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Online Competitions - Do You Partake?

Well do you? Or are you saving your luck for the big Euromillions. Pah, I've spent a small fortune on the lottery over the years and net, net I'm definitely down. It's like backing a horse without legs.

But online competitions are so worth doing. Here's what I've won over the last year or so:

1. A pair of Ilse Jacobsen wellies from Cloggs (just last week in a wellie competition of course)

2. Some Boden vouchers and I bought this gorgeous cardi

3. A pair of Holster Australia sandals

4. Some Kaleidoscope vouchers courtesy of School Gate Style blog including this gorgeous bag

5. A top from Wallis

And that's what I can remember. I only enter easy competitions, you know the ones that you retweet or like and comment on a Facebook page. And, only brands that I know. None of the sneaky ones that ask for details so that they can sell on your information. Hate those!!!

I'm not so great at the Instagram ones, it's all a bit complicated regramming and it messes up your timeline. But, I will do them if the prize is tempting. Facebook and Twitter are the best

And I don't enter that many (although with the amount I've won, you'd think I'm sat there all day entering them like a mad woman). Maybe only one a week.

So, have I convinced you to have a go? Ok, how about this one. Free shoes from Boden for a year. I know, I know, I nearly spat my coffee out when I saw it. Here's my entry!

Click here for the link. Go forth and enter. And by sharing this I've probably lengthened my odds!!!!! So you will need to donate one pair to me if you win xx

7 comments on "Online Competitions - Do You Partake?"
  1. Donna you have given me just the incentive I need! After winning a Topshop competition back in March I've hardly entered anything since thinking I couldn't be that lucky again......clearly not as you are the proof it is always worth a bash! Have you seen the Warehouse *Curated by Emma Willis one on Instagram.....I'm keeping everything crossed for that one! xx

    1. Ooooh ooooh ooooh I need to have a look. There's some good stuff in Warehouse at the moment. Thanks for the heads up Michelle x

  2. Donna I think I might give them ago ! Did you buy the loop textured jacket or the v neck jumper from Esprit you had on your blog a couple of weeks ago ? if so now did the come up. Like you I bought 2 dresses from Esprit and was impressed with the quality for the price.

    1. I haven't yet Lynette. In actual fact I was in John Lewis today and picked up a star jumper and thought I really should order the one in Esprit. I will get around to it but will wait for a discount code. I think I'll leave the loop jacket as I don't need another one (she says having picked up my elephant one from Fat Face today) but the star one and oversized cardi I'll definitely give a go. I'm with you on the quality - it's ace for the price isn't it. If you spot a discount code before me, give me a shout xx

  3. OK, you've inspired me! I never enter competitions - but I've just entered this one and shared it all over the place :) Thank you x

  4. Wow! You have done well. I always think I'll never win so I don't bother. Maybe I should!! Lynne xx

  5. I'm afraid I'm a bit miserable when it comes to competitions. I always think I'll never win, but I suppose if I don't enter, I won't will I?! I have started doing more comps lately, mainly because I saw Sue's amazing winning streak and wanted a piece of the action! :-D xx