dear!

There's also another navy and white (vertical) striped shirt which is in the wash sporting a very nice bolognese stain down the front.

Jackets: 1

I had literally 4 minutes to do a mad dash around J Crew outlet. Big mistake. It was full of delightful goodies and no time to try anything on or indeed buy and return at a later date. Their tee-shirts were reduced to ridiculous prices, perfect for wearing under my many blazers. Why I didn't pick up half a dozen I don't know. Anyway, I bagged this fab little blazer and until I wore it the other day, I hadn't realised how nice it actually is. It was reduced from $139 to $40. Whoop whoop. At the cash desk there was a further $20 taken off it. Ha ha ha ha ha. I was literally doing a little tap dance on the way out of the shop.

Chambray Shirts: 2

I've been searching for a chambray shirt for aaaaaages, one in a decent fabric that doesn't crease the moment you put it on. When Boden released their new range last week, I hot footed it to the computer and ordered this one.

The Boyfriend Shirt £59 (Use A2T5 for 20% off)

And I've worn and washed it too. IT IS SO WORTH THE MONEY. The white will no doubt wing it's way over to me at some stage too. It comes up big so size down.

Sorry, no full length shot but I wore it with the Chancery clutch above the other day.

And then as I was putting an order in, I threw this in too. Bargain! The husband asked why I needed two of the same. They're not the same at all. Ok they're both blue and have collars but the fit is totally different. He doesn't get it.

The Casual Shirt £15.60

It's a keeper although I won't be showing the inside of the cuffs. Not really me! Perfect for wearing under jackets and jumpers later in the year.

Knitwear: 2

My flash visit to J Crew resulted in another purchase too. A long sleeve thin knit in beige and white stripes(!). Again, it's in the wash but I'm sure you'll see it on the blog at some stage. 

My jacket collection is a cause of many discussions in this house. No one seems to understand why I have to take an oversized double wardrobe to store them. But I wear, every single one of them (some more than others). My knitwear collection isn't so vast. I need to build on this. So I slipped this into the Boden order. 

Relaxed Mohair Mixed Cardigan £69 (use code A2T5 for 20% off)

The colour won't be everyone's cup of tea (it comes in green and navy also) but it's a great colour for a Soft (me). It's actually not so pink in real life. I need some throw on cardigans for when I'm at home. You know, it's not always practical to clean the toilet or cook a curry in your beige blazer. I've not decided 100% whether to keep this, I might send for the navy to look at that as well.

Purse: 1

Bought from Madewell in Miami

It's lovely and slim and will be a welcomed change from mu current bulky one. 

Shoes: 1

Such a naughty girl but I've got so much wear out of my navy Lille Lace Up that I decided to order them in orange. Ok not strictly for autumn - I'll be back in boots come September but they're such a good price. And they're not as orange as they look on the website (see photo above for a truer likeness).

And finally a wild card purchase by way of perfume. I'm a bit of a funny one where perfumes are concerned and stick to just one or two fragrances. But, in Banana Republic in Miami (which had a fantastic sale), I was waiting for the daughter to come out of the changing room and sprayed this.

Banana Republic Classic 

A really fresh, light fragrance which I loved so bought it. A whole $30. There you see, that's another wodge of cash I've saved. 

And I think that's everything. I did an August fast last year and didn't spend a penny on myself for a whole month. I'll give it another go this year. Well August is a bit of a nothing month isn't it so how hard can it be? Anyone else fancy coming along for the ride?

Oh and tassels and Boho, I'm so over them. Don't show me any more fringe either. Bored silly I am.

Have you had any sales success? Anyone do the Next 5am run? Ooooh let me know, I love to hear from you.

22 comments on "What I've Been Buying: Stocking Up For Autumn"
  1. Oh I'm so with you on the tassels and boho! And loving your purchases .... especially the bags and the jacket (cos I'm a jacket and bag kinda gal!) I bought a few things in the sale and quite pleased with my purchases Now all I have to do is summon the energy to photograph them all and blog about them!

    1. Yes do it, I want to know what you've bought x

  2. Nooo. I am still clinging on to the summer look. Hecky pecky I haven't been on my hols yet and I am praying that we have a boiling hot August here. Off the shoulder tops here I come. :0) xx

    1. To be fair, I would like a boiling hot August. It's this inbetweeny stage I hate. Neither hot nor cold x

  3. I'm with Helen above. I'm only just hitting my stride with summer clothes! However, you've made some great purchases. I so have jacket envy - that is a beauty! I've been admiring those Boden Points for awhile now on other blogs but I don't think I'd have the patience to fiddle with the laces! I'm a put on and go gal. And agreed - over the tassels and boho months ago!

    I really, really wish I hadn't seen the Chancery Clutch. Thanks for that! I was only telling myself this morning. NO MORE BAGS! I'm trying not to break, but I probably will. August fast? I wish you well!

    1. Oh golly, I don't know how to tell you this but there's a zip at the back of the Boden shoes so you don't need to fiddle with the laces at all although they do keep coming undone until they soften. And they're so cheap!! x

    2. Don't worry I knew they had a zip! How comfortable are they, if you don't mind me asking? I also worried about the pointy-ness of the toe!

    3. Very comfy actually, I don't find them too pointy at all. You need to scratch that itch and order them (not that I'm encouraging you to spend or anything) ;-)

  4. WHOA! What didn't you buy? I've also ordered one of those boyfriend shirts but in the white... I'm hoping it's a soft sort of cotton.... Excellent purchases chicken!

    1. Yep I think the white one is on the cards too but I'll wait until September x

  5. Great buys Donna! I love all your bags & that boyfriend shirt! x

  6. Oooo great purchases Donna, Autumn will be here before we know it xx

    1. And then I'll be moaning how cold it is!! x

  7. Yeh there is a reason I stopped following those kinds of blogs - I hate reading about coats in June in magazines so I don't need to see that on blogs either. Just live for the season we are in!

    Anyway I too purchased that bargain chambray shirt with an extra 10% off - also got the white with mint dots for work. £14 each, can't complain!

    Love the first Coach bag :)

  8. What a spend up you have had Donna! I am really starting to forget about my summer things now especially since this week of rain down here!! You've made some fab purchases, and how many bags my gal??!!
    Helen xx

    1. It's truly vile isn't it. So fed up with in-between weather. There will be no more bag purchases for a while Helen, I promise x

  9. Green with envy for all of your bag purchases....well actually all of your purchases! Great work Donna you've made some excellent headway for your Autumn wardrobe! xx

    1. Ha ha except for the boho blouse - what was I thinking. I can only blame it on too much sun! x

  10. Lovely buys Donna! I'm loving the shirts & that jacket was such a find! Don't think you will go wrong with those bags either! Andrea x

  11. Wow Donna, that's quite an impressive shopping spree you've had there! Some great savings, and I'm sure you'll get loads of use from all of it. Well, almost all - at least the blouse wasn't a v expensive mistake :-D I've just caught up with all your holiday posts, which I found really useful as the husband is trying to persuade me that we need a blow-out trip to Orlando next summer. If there's this much opportunity for shopping, I think I might be sold on the idea! xx