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A Favourite Brand And A Lush Parka

Revisiting one of my favourite brands today, Atterley. Formerly Atterley Road (which actually I prefer), it's had quite a makeover. I've got to say that the website drives me doolally. This is a screen shot. Hang on, let me check that I'm not showing any dodgy Candy Crush icons at the bottom.

Nope, we're ok. Carry on...

The website isn't that easy to view. The unaligned pictures are really difficult to take in when you're scrolling through the website quickly. There's also random articles tucked in between items of clothing. Yes I want to view them but not when I'm on a mission to find a white fitted shirt. Save them for the front page or a blog. And the band running across the top really reduces the screen viewing size. Gosh, I'm a grump aren't I!!

But one thing that hasn't changed are the beautiful clothes at reasonable prices. I don't think I've ever had a bad apple from this company.

This is what's caught my eye.

Green Everyday Sweatshirt £42

This particular shade is everywhere right now and it's pretty wearable for most people. Arghhhhh I love it (and I've banned myself from buying any more sweaters for the time being). A perfect easy wear outfit if worn as above (or even with black cuffed joggers). switch the trainers for a pair of heels, add a leopard print clutch and you've got a dressed up look that would take you most places.

Black Turn Up Trouser £65

I bought a pair of trousers similar to these (without the turn ups) from Mango a few weeks ago and honestly I wear them so much. I actually prefer these to culottes, not just because I'm a *nesh bugger and they cover most of the leg but they're also easier to wear. But now I've seen these and I NEED a deep turn up in my life. I can make 10 outfits in my head with them and that's without thinking too hard. Not a lover of the slip on but this could turn me! Perfect with a pair of killer stilettos and cream pussy bow blouse - there's room for these trousers in my wardrobe for sure. Oh and they come in burgundy too although some sizes have sold out.

*nesh = a slang word used for freezing cold up in t'Yorkshire

Burgundy Turn Up Trouser £65

Selected Femme Knitted Dress in Navy £45

I picked up a couple of jumper dresses last year but this has got two things going for it that makes me want to trade mine in. Firstly it's navy, my favourite colour in the whole wide world and secondly it's below the knee. I'm fed up of showing my knees, it's about time they retired.

Green Silk Long Scarf £30

The skinny scarf, who'd have though it would be back with us. I mean, I binned all of mine from 10 years ago and now it would appear I have to replenish. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. I've not felt the love for the cotton scarves (of which I have many) for a while now. I still love an oversized knitted one that I can wind round and round resulting in me looking like Mrs Pin Head. Alright the skinny version isn't going to stave off a cold but it will add something to a plain outfit of jeans, top and blazer (I'm also out of love with most of my necklaces too).

Burgundy Curve Hem Dress £60

Another great colour for the season ahead. I love everything about this dress, the curved hem, the loose cut and elbow length sleeves. A perfect Christmas Day dress. No, no I didn't just say that, we're still in September for goodness sake. Throw on a leather biker jacket and shoe boots, now that's an outfit I'd wear over and over again. Also available in forest green and navy, possibly more colours but it hurts my eyes scrolling up and down as I've already said.

Classic White Cotton Shirt £38

Every woman, come to think of it every man and child also should have a simple white shirt in their wardrobe. Mine is courtesy of the husband and each time I wear it, he gives me a funny look but never says anything. The cuffs are resembling something out of Lord Rothschild's closet now, they've seen better days so I will need to replace before the season's out. So darn versatile and I love the simplicity of this one. No frills, no breast pockets. Great length. A pure white classic shirt.

So, just a few useful little bits from Atterley, nothing that won't stand the test of time (oh alright I'll give you the skinny scarf).

Anyway,  I've just won another online competition - how lucky am I at the moment. I'll tell you more about that soon. Let's just say, I'm not entirely sure what the prize is made up of but I'm assured there are lots of lovely goodies. You really should enter these competitions, they're ace xx

I've been a little lax taking photos recently. You know it's darn wet out there at the moment, plays havoc with the hair. I'll get back on track soon. But I did do a photo of this lush little parka that I tried on at my friend's boutique the other day. Oh Lordy, it is simply delicious. Soft faux leather arms, with a gorgeous fur trim at the front. I can't justify another parka can I? If anyone is interested in buying one, it's £75 and I'm sure I can sort out free p&p for you - he'll kill me! Drop me an email if you want more information. I'm wearing a size 10.

8 comments on "A Favourite Brand And A Lush Parka"
  1. Love Atterley too Donna (though as you say, preferred it as Atterley Road) which is what Katie's vision was when she created it - a road that you could walk down on line, (metaphorically speaking) selecting things from niche, well priced brands. Lovely choices. It's all about the trousers this year isn't it? I'm about to start the hunt! Fabulous parka too. Am sure that your friend will actually really love you for offering the free p&p. xx

    1. She's got a lot more of her own brand in these days which I don't mind. My friend seems to have an obsession with parkas this year, he brought in another 2 lines yesterday!!!!

  2. I loved when Atterley Road first did a revamp, but just like you find it so annoying to navigate around! The trouble is when you struggle to find things, and cant.....you just give up! Great parka.....just wish I had room for one more!!
    Helen xx

    1. It really is the most annoying site isn't it Helen x

  3. Gorgeous parka, Donna. I've been looking for a waterproof (but stylish) parka for dog walking but I'm the same, not sure if I can justify another!! I've never bothered with Atterley Road after struggling with the website ages ago. I don't think I'll be trying again. Lynne xx

  4. I've never even looked at Atterley Road ... I just assume that the delivery and returns will be costly and add that to the sterling exchange rate - pah! But that parka is completely gorgeous. Would be tempted if it wasn't for aforementioned exchange rate and the fact that The Teen would die of utter mortification if her mother appeared in a parka as well :)

  5. Oooh love that parka! Is it wrong that I've NEVER been on the Atterley website!! Off to look and see if it's really bad/but good!