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Free People

It's the first time that I've received a catalogue from this company. I mean, I've heard about it and admired a few glossy shots on Insta from time to time but that really is my dealings with them. But wowza. Why did no one tell me that they were this good? Meanies, the lot of you! Salivating I was. I've not had a proper-proper full on browse yet but the knitwear is seriously good. And several pieces have made it on to the wish list.

I love EVERYTHING about this chunky knit. The colour, the shape, even the length. I think the fact that it's shorter than a normal chunky jumper makes it so much easier and much more flattering to wear. The layering effect underneath gives it shape and will stop top heavy ladies (me) looking like an oompa loompa. Love the idea of teaming with tan and maybe even white jeans. It also comes in taupe and black but this is my favourite - it's called ballet - ahhhhhhhh.

Split Turtleneck Pullover £148

And for an easy pull on weekend look, this next slouchy jumper would be perfect. This is the lilac one. In my mind, lilac is really difficult to pull off unless you have a really cool skin tone or are drop dead gorgeous. I'm neither but I've shown this one as you can't see the detail properly in the black colour way. That said, it doesn't look too lilac-y does it, more a pale of grey with a hint of??? Chuck on a pair of jeans and trainers and you're good to go. Swap the jeans for black cigarette pants and heels and you've got a perfect evening look. I'm a shocker for doing that. In my 20s it was a couple of hours job to get ready, shower, hair, make-up, hair again, outfit, change outfit, outfit change back to the original, hair for the last time. Nope there was no change out of 2 hours. These days, I can roll off the sofa and roll in to the car in 90 seconds.

Winding Ivy Pullover £108

Olive! Another difficult colour to wear. This is one for the warmer skinned ladies. But fear not it also comes in gardenia and black, something for everyone. Ok, so frankly, I wouldn't plan on wearing it Nancy Sinatra style. And don't even think about suggesting over the knee boots. Tried them last year and they bag in all the wrong places - Dick Whittington style. I seriously don't have the energy to go down that route so shall admire from afar. I love the wide neck of this knit (they call it a sleek mock neck). The volume requires a close fitting bottom half, skinnies or faux leather leggings would work a treat.

Ottoman Slouchy Tunic £128

My love for this next piece can't be expressed fully on a blog post. It is simply divine. Of course my take on the jacket would be totally different to the model (although she is gorgeous). I'm not quite as adventurous so black skinnies and a black top would be my preference. I'm trying not to think that after a few wears it might resemble a mattered old stray mongrel. We won't go there.

Swing Shaggy Sweater Jacket £148

And finally, a dress, no a jumper. Oh I don't know what it is. I mean,  you could wear it with leggings or skinnies. But for the braver souls amongst us, thick tights. And in order not to look like a complete sausage, if I wear a plain knit dress, I always wear ribbed or cable knit thick tights. A little texture is good!

Terri Cocoon Pullover £78

So that's 5 gorgeous pieces from Free People. The whole A/W collection is quite grungy and how much do I want to drag a hairbrush through some of the models' hair. But actually if I put my own spin on the pieces, I think I can make them my own. Thoughts people??

I'm still adjusting to the peace and quiet at home. The son says he feels as if he's been back at school for 6 weeks and is ready for half term(!) Homework is coming thick and fast, apparently 2 hours a night is the requirement. Expect tears and tantrums - and that's just from me. Daughter goes back to Uni next week, and in her own words 'I'm not going to lie, I'm looking forward to going back for a rest'. Working full time is obviously taking it's toll. A reverse of fortunes for both kids me thinks.

I still need to look at the rest of the collection from Violeta by Mango which I promise to do soon.

3 comments on "Free People "
  1. Oh wowsers! Free People have some amazing statement knits going on!! Love all of these picks....off to investigate! xx

  2. Absolutely stunning knits, but at my height I don't think I'd be able to wear any of them (sob!) Must have a look at the website and see what's available for 'short asses'!!!!

  3. I have a couple of Free People bits on my ASOS wishlist, but I'll be waiting for a 20% off event before I take the plunge. Gorgeous as they are, they're a bit of an investment for me! xx