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Online Colour Service - A Mini Hiatus

Gosh, I've had so many enquiries about my colour service and for those eagle eyed amongst you, you'll have noticed that the little ad on the right hand side of the blog has disappeared.

A slight hiccup at the moment folk. I'm sinking. Literally. Under a mountain of work. So I've had to pull that little ad but but but don't run away. If you would like your colours doing, just drop me a line and I'll pop you on the waiting list - is that ok? You're not committing yourself to anything and I'll send full information before we get started. And for the patient ladies who are waiting for their reports, I'll be with you shortly xx

Where are those Elves when you need them?

2 comments on "Online Colour Service - A Mini Hiatus"
  1. Bless, Donna, you are a victim of your' own success. You offer such a good service. I hope you can emerge from that mountain of work soon as these ladies need you!!! H xx

    1. Thank you Helen although I must confess to a spot of shopping in Manchester today for the daughter's 20th birthday x