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I Do Love M&S

....because once again they've come up trumps on the jeans front. My love of white jeans is well documented for sure. To me white jeans are synonymous with the more traditional blue denim, just as easy to style and can actually smarten up an otherwise plain outfit. Ok I know, you have to dodge sticky little fingers (although given my children are almost 20 and 14, that's only an occasional mishap) and, you certainly have to watch where you sit.

I don't really need any white-white ones but ordered a pair of those sculpt and lifts as they were reduced to £19 at the end of summer. What actually are they supposed to do because they certainly didn't do it for me? There seemed to be a tightness at the bottom of the bum which I assume helped to push it upwards. But what happens if you don't have an a*se to push up? Like I said, they didn't work for me so back they went. Which is probably a good thing as I really don't need another pair of white ones.

But I've been after replacing my winter white (ecru) ones for ages. Last year the only pair I found were from Uniglo from their Heattec range. A perfect, perfect colour. Sadly not a perfect fit. In fact I've never even worn them. Mind you, I loved the idea of thermal jeans for winter. 

And then browsing in the 'big' M&S the other day, I found rail upon rail upon rail of ecru jeans. YES! Yes, because I knew that they would fit; relaxed skinnies and their infamous jeggings. 

So I grabbed both to try on at home.

I can't show you the model shot - it's dreadful! So not only are they the lovely soft jeggings material with lots of stretch, there's also a little distressing thrown in for good measure too. You can't even see it in this picture, but I promise, it is there.

Darn M&S for also doing my current favourite shape in ecru, the relaxed skinny. 

The photos really are pants aren't they but it's the best I can do. 

I've got a couple of pairs of the relaxed skinnies, and they do what they say on the tin. Skinny jeans with a relaxed fit especially at the hem line which gives them a more modern feel.

So which pair should I keep? They both fit really well. Ideally it would be the relaxed skinny with the distressing of the jeggings. I'll probably end up keeping both though as I do get my wear out of jeans. 

I didn't see the next pair in the flesh and from experience, Limited jeans are too tight on me (bizarre given it's the same shop isn't it) but I know lots who love the fit.

I dare say they look far better in real life!

And finally if zips are your thing,

So how will I be styling them. Well with everything actually. My new elephant jacket from Fat Face (which is in the sale) for one...

Elephant jacket - Fat Face
T-shirt - Hush
Ripped Jeggings - Marks & Spencer
Ankle boots - Marks & Spencer

Blazer - Marks & Spencer
Breton top - Boden
Ripped Jeggings - Marks & Spencer
Flat shoes - Zara 

Rollneck Jumper - Hush
Scarf - Zara
Ankle boots - Kurt Geiger
Ripped Jeggings - Marks & Spencer

Pretty versatile huh? And I haven't even gone down my beloved navy route but of course this will feature. I'll post the first wear of the jeans on Instagram sometime this week if you're interested in dropping by.

And just when I'm in full-on autumn mode, I hear the weather forecast - there might be an Indian summer on it's way. Don't you go putting those sandals away just yet. 

Dear Weather,
Please make up your bloody mind as I don't know if I'm coming or going.

Another busy week coming up, culminating in a full on shopping day in Birmingham with the daughter for her birthday. Whoopy. But hang on. It would seem that the hubby might like to come along too. It's going to be torturous isn't it. 

7 comments on "I Do Love M&S"
  1. I've already packed away my white jeans Donna....big mistake! Thanks to your fab inspiration I shall be retrieving them from the Summer box and trying them with my boots! Love the first look so I'll try and replicate something along those lines! :0) xx

  2. I love M&S jeans. They always fit me perfectly. I'm never brave enough to wear my white jeans into autumn so I may have to give it a go. Lynne xx

  3. I have a pair of off white/ecru ones which are the perfect shade and I think I look a bugaloo in them so I've never really taken to them. But I haven't let them go yet because they are the perfect shade. And I will probably keep them the year after than as well. Because I never learn.

    And I would wear white jeans all the time too if I had legs like Bambi. Yes I'm talking about you Donna!

  4. Oooh, I do love those styling ideas. I always put away my white jeans each autumn, but I may not this year. I also have a pair of pale grey suede ankle boots which could work well ? And I'm a big fan of M&S jeans, so I'll be taking a trip to see the ecru collection. Thanks for the inspiration x

  5. I NEED THOSE KG BOOTS IN MY LIFE, yes I am shouting!

  6. Love love that last outfit Donna I am with Fiona I adore those boots! You always look amazing in white jean Donna with your long slender legs, lucky you! xx

  7. I hear you on the weather front. I just want to be confident that I can put my summer stuff away now and not have to drag it all out again a week later! I wore my white jeans this week - now that the kids are back at school it's safe again - but they're a bit big now. I'll have to get down to m&s and check these out... xx