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That's The Way I Roll

I'm a smart-casual kinda girl for most of the week, you know, jeans and a blazer and I'm good to go (it makes for a very boring blogger though - I mean, I bore myself so thank you for staying with me this long). But come Sunday, I just want to wear something a little less formal, something a bit more appropriate for a day of dog walking, watching the son's football match, cooking a Sunday roast and all that jazz.

Now don't get excited, I'm not talking totally scruffy. I was mumbling a couple of Sunday's ago that I needed a warm cardi. The husband in his wisdom said, "what you actually need is a really nice hoodie." And then he wonders why he get's a filthy look. We've been together over 20 years - he still doesn't get me.

And then Fat Face popped up and rescued me from that hoodie. They asked if I would road test one of their check shirts and a pair of jeans and share my thoughts with you. Perfect! I've been adding to my casual wardrobe over the last couple of months and a blue check shirt is on the list.

Classic Fit Grid Check Shirt

Worn Vintage Super Skinny Jeans

Before we go any further, I have to tell you about their Carpenter Jeans. I popped in to my local Fat Face to do a little research on their current range and saw these.

Carpenter Ankle Grazers

I can't tell you how much I loved them. I've never tried a Carpenter jean before. It's really difficult to describe the fit - not a boyfriend, there's far less material and definitely not a skinny. They kind of skim the leg if you know what I mean. The panel detailing at the front is super flattering, working the verticals. Unfortunately, the ankle grazer length on me was more calf skimming (very sad face) but if you're 5 ft 6 or less, go and try them on. They are ace!. And please, please, please Fat Face, make a longer length version.

My laid back Sunday look (as shot on a Friday)

Now here lies my clever plan. I live in a chaotic, routineless household and there I am, wearing my casual togs and the husband pipes up, "right let's eat out today". I should be grateful, really I should but we normally get a 5 minute warning. I'm quick, but not that quick. So while the others are frantically running around trying to get ready, I can pop on a blazer, change my shoes, add a handbag and a slick of lipgloss. And, I'm stood by the door, ready to go.

It's a good plan, yes?

So, I sized up in the shirt which is a gorgeous, soft (almost brushed) cotton. I'm sat wearing it now and it's still crease free 13 hours later. The jeans are true to size, wonderfully stretchy and as comfy as wearing leggings (yes really). And if you like your jeans to sit just on the hips, these are for you.

I've rediscovered this brand following a review I did earlier in the year. Since then I've bought a white shirt, a sleeveless top and my lovely elephant jacket which I've put away for Spring. Three things to note, the quality, the helpful staff in both of my local shops in Wilmslow and Macclesfield and the soft, understated patterns which are flattering on many skin tones.

Oh and I must make special mention of my new Tods 'D' bag which I won in an Instagram competition run by Edit Secondhand along with lots of other goodies including a Missoni scarf, a Coach bangle, an Isabel Marant jumper and much more. You so need to enter these competitions!!

It's been a very good week.

Actually, it's been a very good week, I've enjoyed the weather, been busy writing scripts and working for a pal (I'll tell you about that little project another time), meeting friends for coffee - bliss.

A couple of photos taken early morning on the humble iPhone. As you know I'm a pretty crappy photographer but I'm rather proud of these!

I'll try to blog again tomorrow as I have a cracking pair of pleather leggings to show you and they seem to be selling out fast.

Enjoy the last couple of days of sunshine (it's going to break on Monday - sorry, but it is).

Thank you Fat Face for supporting this blog and sending the beautiful items for me to review.
5 comments on "That's The Way I Roll"
  1. Fantastic photos! Love the outfit.

  2. I used to love Fat Face but then it all went a bit downhill, dreary colours and a bit ordinary looking but I think I need to go re-visit. Well done winning another competition! I enter lots but never win, I wonder why?! Xx

  3. I don't think I've ever been inside the door of Fat Face but I'm intrigued by the Carpenter jeans ... and seeing as I just slide in under the 5ft 6" mark *coughs* they might work for me! Love how you smartened up the look so quickly & easily ... girl after my own heart x

  4. You look fabulous in these, Donna. Love it with the blazer too - very you! Lynne xx

  5. I don't think I have ever been inside a Fat Face store! I did go in yesterday after your post and now I want a pair of jeans but they are out of stock until the end of the month :-(