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Because sometimes it's good to step out of our comfort zone

Oooooh I had a lovely day with my daughter last week. I mentioned in the last post that we went down to Stratford-upon-Avon to see the girls at Gemini and check out the new Autumn arrivals. 

I'm sure owner, Claire breeds staff. Honestly the online business upstairs looked even busier than last time I went. I love going 'back office' to see how things operate. There were web people doing webby things, social media people socialising, a photographer taking photos (obvs), pickers and packers (see, I'd be no good at this because I'd be kooing over everything I was supposed to be packing - doubt I'd last the week) and people taking telephone orders (yep it's good to talk sometimes). A hive of activity indeed. Funny isn't it, barely any of these jobs would have existed 10 years ago! 

Have a look at my top picks here on the Gemini blog. Ashleigh's will be featured next time. I tried on things that I feel comfortable in (skinnies and shirts) and some things I wouldn't normally wear. So, here are my top 3 picks of my top picks (if you see what I mean) - all completely out of my comfort zone, but totally in love with each one. 

I've been fancying a light weight down jacket for ages. I have dog walking jackets, ski jackets, longer parkas, smarter coats, blazers, biker jackets. In fact one humongous wardrobe of upstairs smart outerwear (oh the shame) and another sizeable cupboard for downstairs wear. They never mix. God forbid anyone hangs one of my blazers up in the wrong cupboard. But there's a gaping hole for when a casual light weight jacket is needed. Think school run, post office, watching the son play football in the warmer months (that will be September and April then). I think you get my drift. 

I do feel I need to point out that it really isn't as shiny as it looks on the model shots on the website. This (and the photo above) is more representative. Lovely isn't it. I'm wearing a size 10 and it's still generous enough to layer with a jumper but yet still looks a slim fit. Clever that huh?

How cheesy do I look but I think you get the general idea of how fab this jacket is and how much I enjoyed wearing it.

Dark Storm Jacket - Sandwich Clothing 
Jacquard Mint top - Sandwich Clothing
Grey Skinny Jeans - Sandwich Clothing
Chunky Boots - not yet available

My next pick of the picks is this fantabulosa furry knit cardigan which I probably would have by-passed online. But in the flesh, it is utterly gorgeous, the softest knit I've come across in a long time. 

I really struggle with knitwear, most are too itchy, even the softest of cashmere. Of course this is my mum's fault for putting me in a dreadful home knitted bottle green jumper when I was about 5. Even the silly zip at the back was itchy. I may have mentioned this before. It made me the person I am today: fearful of all things wool! But actually, I was really ok in this as it's 40% cotton. In fact it was noted that I didn't want to take it off. I've got to break out of this blazer habit so I'm stocking up on cardigans. This is ideal, I mean it still feels like a jacket but much more relaxed. Very different to what I'd normally wear!

Check out the linkedin pose!

Dark Storm Furry Cardigan - Sandwich Clothing 
Dark Mist Jacquard Top - Sandwich Clothing
Bleach Skinny Stretch Jeans - French Connection

And my final top pick is a dress! This one actually.

Again, I would have dismissed this. It's office wear right? I don't need to do business wear in my home office!! Wrong! As soon as put it on my brain was working ten to the dozen planning on how I would wear it (and it's not even mine...yet). I'm dead keen to bring out the long boots again. They didn't see the light of day last year and I think this would work just brilliant with some black flat boots, opaques and a biker jacket. I'd also like to see what it would look like with a dark teal shirt underneath - not that I want it to look like business wear but I think it would look amazing with dark teal.

Greymel Flannel Dress - Great Plains

It felt structured but comfortable and best of all, it has pockets (I love a good pocket I do). Oh and for those of you who like a bit of black, yes it comes in this colour too. Great Plains is the sister label to French Connection - you'll see more of this next time when I feature Ashleigh's top picks. 

What do you think? Three very different items that I wouldn't normally choose but hand on heart, I love them all. As an internet shopper, it's reminded me that sometimes I really should get off my backside and go and have a look what's out there. 

Thank you to Gemini for a wonderful day and to Jill for all the lovely make-up tips. I got the opportunity to have my daughter all to myself for a whole day. Precious times xx

So next time, I'll let Ashleigh take over the blog so that she can tell you which items she chose. Mind you, she's on her way back from London as I type and then off to Marbella on Thursday. By my calculations, she has a window of about 1 hour tomorrow to put something together. Eeeeek!

2 comments on "Because sometimes it's good to step out of our comfort zone"
  1. Love all the looks. Cheesy? Not at all! You look fab. I especially like the dress. Would love to see you style it with knee high boots & shirt xx

  2. You look great Donna, I love the lightweight jacket... it looks really cool! Look forward to hearing your daughters report too! Xx