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Stripes the other way!

BREAKING NEWS: The beloved Breton is being usurped by vertical stripes. This can't be happening!

I visited 3 shops today, just 3 and each one had a similar pattern. Look!

My first destination was M&S and I saw this dress in the doorway. It really is so much nicer in the flesh. 

The styling is getting ever so slightly better - love the idea of teaming this with trainers and a navy blazer or denim jacket. 

Then I popped over to New Look with the daughter who has been eyeing up a few skirts (they're gorgeous by the way) and saw this.

It does have red in the pattern too although you can't really pick that out in the picture. This would be great with white skinnies and trainers now and then layered under a navy jumper for a preppy look later in the season.

And finally, it was over to River Island.

So of course I had to come straight home and look at what else is on offer.

A slightly easier option to wear as the colours are less intense. 

This next one is even easier to wear (especially for Softs & Lights) AND it's in the sale.

Well priced at Zara and it's all about the neck tie this season which has given me an idea of an outfit with my culottes. 

How I wish this next one was a shirt and not a playsuit. I love the idea of wearing a longer shirt over skinnies. Wonder if I could snip the crotch?????

A nice little easy wear black and white top. Bit of a flat colour for me though. I'd have preferred it in navy and white. 

Another ASOS offering is this oversized boyfriend shirt. It would work really well over the cropped trousers that I picked up in Mango recently (here). Now am I cool enough to button it up at the neck. Nope! I'll leave being cool to the son. 

A delicate little number from Next which is ideal for cooler skin tones (i.e. those with pink or yellow complexions). Although me thinks it needs careful styling to prevent it looking like work wear!

There's so many to choose from, I'm feeling rather sorry for my little Breton friend. Any favourites above? I love the ASOS oversized one although it would have been the playsuit had it not been a playsuit (if you get what I mean).

And here I am wearing an upside down stripe shirt that I bought in the States. I didn't run home and change by the way. No I'm down there with the kids and totally knew that vertical stripes were the in thing. Obvs!

navy ASOS maxi cardi now a silly £19
white Nike Honey Los
navy Mango trousers
mustard Fiorelli bag - old (similar)

Couple of things. First of all, I've been stalking this jacket from FatFace for like.....ever and it's just gone into the sale.

Now this is the type of jacket I get so much wear out of. Perfect to wear a grey t-shirt under now and replace with a black thin knit later in the season. It's charcoal grey - everyone get's charcoal in their colour palette (well they do if they come to me). Easy to dress up with black cigarette pants and down with jeans. Consider it ordered! It's only available on the web by the way. 

Secondly, I've just noticed that Boden have a girl fit blue shirt. They've probably had it ages and I've never noticed. Anyway, it's  slightly easier to wear than the longer boyfriend shirt which I have. 

I'm feeling a little more inspired after browsing the web. Bugger the boho trend, I'm all for basics this season.

That's it, I'm outta here. There's 101 jobs to do and it's already mid afternoon.

7 comments on "Stripes the other way!"
  1. I think m&s look REALLY promising this season! I saw the girlfriend shirt too today and much prefer it for my shape! I love the blue. Xx

    1. I daren't actually go into M&S Joanna as I know there will be too much that I like/want!! Yes the girlfriend shirt is more flattering isn't it and the blue, well everyone can do that shade so it's a win-win all round x

  2. I have to say I love the M&S one too....great for now, and this awful changeable weather! Donna, I cant tell you how many times, I have picked up what I thought was a long shirt, only to find it's a play suit, very frustrating!!
    Helen xx

    1. Oh me too. And I keep looking at the ASOS longingly wishing it was indeed a shirt x

  3. I always feel like I'm wearing my Dad's pj top if I wear vertical stripes! YOU look (as ever) amazing. I love the yellow bag.

  4. Very much feeling the vertical stripe love Donna.....a lovely change from the norm! Something else to add to my ever growing wish list, I am in definite need of a shirt with vertical stripes! xx

  5. I'll be sticking to my horizontal stripes in Breton form, Donna. I agree with Fiona about the PJs thing for me! Love the Far Face jacket. I can just see you in that. Lynne xx