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Covering All Bases

So let's recap on current trends because there appears to be so many this year.

We have

The 70s (I'll include boho here - they're similar i.e. flouncy)
Victoriana and gothic (all that lace)
Return of the checked shirt
Boyfriend this, girlfriend that
Granny chic
Glitzy glamour 

......I could go on. I mean, we're all over the place aren't we. As I've got older, I've realised that I can't buy in to all the trends. Oh believe me, I've been there, done that, got several t-shirts. At the beginning of last season, I was so ready to jump head first in to the 70s. Flares, suede skirts, blousey blouses. Yep, Kelly Garrett that was going to be me (she's the pretty dark haired one in Charlie's Angels, so much more class than Jill Munroe). And then something happened. The trend was everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I couldn't even pop into my supermarket without seeing it. It all became somewhat gimmicky and to be perfectly honest, I was bored. So I never really got into the trend other than pulling out my old flares a couple of times and buying two boho style tops. 

With this in mind, I've put together a few tops, call them wardrobe refreshers that have a nod to current trends but you'll get a few more seasons out of them too. And ever mindful of budget, they're all under £50. 

Yes, this truly is a classic isn't it and red seems to be the colour of choice this year. This is a boyfriend fit which is slightly longer so will more than cover the bum. Wear under a navy sweater, relaxed jeans and ankle boots for a bit of a preppy look. 

Full on trend here, will you be wearing this next season? Probably not. Actually that's not true, the neck tie is removable and you're left with a very plain cream shirt so this has got to be worth a punt hasn't it? Wear with distressed jeans for a less formal look.

How much do I love military? Much, very much. And it keeps coming back every couple of years. I have jackets nearly 10 years old that keep on coming out of the wardrobe so it won't come as any surprise that I've included this one from Mango. You need to hop on over to take a closer look, the picture above does not do it justice. Now if only I could find a pair of khaki jeans to replace my old ones that seem to grow as I walk (even a belt doesn't hold them up), I think I'd have the makings of a great little outfit.

I couldn't not include a 70s inspired top could I? It's still every bloomin where. You could do full on 70s with this by wearing with flares and even a brown suede coat but it would also work well with a pair of skinnies and navy blazer. Will this stand the test of time. Absolutely. 

Do you know, sometimes I could really wring my own neck. I threw three, yes three pussy bow blouses out recently. That was stupid wasn't it? Anyway, I haven't chosen the standard pb top for this category as I think we'll be fed up to the back teeth with it next year. So, this little number from River Island makes the cut instead. It's also feeding our current obsession with the wrap bottom - a bit hit and miss if I'm honest. It very much depends on how flouncy it is and where the hem finishes. Get it right and the wrap looks ace, get it wrong and one can look shall we say portly in the belly area. 

Gosh I love this. I bet you thought it was from Zara, they're good at these aren't they. It's actually from Dorothy Perkins and only £30. And of course you'll be wearing it next year. It's timeless. Black cigarette pants and stiletto courts and you've got an outfit that will take you just about anywhere. There's free delivery too if you sign up for the newsletter (well it keeps flashing up on my laptop anyway).

A slightly more feminine cut than the classic boyfriend shirt. It's still long enough to cover the bum but not overly so. I've got the summer version from Boden and love it. It's my go-to shirt (I've also got their boyfriend shirt which is equally good (worn on Instagram here). These shirts are so darn versatile and the colour is amazing on just about anyone. Both of mine will be going on holiday with me next time to wear with shorts and as cover-ups (come on husband, pull your finger out and book something).

Mainly seen in white, cream and black but I love the idea of the grey worn with grey skinnies and ankle boots (I don't own grey ankle boots - makes mental note to resume the search). You know I'm always harping on about a column of colour being slimming and I do think this shape of blouse is very flattering. 

And that's it, my search for the best tops to refresh your wardrobe without buying in to one season wonders. 

I took the daughter back to Uni earlier today. I'm not actually sure she's coming back given 8 pairs of pyjamas went with her. We called off at Ikea to pick up a unit to put all those pjs in. Of course it was my job to put it up at the other end. These thinks really should come with a health warning. Two broken nails, a stubbed toe, sore fingers and  that was just me. Sweat was pouring down my face (it didn't help that every radiator was on in the house). The daughter 'titivated'. Her pens and pencils are displayed to perfection!! 

And if you don't think that looks much, bear in mind this was the second run (and it's a big car)!

Hope everyone is having a good week. I'd like to say I'm looking forward to the weekend but it would appear that it's rammed full of football courtesy of the son and husband. 

6 comments on "Covering All Bases"
  1. Ha! Your daughter makes me laugh ... 8 pairs of pjs??!
    Not sure about the wrap & pussy bow combined - that seems a tad too fussy for me but ooh, I do like that military one. I think you're right about the trends ... I'm truly sick of the 70s look now (and Kelly all the way for me too ... big fan back in the day!!)

    1. I don't think you're supposed to fasten the tie, it just kind of dangles. Pointless really x

  2. Well done you Donna I'm not sure I could have put together an Ikwa unit?!! What a lot of kit to take as well! I'm struggling with the whole trends a bit this season they do seem to have come to a big full stop on something fresh?!! However I really like my classics with a twist so will stick hovering somewhere round there? I love the military look too...and will pay a nod or two to a goth frill though!! Helen xx

  3. Thanks for these tips / round ups. I really can't cope with the pushy bow (a bit Margaret Thatcher!) but am liking the relaxed fit tops. I just don't know how much more stuff my son could fit in his uni room! Packing up the car is a skill in itself!! Cxx

    1. They're not for everyone are they. We had to do 2 car journeys this year - dreading bringing it all back!