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Violeta By Mango, The Low Down

Time to have a look at what's on offer at Violeta on the bottom front. Firstly, let's do jeans.

So what does a curvy lady need to look for:

1. If this is your problem area, you don't want to draw the eye to it so lose the detail. That means no contrast stitching, no patches, no extra pockets or zip details

2. Lycra is your best friend. Your jeans should always have a bit of stretch

3. Darker colours are always more slimming

4. If you're a pear shape, look for a lower rise waist band - it won't bag at the top. If you carry your weight around your tummy, look for high waisted to suck it all in

5. Shading on jeans can actually give the illusion of a slimmer leg

6. Cuffed hems can shorten the leg - wear with caution!

I had a quick scroll through the different styles in the current collection of Violeta and these stood out....for the wrong reasons.

Super Slim Fit Dylan Jeans £59.99

Why on earth has the designer added pockets (and not very flattering ones at that) on what is the widest part of the leg. My eyes are instantly drawn to that area. Wrong! Move on.

Boyfriend Claudia Jeans £44.99

Are we looking through one of those funny mirrors that distorts the body proportions at Blackpool Pleasure Beach? Oh dear. The length of the rise, slouch and cuffs just serve to reduce her legs to stumps. It's all wrong isn't it.

Chino-fit Minerva Jeans £44.99

More pockets...and cuffs although I don't actually mind the latter. The difference in shading between the actual jeans and the turn up is minimal so doesn't really stunt the leg (look at the previous picture - the contrast is so much more). But those pockets. Seriously??  I don't have hips and wouldn't wear them!!

Not looking good is it? But don't despair, there are some good 'uns.

Super Slim-fit Roma Jeans £44.99

Lots to talk about here. Firstly they're a dark shade which is of course slimming. And they're devoid of any detail other than that daft Violeta label. Look, no contrast stitching (the pockets are virtually undetectable)......

Wearing a longer length open jacket is a great way to hide the lumps and bumps and provide a streamline look. You don't need to tuck in obviously. My only reservation about these is the lack of length. Taller ladies might find that they're slightly too short.

Moving on.

Super Slim-fit Silvia Jeans £44.99

Ok, these have the length and the turn ups are the same colour so give you options.

Straight-fit Ely Jeans £34.99

If you really can't do a skinny (and some ladies can't), a straight leg might be an option. You'll probably need to show off the waist to give some shape (a nipped in jacket for example). These are experimental jeans - order them, try them, play with the styling.

Slim Fit Jeans Susan £34.99

Shading next. A central shading can really slim down the leg - remember the illusion dress?

And finally, the boot cut.

Oh they don't actually do a boot cut. That's a shame. I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but this shape really does balance out a curvy figure. Sometimes a skinny or straight leg just doesn't work if you're top heavy curvy. A boot cut will.

You can apply the same principles to trousers. The only other thing to bear in mind is pattern. Checks, pin stripes and geometrics can be difficult - how shall I say this, your curves could distort the lines??

Buckle Suit Trousers £44.99

They're called suit trousers but hey don't knock them - it's just a name. Fabulous styled with trainers though I'm not loving the white tucked in shirt.

Belt Suit Trousers £29.99

The more I look at their selection of suit trousers, the more I think this it's a good way to go. There's quite a lot of baggy trousers on the site - baggy around the hips and bum. These are so much more flattering.

Moving on to skirts:

1. Lycra (again) is good

2. Fabric is key! Soft fluid material that's cut on the bias. Stiff fabric will stand off your curves making you look bigger than you are

3. Make sure the hem line finishes at the most flattering part of your leg

4. A slightly flared skirt will work well (as opposed to a pencil skirt) because it balances your figure

5. Soft, elasticated waist bands will sit better than a traditional one (especially if you're pear shaped as they often bag at the top).

6. Lining is good for sucking you in

I'd like to be able to show you a plethora of skirts now. Sadly I can't although I did get excited about this one. It's perfect.

Skirt Nasser £39.99

Until I realised it was from Mango's main site and goes up to a large (30 3/4 inch waist). Whoops. What a shame, it's one of those items you could have fun playing around with. Trainers and denim jacket, heels and a pussy bow blouse, denim shirt.....

Honestly, this is about the best one.

Contrast Pencil Skirt £44.99

The elasticated waist gets a tick and it's lined. The faux leather panel is only at the front, I'm assuming the rest of the fabric has some give in it. The length is a little iffy - it's neither one thing or another. I think it would look more contemporary if it were slightly longer.

To be honest, I think you can do better elsewhere by following the rules above. Although you'll probably already know that skirts can be difficult to wear. Well I think so!

So my thoughts on Violeta bottoms. There's a great selection of jeans actually. More than I had anticipated. I'm impressed. But it's a shame they haven't included a boot cut. Forget skirts though, there's nothing stand out at all.

Any thoughts about the collection?

A rare night in for all four of us tonight. Chicken and ham pie (cooked by moi from scratch) and now I'm searching the cupboards for chocolate. It's all healthy eating in this gaff.

We spent a lovely day shopping in Manchester yesterday. The husband came along too, he managed to disappear for the first hour and a half, joined us for lunch and then plonked himself in a coffee shop for a couple of hours.

Lunch at San Carlos (the daughter's choice, well it was her birthday), followed by cocktails at Cloud 23. Praying and praying all day that we didn't receive a phone call from school. The little one said he wasn't feeling so good. I felt sorry for him so drove him to school rather than chucking him on the train. Thankfully the phone call never came and he seemed to make a miraculous recovery last night. Hmmmmmm.

The manager at Cloud 23 was adorable, presenting the daughter with a glittery fruit cocktail, most of which ended up on hubby's face (kindly pointed out by a woman in the coffee shop 2 hours later).

Soz, nothing spectacular worn, I went for comfort - the bargain J Crew jacket from Orlando, navy Zara linen tee-shirt, white River Island Molly jeggings (here), Boden navy lace ups and navy Coach bag. Those two nutters are doing a 10K race tomorrow. Let's say preparation has been sparse. To be fair, hubs has done it a few times in the gym. I'm spectating of course.

Enjoy your Sunday x

2 comments on "Violeta By Mango, The Low Down"
  1. Lovely pics of cocktails and desserts (is that where we met for dinner?) I've only just realised that your daughter is the image of your hubs! Hope she had a fab birthday x

  2. Nope, still not feeling the love for the Violeta range! The black skinny jeans are the only thing I'd wear although if I ever saw the range in the flesh, they might look better. But for now, as a very curvy lady(!), I'll not be racing to shop there! X