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I went shopping a couple of days ago! With the 15 year old into Manchester. Very, very much looking forward to browsing the new autumn stock.

And I came back with......nothing, gar nichts, nada, rien. Regardless of the language, it doesn't change a thing. My bag was empty and my purse was full. Well, other than a mild heart attack paying out £50 for 2 pairs of school trousers for the little one in Top Man.

It all just seems so samey. Winter boho tops, nondescript ankle boots and blanket capes. I'm. So. Bored.

So, I came home and made me a list. This is what I want to buy this season:

1. Camel coat
I returned a lightweight camel coat to Next on not one but two occasions earlier this year as both bobbled within a few wears. The next purchase will be an investment one. After all, I threw away a perfectly beautiful wool camel coat about 18 months ago as it was over 20 years old. And that was the only reason. It was over 20 years old. What a tool! It was beautiful.

2. Khaki skinny jeans

3. Black trousers (cigarette pants, ankle grazer length)
I bought a perfect pair last year from Next (again), sizing down to an 8 (whoop whoop). Alas even these kept falling down. In fact I can honestly say that a slight tug and I'd be stepping out of them. And I can't wear with a belt as there are no loops. Braces would work but fearing total abandonment by my kids, I think I'll start again and look for a pair that fit. By the way, I'm under no illusion that I'm of a svelte figure - the sizing is obviously waaaaaaaaaaaaayyyy out!

4. Shoes
A camel or black loafer. I've found a few on the web which I'll share shortly

5. Two cream or soft white tops - blousey types, maybe Victoriana

6. Two sweaters / sweatshirts
I've been on a quest to increase my cardigan stash lately (previously documented). I bought a lovely cream jumper last year that I wore lots so I'd like to add a couple more.

7. Black ankle boots
I put a picture on Instagram yesterday of 'some' of my shoes and boots. There are rather a lot but I do wear nearly all of them. Other than the loafer above, I think my only other purchase this year will be a black ankle boot with a mid-heel.

And that's it other than replacing a couple of pairs of skinny jeans. I might check out that little Boden denim military jacket when it's released as well. Oh and trainers, I might sneak a pair of black trainers in there.

Boring blogger that I am!

We popped into Selfridges so that the son could browse some of the 'hip' brands and start his own wish list. A Bathing Ape (or Bape as it's apparently known) and Billionaire Boys Club to name but two that the son currently loves. Actually, I found his stuff far more exciting than any of the shops I visited.

My first post without pictures because that's how fed up I feel at the moment. Why do I feel so uninspired when this is my favourite season?

Hope you're all having a better one.

8 comments on "Nothingness"
  1. Totally agree that I'm not inspired at all by what is out there and I don't like all the dreary plum and mustard colours either.

    1. I don't mind those colours. Actually I'm loving berry. I just don't want them in boho clothes! x

  2. Completely agree. Also looking for black mid heel ankle boots ... & don't get me started on the never-ending search for khaki skinnies. If you have any luck, please let me know! #fedup

    1. The boots don't worry me, there's always lots to choose from but dear oh dear to say khaki is still 'in', there's very few skinnies in this colour around x

  3. I've not even had chance to look yet, but how disappointing! I need to venture out for new school shoes this week so I might have a little peek. Lynne xx

    1. Basics Lynne. I've decided to concentrate purely on basics this year x

  4. Our school uniform shopping resulted in a Billionaire Boys club long sleeve Tshirt, I'm still trying to figure out how I fell into that trap. x

  5. Ha ha, sucker! I think the son was hoping I would cave in and buy him one as well. My stock reply these days is, 'mmmm nice, put it on your Christmas list'