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Radio Silence

I read Avril's post here about not having internet for 4 whole days. I commented that I could do it easily. Pah, how difficult can it be? I'm not the one that runs in to cafes and bars when we're on holiday looking for wifi (love how the Spanish call it whiffee). I'm not the one that needs to rent a dongle at Malaga airport so that I can get on to my social media. It's purely for the kids you know. And, I'm not the one when we were in the States in June begging and pleading with the son to let me use his phone as he has a 'feel at home' contract. No, not me. I lie of course, guilty as charged.

So, with a really stonking busy week coming up, I'm going to come off social media and blogging for 4 whole days. Mark my word, it will hurt. I love catching up on my favourite blogs, chatting on Facebook and of course there's a slight voyeurism peeping into other people's lives  on Insta. But it all eats in to my time. A 5 minute browse can easily turn into 30 minutes and more. 

So from Monday morning through to Thursday night, this girl is going social media cold turkey. I blame Avril.

I'll be reverting to this instead.

Wish me luck, I shall miss you all.

Disclaimer: internet shopping is definitely allowed. 
5 comments on "Radio Silence "
  1. You are a brave, brave woman. We'll miss you xx

  2. Good luck with this Donna! Will be trying the same next week on my hols xx

  3. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  4. Ha ha good luck! I love a good no-iPhone day but sod's law as soon as I decide to ignore it for even half an hour the husband rings about the kids or golf or something.

  5. ok - so I wan't to know how it went!! My 5 days at the coast start tomorrow and I'm hoping to have a break but I'm not sure I'll do so well without the forced cutting off you get in Donegal. Hope you found it 'liberating' (ha!) and didn't miss anything too important! X