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A New Obsession Of Mine: Knitwear

I just can't stop buying it, it's becoming a bit of a problem really. A fabulous oversized khaki polo neck and a black one with zips purchased just today. I really must stop and crack on with the Christmas shopping (meh).

Anyway, let's skip over the fact that the big man is due down the chimney in less than a month and talk about jumpers. This one in fact.

Cloud Knits Detail Jumper £79

It's from Great Plains, a company introduced to me last year when I went to see Gemini Woman in Stratford Upon Avon. Owned by French Connection, it offers a really well thought out tight collection each season. I've bought a couple of items from them over the last 12 months and have been well chuffed.

Anyway, this time I was kindly gifted the jumper to review (thank you very much indeed).

Let me just say, it's as lush as it looks in the model shot. Oversized but fitted on the shoulder which stops it from looking sloppy (clever hey). Gorgeous detailing on the shoulders and around the hem and cuffs. It's a wool and alpaca-blend. One of the houses near us keeps alpacas, they always look bedraggled and in need of a good groom. But I've got to say they make great jumpers.

Knit - Great Plains
Black coated leggings - Next 
Gazelles - Adidas (similar)

See what I mean by the fit on the shoulder.

I'm not going to lie, it was bitter when I shot these photos. My fingers were literally dropping off but the jumper performed very well. I had a thin t-shirt on underneath and that was it. My body was toasty warm!

So much so that I slung an old wool blanket scarf over the top for running errands.

Blanket Scarf - John Lewis (similar0
Leather & Suede bag - Ichi (similar)

A final note, this colour isn't in my palette. In fact for me, I find pale grey pretty difficult to pull off. The trick is to ensure that the garment is 'interesting' so the ribbing around the neck and slight marl really does help.

Oh and one more thing. How about this as an alternative 'tasteful' Christmas jumper.

Mountain Sparkle Jumper £55

I now feel the need to book a skiing holiday so that I can wear it EVERY night for dinner (except the fam' want a hot winter holiday this year - might look a tad out of place in Dubai). But isn't it gorgeous for Christmas.? Black pleather leggings and a pair of killer heels - sorted. I really shouldn't press send but but but.....

Hope you've all had a good week. Out for lunch with some lovely friends tomorrow and then the usual weekend madness. Lie in? What's one of those? Should I have one?

p.s. there's some bargains to be had at Great Plains with upto 50% off in their Black Friday sale here.

3 comments on "A New Obsession Of Mine: Knitwear"
  1. I have a big knitwear addiction too at the moment Donna...I just wish the weather would make up its mind....Itt's either boiling hot and Im overheating in my knits, or freezing and I'm just layering the sweaters on!! Love your Great Plains sweater....And I think you look fab in pale grey!!
    Helen xx

  2. Now that is a gorgeous sweater Donna....love the detailing and you do indeed look fab in grey! xx

  3. Love, love, love that sweater. But sadly, alpaca wool most definitely does not love me :(