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There's still some little gems in the dregs of the sale

I'd completely forgotten about Mango's sale and it's usually a pretty good one. Well for us the consumer, that is. Not sure the buyers at Mango are feeling the same way as there's always lots left over for the sale even at this late date. And with free delivery on orders over £30, it's worth a last dib.

Here's what I've ordered (and kept)!

Ponte Trousers were £34.99, now £10.49 (in black and navy)

Honestly these are just brilliant. A good thick trouser with a stitched front seam. They remind me of a pair that I ordered from Me&Em and were 10x more expensive. They also remind me of a pair of trousers that my nan used to wear but let's not think about that. I was a little unsure about the length when I ordered them (I mean we're not talking ankle skimmers here, more calf lickers) but they look great with white trainers and Ghillie lace ups. And, they seem to work ok with heeled ankle boots although I need to do a proper try on to check I don't look like a goon.

p.s. they're not as short as they appear in the pictures although I suspect the length has put many a people off.

Jogging Trouser was £34.99, now £13.99

These were a last minute 'chuck in your basket' item. I thought they might be ok for lounging (read: dossing/can't be bothered) days. Another fairly thick fabric and they drape beautifully. Problem is, they are ginormous so mine have gone back and I've ordered the size down. Also available in black.

Fine-knit Striped Sweater was £29.99, now £14.99

Ouch this picture messes with my head! That said, the sweater is gorgeous, gorgeous. A lovely fine knit which I sized up in as I wanted it slightly slouchy (a high neck, tight number doesn't work for me). It really does feel like a quality garment and I'm so, so pleased with it. Being thicker than a normal cotton Breton, it will be perfect for the cooler months to wear under a blazer with jeans. Oh la la c'est very French.

Sequin Message Sweatshirt was £19.99, now £9.99

I mentioned last time that I wanted a couple of soft white tops (probably more of the blouse variety). Ha! That went out of the window, well for now it has anyway. I have a vision in my head what I want. Sadly it isn't the same vision as the designers so these have been parked for now. Instead I kept this top which was more than a little surprise. Not that it's only £9.99 (seriously???) but that it was only £19.99 to begin with. Ah well, I'm not complaining. It's a perfect shade of white for a Soft colour palette (ecru but without that horrid grey tinge).

Mademoiselle Plush Sweatshirt Was £24.99, now £12.49

So this went into the no pile, then the yes pile, then the no pile. I slept on it and decided yes. Why? Because I really struggle with a pale marl grey. It's such a difficult colour to wear (well for me). But sod it for that price, it's a lovely warm sweatshirt and I can wear it under a navy jacket to 'rescue' it. I'm a fool aren't I???

I can tick the trousers and sweatshirts off my A/W wish list. I make no apologies for the joggers (a necessity as in bread and milk) and Breton which I will wear lots.

Given I've had to reorder the joggers, I also threw in a couple more bits to take advantage of the free p&p.

Premium Ribbed Fine-Knit Sweater Was £29.99, now £14.99

To go with the joggers! Blame Cameron Diaz. I watched The Holiday last night for the 27th time and always admire her loungewear except those cashmere numbers are itchy so I have to improvise.

Premium Ribbed Fine Knit Sweater Was £29.99, now £14.99

To go with the joggers again. Gosh, I'm going to be so laid back in my new loungewear!!!!!

Panel Suede Sneakers Were £44.99, now £13.49

You see I figured that given my wardrobe this season is full of neutrals (navy, black and white with a little camel and khaki), an injection of colour is needed. I saw these and bingo, red it is. And for that price for leather, well how could I resist. They also come in navy too (tempting).

So after my whinging and whining the other day, I've managed to add quite a bit to the wardrobe and all in the sale too. That means more money towards a lovely camel coat which I'm holding out for until I see what everyone has to offer.

We've had a champion couple of dog walks in Macclesfield Forest and Wilmslow this weekend (thank you weather) although a tentative bbq was cancelled on Saturday night when it bucketed down. I think the cushions for our outside furniture have seen the light of day just 4 times this year. Totally in need of another holiday. Anyone else?

2 comments on "There's still some little gems in the dregs of the sale"
  1. Well feck it! Now I'm going to have to go and have a look at the Mango site, aren't I? Which I wasn't planning on doing. But I love those sweatshirts ... and can easily convince myself that I need them. You are a BAD influence ... x

  2. Literally running to Mango to see if anything is left! I LOVE those trousers but want them 2 inches shorter. I love all that you have managed to snaffle in the sale!