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I'm a sucker for a uniform

Well the title only applies to the military jacket, not full on army apparel. I'm not really partial to multi-cam windproof pants and tin helmets. But I was very excited to see this...

It's verging on fancy dress isn't it and I love it! For those of you who have stuck with me for a while, you'll know I struggle to do the full on laid back casual look. I'd love to be cool, I really would but let's be realistic, it's not going to happen at my age is it. I buy in to all that polishing and ironing that a soldier is expected to do. I mean, look how evenly spaced those buttons are and ohh the symmetry. I love symmetry. Sadly this one isn't going to be mine any day soon. At £1165, it's a tad expensive even though I did point out to the husband that I look after my jackets and I've had one of my military ones for oooooh years so think of the pounds nay pence per wear.  In fact to prove my point, I dashed upstairs and did a quick sweep of my wardrobe to show him.

All ex-season (read ancient)
L-R top row: Navy Captains Jacket H&M, Brown Military M&S, Navy Embellished jacket Zara
L-R bottom row: Green Leather Mint Velvet, Khaki Cotton River Island
See, I pointed out. That one there (the brown one), it's nearly 10 years old, I so look after them. It would be a wise investment yes? He took a withering look at my stash and suggested I try 'dressing up' as Popeye tomorrow for a change! Charming. 

I probably would have left it there but I have it on good authority that Boden are bringing out a denim military jacket very shortly. It's been niggling away in the back of my mind all day so scratching an itch and all, I had to look what else is out there. It's a trend that keeps on coming back over and over and over again. 

Humour me readers, humour me...

This is the third time I've seen Dc Martens in shops that you really shouldn't see them in!!! I used to sell them as a Saturday girl in Timpsons many years ago. Lacing those 12 eyelets played havoc with the nails I can tell you. Anyway, onto the jacket. It's got everything going on hasn't it; pockets, epaulettes,  braiding....meaning everything else can be kept quite simple. Jeans, ankle boots (definitely not long boots unless you want to look like a Kenny Everrett extra). I'd be ever so tempted to put on a more delicate cream top underneath just because!

Devoid of any detail is this next one. I'd be getting out the sewing basket to stitch on a medal or two (jokes, I wouldn't really).

This is the private version to the Brigadier above. Not wild about the mustard cropped top underneath but love the styling otherwise. It's a much easier wear than the previous one. 

Probably my favourite is this duster coat

And a much easier to wear jacket all around. The stiffness of the traditional military jacket can add pounds on curvy ladies as they don't follow the body shape. This is much more fluid. I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe. Perfect with jeans, ideal to pop on over a winter wool dress, thick tights and ankle boots. It's quite a deep olive so I personally couldn't do black underneath but a navy and white breton would work really well. Probably not one for the very cold-cold days but given it's timelessness, it could be brought out every autumn and spring and even summer (let's not go there). 

And a coat version.

I don't think I've ever owned a long version although I do have a dipped hem blue-grey coat that I'm thinking of changing the buttons. It might just work. The problem I find with double breasted is that they always look better fastened. It's that symmetry thing again - one side is bigger than the other and it messes with my head! Maybe I should get this just in case the Queen invites me to church on Christmas Day?!?

And that my friends is that! A very poor offering indeed. It would appear that the High Street has gone down the utility jacket route which is often confused with military wear. A utility jacket was actually introduced in the 1940s for civilians to wear. Limited in material, in pockets, in colour etc it became the people's uniform and is a much more simple garment to the soldier's equivalent. Love a bit of history I do. 

This one from ASOS is quite clever, left open it looks an altogether more casual affair but zipped up, it takes on a smarter look. The nipped in waist is super flattering too. 

I quite like the shape of this next one but what in dear God's name is a shacket (ha my auto-correct changed it to shake out - even it doesn't know what one is). But fear not, I've Googled it. A shacket is a shirt-jacket! Ok without further ado let's look at this shacket (auto-correct is still correcting!!!)

Not really sure where they're coming from if I'm honest. It doesn't really look very shirty does it? More like a cropped mac if you ask me. Regardless, it's actually quite a useful little number. Chunky jumper and jeans for those cooler days. Or pop on over a t-shirt now. It's one of those boot jackets isn't it, chuck it in, just in case. 

The next one totally works over a prettier dress. For me, it's more of a shacket than the one above. 

I'd have to wear it with my beloved white jeans and a white top. It's a lovely Sunday jacket this one, navy and white breton, jeans and whatever darn footwear tickles your fancy.

Next have similar at a cheaper price

Next Khaki Utility Jacket £45

If you need to show your waist, it's probably a better option as it has a drawcord. 

And a final offering from River Island

I'm not sure what's military about it. Oh it has epaulettes! Maybe you and I should give these designers a lesson in military and utility wear hey?

I only wore 2 of my jackets last year. It's my mission to wear all of them this coming season. Let the fancy dress commence.

An update on the ASOS 2 pack men's basic skinny trousers which have since been reduced to £21. The son declared them to be too wide even though they measure exactly the same as his old ones. So my plan was to order the smaller waist (26 inches) in the hope that they're slightly narrower at the waist and hem. Plan foiled when I tried to order them earlier - there's only a 38" waist left. I'm feeling ever so slightly school uniform panicky particularly as he tried his old blazer on today. Bless he looked like one of Fagin's brood. Let's hope that arrives in time. Why does everyone buy their uniform so early? It means there's nothing left for people like me!

Dentist tomorrow for my check-up. Of course I managed to cook a very smelly curry tonight ;-)

5 comments on "I'm a sucker for a uniform"
  1. Oh I love a military jacket and have been looking everywhere for a navy one just like that first ££££ one!! Please find me an inexpensive copy!! Ax
    PS hope the dentist enjoys the, ahem...aroma! I always seem to do that too....either curry or smelly fajitas but my dentist is one of my friends and she swears she never notices

  2. Y'see, my fave is actually the H&M one that you have lying on your bed!!!
    I love a military style jacket. I think we're quite similar in liking things to be pressed and neat so it makes sense that this style appeals to us. Quite like the first one from Mango also. Might just have to take a look x

  3. I have not ever been into the military jacket trend but have seen you in yours and others and they look fab. I DO NOT NEED ANOTHER COAT!

  4. Lol I always remember as I am sitting in the dentist's waiting room that I had lots of garlic the previous night! :-D I have to say, I'm more utility than military. I think too much structure scares me off - I'm more of an 'unstructured' kind of girl (yes, that is a metaphor for my entire life...) I do love the RI coat though, I'm a sucker for anything Ralph does. Do I remember seeing you in that navy number with the gold trim last year? It's fabulous! xx

  5. I love a military jacket too Donna. I have one in particular that I cant throw away, it was only from New Look a few years ago, and my other half loves it as he says I look like Michael Jackson in it (he is a big fan!!?) I'm really not sure I take this as a compliment....I like to think that is was a great copy of the Balmain one a while back, but hey ho!!
    Helen xx