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A lovely fun packed week and a few purchases too!

Well hello I'm back!

I managed 3 1/2 days without social media. I don't feel any better for it. So we won't be repeating that   again unless a) I'm wifi-less i.e. on an exotic holiday in Mauritius or b) I have the mother of all hangovers that physically prevents me from looking at a computer screen. Yes I do have past experience. Trying to work out how I can get from my bed to my toilet without sicking all over the carpet. Thankfully not a frequent episode these days.

I don't really have much to say. I've done very little A/W research preferring to stock up on basics so I'll give you a round up of what's been going on in the Sludge household.


A lovely long faux suede jacket from MeeMee in tan (it also comes in grey). And at £35, it's a complete and utter bargain. A transitional piece that will take me right through to winter. Law of Sod, the weather has been glorious over the last few days so back in the closet it's gone for now.

And yes I know my roots need doing.

You just scrolled back to look didn't you!

I've also bought this khaki long line cardigan in my quest to break out of blazers.

The Boho Cardigan (now £25)

One of the downsides of going Social Media cold turkey is that I shopped online....and shopped....and shopped (not to be recommended). Parcels arrived every bloomin day last week. But I'm rather pleased with this purchase. It's a lovely fine knit, totally surprised by the quality. I'm planning on wearing it with my tan ankle boots and jeans. 

I also ordered a couple of those blanket poncho things. I do love them on other people but I know for me personally they'd end up being used as TV watching throws!! Will let you know if I keep them. 

Went on a photoshoot (as you do!!!!!)

Lovely Holly at Gemini Woman invited me down to the shop at Stratford-upon-Avon to have a look at the new Sandwich Clothing, French Connection and Great Plains collections. And as a Brucie bonus, Ashleigh, my daughter came along too. We had a ball. As soon as I get the photos and links to the new stock, I'll post them. There's some serious gorgeousness going on there at the moment. Thank you Claire, Holly and all the team for making us feel so welcome. 

Painted Furniture

Because I'm so darn good at stuff like this (I jest of course). I mean seriously how many products does one need to slap some pain on a couple of old bedside cabinets, a mirror and dressing table? 45 minutes in B&Q and over £80 later. Hmmmm. Bit of a sense of humour failure there. 

Turned out not so bad though! Now for the fun bit.....accessorising.

Got my hair cut and coloured

Yep after the photo above, you'll be pleased to know that the roots have been banished for another 6 weeks. Thank you Jo, I love you xx

Top - Clement Riberio (old)
Jeans - French Connection (old)
Bag - Modalu Austen Crossbody
Sandals - M&S Ghilles

An 18th Birthday Party

And what a wonderful night for a party. Oh boy, these warm evenings are to be cherished this year. It was my little friend, Aimee's 18th. Fire eaters, stilt walkers and a red carpet entrance. Not something you see every day.

Happy Birthday Aimee xx

My Little Big'Un in her bright orange. She's off on holiday on Wednesday - it's definitely a Marbella kinda dress!

Dress - Glamorous (similar)
Sandals - New Look

Had an interesting debate 

over on outfit sharing site, Avenue 57 about the appropriate age to stop wearing shorts!

Hop on over if you want to find out what we concluded! Still loving the Boden Chancery bag above - I've used it lots! Husbands come in useful sometimes, I wear this shirt more than he does. Shorts old Next ones, Primark leather toe posts and Laura Ashley Panama hat (now sold out).


Like a baby. And that's where I'm off to now. Goodnight x

12 comments on "A lovely fun packed week and a few purchases too!"
  1. I love the photoshoot pic. You have a lovely daughter. I think your' hair looks pretty cool in the before shot too. You do make me chuckle (in a good way I hasten to add) H xx

    1. It was a day of fun Helen. Not sure about the hair though. I feel t like a badger!!

  2. Did you not know that the 'roots' look is in?! (And yes, I did scroll back, thought your hair looked fab as it was, then laughed when I read about scrolling back!!)
    I still think you look amazing in your shorts x

    1. Yes but mine are real roots, not roots out of a bottle. Does that qualify Sarah?? And thank you xx

  3. Love your prayer 🙏 true words

    1. But obviously falling on deaf ears in my case Joanne!! xx

  4. Well I think your roots'n'shorts are are fab combo Donna, and thanks for saying a little prayer for all us 'not twenty' any more bloggers too!!
    Helen xx

    1. Oh believe me Helen, I need all the prayers I can get at the moment. Roll on the end of the school holidays x

  5. That Faux suede jacket looks gorgeous. Sadly on me I'd be sweeping the floor with it but on you it's just the right length. Keep rocking the shorts. Well done on managing 3½ days!

    1. It really is, honestly I wouldn't have looked twice at it in the shop. It is VERY long so you're probably right. Yep I think I'll keep wearing the shorts but top half will be covered (I can't do both, not at my age) lol x

  6. Lol to the prayer...that's ace! :0) Looking tres chic in your evening ensemble....absolutely gorgeous Donna! xx