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Victoria Beckham: Is she The 21st Designer of The Emperor's New Clothes??

Walking through Selfridges on Friday. Actually stop there. I wasn't just walking through Selfridges. No one just walks through that shop do they. Let's start again.

Browsing and making a mental birthday list in Selfridges on Friday, I happen to stumble upon Han Chong's relatively new label, Self-Portrait. Everyone that's anyone is raving about this label. I can't disagree with them. The dresses particularly are stunning and the prices really aren't that bad at all considering the amount of dress that you actually get. Many are priced around the £260 mark. Clever chap that Han Chong - expect prices to rise as popularity sores! The designer placed bang smack next to Self Portrait looked particularly bland, boring and uninspired, that brand was Victoria Beckham. At four times the price too.

I've long said that Ms Beckham's designs are nothing new and can easily be copied from the High Street offerings. Ok, we're not comparing fabrics and cuts and workmanship although if that cat dress from a few seasons ago is anything to go by, I'm not so sure. Look at the seam match...more akin to something you'd purchase for a fiver on the market.

What exactly are you buying for £1k+ a pop? Is the cut so good that it magically sucks you in 2 sizes. I doubt that very much. This is what I mean by the title of the post - is she designing something that people buy into because they absolutely believe it must be amazing because EVERYONE says it is?

Take these two dresses, one costs £1650 and the other £48. I honestly can't see where you're getting £1602 more benefit. They're just black dresses for goodness sake!

The first one is the Victoria Beckham, the second one is from Atterley. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure you'll need to invest in super sucker-upper underwear for the Atterley dress whereas Vicky Bs will magically have this built in. But seriously how much do a pair of Spanks cost? Actually, I prefer the cut of Atterley's dress - the neckline makes it much more current. 

Now if the Self Portrait dresses were over a £1,000 each, I could understand it. The fabrics are just beautiful,  the detailing over the top in a good way and each and every one is most certainly a talking point. 

Panelled embroidered lace dress £320

In her defence, a good quality black dress will last for as long as you can fit in to it forever. So over time, £s per wear will be oooooh £87!!!

And not just confined to the black dress...

Left: Victoria Beckham £1450
Right: Whistles £110

Left Victoria Beckham £1550
Right: Baukjen £99

Left Victoria Beckham £2250
Right Next £55
Ok, I know a camel coat could be considered an investment purchase and you might want to pay more than £55 but humour me, I'm going for the shock factor. Mind you as camel coats go, you could do a lot worse than this Next one, it's really rather nice isn't it. 

See what I mean. Everything is pretty bland isn't it. I'm not excited. Which is a good thing because there's no way hubby would allow me to spend £1.5k on a dress (he'd probably come out in hives if I were to mention thousand and dress in the same sentence). My question then, is why are women spending this much money on fairly average dresses?

So that's that then. Safe to say I'm not a VB fan. Now this Beckham is a different matter altogether.

Oooooooh errrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I think I need a cup of tea. 

Am I missing the point of VB altogether then? Go on, hit me with it. 

15 comments on "Victoria Beckham: Is she The 21st Designer of The Emperor's New Clothes?? "
  1. Good matches for cheaper alternatives. I like VB. I'll never own anything that she (does she really) designs but I like how she wears it and it's The Brand you are buying into?

  2. Exactly Fiona, the Emperor's new clothes lol x

  3. I think I would get more of a buzz finding a High Street alternative than I would actually owning anything VB! She always looks amazing.....but then her lifestyle commands that!! xx

    1. Me too Michelle. I'd rather spend the money on shoes (bags in your case??) x

  4. I'm not a fan of Mrs B and never will I ever earn enough to buy any of her clothes and I think your right Donna her designs are average and the high street is much better offers much better value for money. Now Mr B is a very different matter!

    1. Although that said she's worn a couple of striking outfits at NYFW but that collection won't be seen in the shops for ages x

  5. Urgh NSFW warning!!! David is ok, not really my cup of tea but pics like that gross me out (especially scrolling at work!) Yuck. Put that bulge away.

    As for VBs clothes I couldn't give a fig tbh as I'm never going to be in the market for her stuff. Good for her though if she's succeeding, that's nice to see!

  6. Y'see... I'm a bit of a VB fan! And to be fair, with a good enough photographer, even Primark tat can look good ... whereas I've no doubt that in reality if you were to put any of those two dresses side by side, the difference in quality would be immediately evident. I also like the fact that her designs are classic and don't necessarily scream VB (cat dress and tent dress excepted of course) whereas although I love the Self Portrait, they are so instantly recognisable that I wonder how much wear you'd actually get out of one?

    1. Oh I'm not doubting the quality but I still can't believe it's over £1k better than some of the stuff on the High Street. It's all hype if you ask me x

  7. I actually prefer a lot of the styling on the high street versions, the depth of the v neck on the Baukjen, for example, is much sexier. I think VB is incredibly savvy and at least she has carved out a career after The Spice Girls, alongside DB and his footy. I can totally see where you are coming from though Donna. x

  8. I love VB, love SP but DB in that shot? Yep that's what it's all about! Slightly concerned that SP will become a victim of its own success and get blogged about to Kingdom come. Would still love one though! Great post! X

  9. I agree with you. All her designs feel very safe and uninspiring. Other designers do her style better and high street brands do her style where you get more bang for your buck.

  10. Hellooooo David...

    *takes deep breaths. Pulls self together*

    As for Victoria? I think that with her figure and money she could make most things look good. She's a great advert for her own clothes, but the test has to be how other women look in them. And seeing mere mortals in them, I don't think they do necessarily look that much better than your more affordable alternatives do. She's canny, and has carved herself a respectable niche as a business woman in her own right. But I think other clever women will see that they don't really need to spend the kind of money she charges to make themselves look good xx

  11. I couldn't agree more Donna! Emperors new clothes indeed. Very over hyped. Cxx